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  1. Just another reason I won't go in there and throw my money away.
  2. Your bed will be near the closet. 8185 does not have a convertible sofa bed, just a standard sofa.
  3. No Marseilles in Cruising Power -- it's still a sea day.
  4. I'm not taking any more FCC. Too hard to track when transferring parts to another sailing and when that gets cancelled, trying to track to get it all back, yada, yada, yada. Cash refunds have been coming within 30 days.
  5. Yes, they changed. You can keep both, booking on board OBC and shareholder OBC.
  6. They are still in place for Harmony at this time. I would go ahead and book both ship and private tours, and if bubble pops, you can cancel the ship tours.
  7. If you live in NJ, wouldn't it be cheaper to take a car service -- Dial-7?
  8. Didn't they add some USB ports and extra outlets by the bed during the recent upgrade/refit/revolutinize, of whatever they call it? I know they did on the M-Class.
  9. My TA tells me that I am not eligible because I am in a group rate. I've asked the question several ways, and get the same answer. I would pursue the issue with Celebrity, but not worth the time & effort since I will be going on this cruise whether final payment is 90 or 60 days out.
  10. Thanks. Then I suppose being in a group rate with my TA, I'm eligible for the 60 day thingy.
  11. I'm in a group rate -- I already know this as it is why I booked. It was much cheaper than a standard X rate. Question is, is a group rate the same as a contracted group. I'm asking my TA the question.
  12. If that's the case, I'm going to ask my TA to reconfirm with Celebrity if we are in a group rate and it applies, or we are in a "contracted group" and it doesn't apply. BTW, what's a contracted group? A themed group booking a portion of the ship, maybe?
  13. I reached out to my TA. We are on Constellation 14 Feb 2022 sailing in a group booking, and not included in the 60 day change.
  14. If you are looking at 2 together, then one will have bed by bath and other bed by balcony. Looking at decks 7, 8, and 9, there are numerous staterooms with black squares and/or triangles to choose from with bed by the bath. All those staterooms have bed by the bath because all fold out sofa beds and upper berths are located by the balcony. Now, all you have to do is count from the square/triangle up or down since all staterooms alternate. The staterooms are constructed in modules of 2 with the one on the right having bed by the bath, and the one on the left having bed by the balcony. If you want two staterooms together using the same alcove, the stateroom to the left of the one with bed by the bath will be the one you want to choose.
  15. Do you have a particular stateroom in mind?
  16. Don't forget, (excluding contracted groups) if you booked in a group with your TA.
  17. Not sure I would take medical advice/recommendations from CC. Everyone's circumstance is different. Check with your Doctor before getting a booster jab.
  18. That's why they make you pay it up front - part of your cruise fare. You pay it one way or the other. Same for drinks. They just include the tip and up the price. You pay for it one way or the other. 😉
  19. Only if you "purchased" a drink you would be charged Florida tax before you departed and entered international waters. We were on a sailing out of FLL. A friend prior to sailing at the sunset bar ordered drinks and had the bartender run a tab. He cashed out once they entered international waters so he didn't have to pay the Florida sales tax. Lesson learned. If you have a drink package or using your coupons, you don't have to worry.
  20. We are flying to BCN next month. I went to photocopy our Vac cards and after a close review, noticed they inverted a couple of letters in my name. It wasn't obvious unless you looked closely. I went back to the facility where I received my Vac, and they wrote out a new card for me after verifying all my information. Concern was passport matching name on card.
  21. Do you have to carry your Vac Card around everywhere, or just show it on embarkation -- will a photo on your smart phone suffice for the remainder of the cruise/getting on/off the ship?
  22. I received an email from Royal. Your requirement for another test on day 3 is because you are from the UK, which requires test 48 hours prior. If you are from the US, the test on embarkation will suffice. Here's the excerpt: "Recently, the Italian government announced that guests residing in or traveling through List D countries may enter Italy without quarantining as long as they provide (1) proof of COVID-19 vaccination and (2) a negative COVID-19 rapid antigenic or molecular swab test result taken within 48-72 hours prior to entering Italy. Both documents need to be presented to your airline before travel. Please note: Guests entering Italy from the UK and Northern Ireland are required to present a test - which will be provided onboard at no charge - taken within 48 hours of debarking for their first shore excursion in Italy. If guests choose not to disembark in Italy, they will not be required to take this test. All other guests will be able to use their embarkation test to satisfy this requirement."
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