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  1. We have no kids. Just dogs. Dog mom was taken. The pretty girl you see here is Anna, our first Portie, at the summit of North Bubble in Acadia National Park. We were avid hikers and Portuguese Water Dogs (Porties) are very agile and wonderful hiking companions.
  2. Thanks. Yes, saw that. Looking for a little more in-depth info perhaps from someone living in the area?
  3. No. We will not be cruising in early 2021. After 6 cancellations, our next cruise is a B2B in fall 2021. I have no issue with social distancing or wearing a mask. No big deal. My concern is with any mandate that disallows independent shore excursions. If we are limited to Princess excursions only, chances are I'm not going. There are other ways to travel.
  4. Wondering if the refurbishment work is on track and if there is a chance all scaffolding would be removed and work completed by September 2021. We were in London in 2018 and knowing work had begun the previous year, I did not attempt to visit that area. As a matter of fact, we stayed only one night and left the next morning for Southampton. I'm hoping for a longer visit this time, but honestly not even sure we will be ready to travel by September of next year. Meanwhile, our British Isles cruise is booked and fingers crossed that the pandemic has eased. I'm researching and hoping to see Elizab
  5. That limitation -- that the viral particles must be present -- is not exclusive to SARS-CoV-2. All PCR tests require the target to be present. All laboratory tests have false negative and false positive rates. All laboratory test results must be interpreted with the patient's full clinical picture in mind. Nothing exclusive to COVID.
  6. After I was first contacted by my Princess PVP, I was not too interested. After using multiple TAs in the past, I now prefer to book directly with Princess, as well. Just never could find a TA that suited me. This PVP was persistent and eventually she caught up with me on the phone. Turns out she is wonderful!! She is always there when I need her. I no longer call the 1-800 number when I have an issue. It's hit or miss with the reps at the call center. Now I go to my PVP. She's always available and sometimes it seems like she's reading my mind. I wanted to save an FCD that had been applied to
  7. Great analogy SinbadThePorter!
  8. Just an FYI to clear up any confusion. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus. COVID-19 is the disease.
  9. Dissipate is not the word I would use. Some droplets will accumulate on the face shield. Think bugs on a windshield. The face shield is a solid barrier that protects the entire face including the eyes. I've used one in my laboratory work. I've actually thought, for only a brief moment, about wearing one to the grocery store. Apparently I'm not the only one with that thought. I read a local news article last week where face shields were up for consideration to be recommended to the general public either in lieu of the face mask or in addition to. (An advantage is that you can read someone's exp
  10. The PCR test is used to amplify the genome of the virus, which is RNA (not DNA) in the case of the coronavirus. The swab test I'm sure you've heard about where they put a long Q-tip up the person's nose or in their mouth to collect a specimen is an example of a PCR test. They're not studying you but rather testing for the presence of coronavirus.
  11. You could volunteer at your local medical center and see for yourself.
  12. Me too, Coral. Me too. My husband had a devastating stroke 3 years ago. Now that he is retired we were planning to do lots of cruising. Finally we're in a position to do that and we had 3 cruises planned this year, and now this. So tough. I feel we are in limbo just standing by. But I'm not letting it get me down. God willing next year will be better.
  13. The correct word is mask and my motive is to save lives and help people be well while educating others, especially other healthcare workers. It's definitely a challenge educating the general public. There is a lot of anxiety out there and some confusion and some people inherently don't trust scientists. That's too bad because I do what I do to help others, and COVID-19 is a public health issue which means that everyone's actions matter. Whether you choose to wear a mask or not. Whether you choose to observe social distancing guidelines or not. It's going to affect a lot of other people. So I t
  14. I absolutely agree. Much as people want to wish it away or ignore that it exists, SARS-CoV-2 is not going anywhere anytime soon. So settle into social distancing, wear your face mask, stay safe, and try not to kill someone today.
  15. Mine have been updated too, including bookings made in 2019.
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