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  1. Thanks for the link, I very much enjoyed reading it. I've never tried Sabatini's but I was also unimpressed with my steak at the Crown Grill and probably won't go back, even though the service there was impeccable. My first time on Royal Princess I never even went to the dining room. The food at the buffet was so fresh and delicious and interesting that we didn't feel the need. There's always too much food on my plate in the dining room and it makes me feel badly about wasting food. At the buffet I can always grab fruit and a couple tiny bites of something that looks or smells interesting and then go do something else. If I get hungry in 3-4 hours, I can do it again. A really good steak is the only way to get me to voluntarily sit at a table for an hour, LOL.
  2. Do you know where to find MDR menus for the Mexican Riviera cruise ? I'm having trouble finding current menus for the Royal Princess at all !I would appreciate any information on the subject. Thanks. kristine
  3. OMGosh !! This is awesome ! I can't wait to head to In&Out when we hit San Pedro pre-cruise ! We're at the BWPlus but will make our way to Burger Nirvana before 7 days of cruise food, which will contain ZERO burgers !! kristine
  4. Thanks, I have the lyft app on my phone. I have used both lyft and uber in Florida. I have also used shuttles several times. I've never used a taxi because of the prohibitive expense and because they drive soooo sloooowwww. At least they do here in Minnesota. Execucar is also an expensive alternative I won't be using. I don't need the rock bottom cheapest ride but I don't want to bleed money out of my eyeballs. I can vaguely remember having issues with uber picking me up at POM, or maybe it was at the airport in FLL. One of those cities makes pick ups difficult for any company that isn't a taxicab. Apparently LA doesn't do that ???
  5. We are flying into LAX for a Princess cruise out of the Port of LA in October. We always come in a day early and stay a day later, so we'll need to get from LAX to the BWPlus in San Pedro. What are our options for airport to hotel ? We've always cruised out of Florida, plus San Pedro is too far from the airport for a hotel shuttle. I wouldn't know which shuttle service to call in California. We're flying in on Friday and out on a Sunday. I have no idea what kind of traffic we would be dealing with either, especially a Friday late morning. I would love any information or tips you can give me ! warm regards, kristine
  6. Thank you so much !! We will be on the Horizon December 1st and we LOVE going to the Dive In !! We will never sail a ship that doesn't have them.
  7. My husband and I will be on the Horizon December 1st and we LOVE movies ! Do you remember which films were being shown on the Dive In ?? Thanks for any information you can provide.
  8. It was Golden Eagle Catamaran and we booked it on the Allure through Royal Caribbean. We are headed back in December and have booked Golden Eagle through Carnival (we are on the Horizon). We had a great time and have only good things to say about this company !
  9. Thanks to everyone for the MDR tip. It just never occurred to me that it would be open for breakfast ! Now, if only Carnival had a coffee card so I can get my daily Americano !!
  10. We'll be on the Horizon in December and I'm wondering if the buffet and the breakfast burrito place are the only places to get breakfast. There appears to be more places to eat lunch and dinner than there are days to eat, even on an 8 day cruise !! Standing in line at the buffet every morning does not sound appetizing to me. I wasn't that fond of the Allure, but they had the Solarium, Park Cafe and Johnny Rockets so we never had to deal with the buffet. I would like to avoid it on the Horizon too. Any tips anyone wants to share?? Thank you, Kristine PS the buffet thing is a germ thing, not a snob thing. I just don't like a boatload of people touching my food. And since I've never picked up the Noro on any cruise, including ones that were decimated by it, I might just be on to something !
  11. It's a very easy walk and totally safe, even with a 7 year old. I'm a chubby 65 year old asthmatic and I had no problems at all.
  12. Thanks Poncho ! I think he will probably fit into the life vest better than me since I'm only 5'4' and 220 ! I'm in great shape, round is a shape ; ) Al has snorkeled before, I haven't , and really don't want to. I just love to swim. We just wanted to see Mullet Bay (our "happy" place) and riding in a catamaran was on his bucket list ! Thank you, Kristine
  13. Thank you !! This is exactly what I needed to know ! It is such a relief because I booked us on the Golden Eagle this morning. We are doing the 8:30 am cruise and I know we will have a great time ! I'm thankful for all the people who responded, but you gave me just what I needed to make our vacation ! It's important because this is a make up cruise for our September 25th Anniversary Allure cruise that was Irmageddoned. Royal treated us so badly at that time that we got very soured about this cruise, but it was reschedule or lose more than $5000 (counting airfare). It's our first cruise with Royal, and probably our last, I just want to make it as perfect for my husband as possible. I booked us on the Horizon in December for his birthday. So he should be a very happy camper !! warm regards Kristine
  14. We are on the Allure in less than 3 weeks and have had some trepidation about doing a beach on our own by taxi because of the road construction and how it is seriously damaging the length of time needed to get back to the ship. The alternative is to take the Royal Caribbean excursions offered to Kimsha Beach, so if the worst happens, the ship has to wait for us. The other alternative is to forsake the roads entirely and take a Royal Caribbean excursion by boat. One excursion clearly states that it goes to Mullet Bay, our favorite beach, in a speed boat. How does that work for getting people on and off while parked somewhere in Mullet Bay ? Has anyone done this excursion ?? The other one is the Golden Eagle catamaran, which doesn't say which beach it visits and has a weight restriction of 250 pounds. My 6'4" husband weighs 275. Why the weight restriction ?? And on the port forums, people are saying they can't reach the tour operators. Since they are running an excursion for Royal, do I call Royal Caribbean for information ?? And who would I call ?? The people who answer the phones when you call don't know their butt from their elbow with a map if your question isn't really basic and on their sheet of pat answers. Kimsha sounds underwhelming. Has anyone gone there ? It is apparently where all the cruise ships are dumping passengers for beach days. I'm half blind from reading thread after thread, post after post and not seeing the information I need. My Minnesota nice has plumb worn out and now I am BEGGING for help. Please, I'm old, tired and not packed yet !! I have to spring clean my house before we go and lay in provisions for my cat sitter !! Please help me. warm regards Kristine
  15. What beach did you go to ?? Why is there a 250 lb weight restriction ?? My husband is 275. How was the lunch that's served ??
  16. Lots of people have been to Mullet Bay beach since the hurricane. It was one of the only major beaches to survive the storms. It has chairs, umbrellas, a portapotty and a lolo selling bbq, sodas and beer.
  17. I clicked on your TripAdvisor link and - surprise - found myself looking at my own review of Mullet Bay !! It's from 2012 but I still stand behind every word. We go to Mullet every time our cruise ship docks at this port. We will be on the Allure in just a few weeks and I've been trying to find an economical way to get there that doesn't involve driving, because of the road construction !! I finally found a catamaran that specifically states that it parks us in Mullet Bay and I am booking it ! Hopefully, by December when we port here again on the Horizon, the road construction will be mostly done. I have 8 people interested in visiting Mullet with my husband and I. I just wish the Taxi association would post their new rate sheet !!
  18. I used Uber 3 times last year on a solo cruise out of Miami and all my experiences were wonderful!! Picking up at the Port of Miami was confusing to me but my Uber driver persevered and eventually found me. That he didn't just blow me off and give up (or pick someone else up!!) is further testimony to their service and reliability. We will be using them in FLL next month for a family cruise but will call for an XL van cause Momma likes to bring SHOES 😹😹😹
  19. Wonderful. So was that before, or after, Irma and Maria destroyed Orient Beach and washed away Maho Beach.
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