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  1. Thanks for the link, I very much enjoyed reading it. I've never tried Sabatini's but I was also unimpressed with my steak at the Crown Grill and probably won't go back, even though the service there was impeccable. My first time on Royal Princess I never even went to the dining room. The food at the buffet was so fresh and delicious and interesting that we didn't feel the need. There's always too much food on my plate in the dining room and it makes me feel badly about wasting food. At the buffet I can always grab fruit and a couple tiny bites of something that looks or smells interesting and then go do something else. If I get hungry in 3-4 hours, I can do it again. A really good steak is the only way to get me to voluntarily sit at a table for an hour, LOL.
  2. Do you know where to find MDR menus for the Mexican Riviera cruise ? I'm having trouble finding current menus for the Royal Princess at all !I would appreciate any information on the subject. Thanks. kristine
  3. OMGosh !! This is awesome ! I can't wait to head to In&Out when we hit San Pedro pre-cruise ! We're at the BWPlus but will make our way to Burger Nirvana before 7 days of cruise food, which will contain ZERO burgers !! kristine
  4. Thanks, I have the lyft app on my phone. I have used both lyft and uber in Florida. I have also used shuttles several times. I've never used a taxi because of the prohibitive expense and because they drive soooo sloooowwww. At least they do here in Minnesota. Execucar is also an expensive alternative I won't be using. I don't need the rock bottom cheapest ride but I don't want to bleed money out of my eyeballs. I can vaguely remember having issues with uber picking me up at POM, or maybe it was at the airport in FLL. One of those cities makes pick ups difficult for any company that isn't a taxicab. Apparently LA doesn't do that ???
  5. We are flying into LAX for a Princess cruise out of the Port of LA in October. We always come in a day early and stay a day later, so we'll need to get from LAX to the BWPlus in San Pedro. What are our options for airport to hotel ? We've always cruised out of Florida, plus San Pedro is too far from the airport for a hotel shuttle. I wouldn't know which shuttle service to call in California. We're flying in on Friday and out on a Sunday. I have no idea what kind of traffic we would be dealing with either, especially a Friday late morning. I would love any information or tips you can give me ! warm regards, kristine
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