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  1. I'm fortunate that the TA website I use has the booking available as a link, so I can just bookmark it and check each day. The lowest price was 1 year from the cruise date and now it's much higher than that. Prices for Internet and Unlimited Dining fluctuate a bit, but my cruise is too far off for a sale to come into play. Excursion price has remained constant.
  2. Upfront high quantity purchase like most things in life.
  3. Are you serious? The only way to make reservations in advance is to NOT get the dining package?
  4. I believe certainconnections are given more bandwidth than others. On the Anthem, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube worked great. Slingbox and Teamviewer did not. Do you think this will differ depending on which technology is used? BTW, many people would prefer to use a VPN. You may want to also test for that. If RCL is prioritizing packets, I doubt the VPN is going to work unless they explicitly allow it.
  5. I would never do anything other than Seaworld or Kennedy Space Center on a cruise. And Seaworld would be if you want to do all shows OR all rides. Not both. If you are going to Universal Studios, get the Express Pass: https://www.universalorlando.com/web/en/us/tickets-packages/express-passes Like everyone else has said... This is going to be expensive and short-lived. Plan an Orlando trip instead.
  6. A. I didn't make them do anything. I'm telling you what they did when I ordered two drinks. B. Don't get a job in customer service. You'd be much better working in a cubicle away from anyone else.
  7. If the bar staff knew me, they would look up my wife by our room number.
  8. I'm glad I didn't get it for my 9 night Anthem cruise, but I bought it for my upcoming 7 night Oasis cruise. The Anthem doesn't have that many specialty venues I find worth trying more than once. The Oasis seems to have more specialty options and since it's fewer days, it might be worth a try.
  9. Lounge chairs are free but a "helpful" person will follow you to the chairs to brush off the sand and hold their hand out. You have to pay for an umbrella, but that's a different person.
  10. Consider my mind blown. I never ordered it, but I saw it on the menu.
  11. Sure there is. A Dublin Iced Tea is available officially in the "English Pub" but is also available at other bars if you ask.
  12. Is it cheaper to purchase before the cruise or is it like arcade credit and ends up being the same as on board?
  13. I was on Deck 6 a little past the elevators towards the front, so no obstructions. Deck 6 near the front elevators is optimal for me. Most of the most frequented places on the ship are in that vicinity. It's easy to walk down the stairs if the elevators are busy. The room wasn't noisy at all.
  14. If you have a drink package, you may be able to get unopened cans in the Windjammer and bottled water from bars, coffee shops, etc. Check with people who have sailed the ship recently. I like to keep a couple cans and bottles in my room refrigerator in case I get thirsty at night.
  15. Another tip is to get a hold of previous Cruise Compasses. Some nights/times may be better for you depending on what else is going on. Reservations on the ship can also be done in person after boarding at the Music Hall or on the Royal IQ app.
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