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  1. On 9/22/2020 at 7:09 AM, SCDreamWeaver said:

    Maya Chan is an all inclusive resort that was built in Maya Chan by a family from California that after many cruises decided to build their own resort designed specifically for cruisers.  You can check out their website for the details.  It fills up very fast and has a limited number of guests.  They provide the transportation to the resort and back to the ship and a wonderful lunch that is freshly prepared with local cuisine.  Occasionally the beach does have the seaweed issue that you mention as all beaches in this area experience, they do the best they can to make sure an area is raked and cleaned so that you can enjoy the ocean. 

    The location is such that you can stand in the water and see the ships docked so you are not that far away, but the road getting there is an experience in itself due to the potholes.....lol.

    Have a great week,


    I will check it out, especially if we are limited to only using ship excursions, I'm betting that Carnival will have one to Maya Chan - I know they have one to Tabyana Beach in Roatan.

  2. On 9/21/2020 at 8:35 AM, NIATPAC29 said:

    Hello,how does one convince a 26 year old to vacation with the parents?

    We have a good, strong relationship and frankly, my husband and I are fun, and funny.  We made sure that Alex was schooled in the classics like Monty Python, Ferris Bueller, All things John Hughes, science fiction, and Bruce Lee through Jackie Chan, and I think my proudest moment came when, at the tender age of 10, he turned to me during the Blues Brothers movie and told me "man, Mom-that lady (Aretha Franklin) can REALLY sing!" I introduced him to Journey when he was in his heavy metal phase and now we share a love of Celtic and Irish music, acapella, and harder stuff like Sabaton and Flogging Molly.  Al likes smooth jazz, which Alex and I can't stand, but those two share a love of history, airplanes and trains.  We are all artists and designers and enjoy "making stuff".  Alex and I are driving to Ballahack Airsoft Fields in Chesapeake, VA this December with his roommate.  There's a post-apocalypse role playing survival game called Revelations, now in it's 11th year.  They are contestants, I'm just a merchant.  Sharing interests is possible, even with a 26 year old.  He LIKES being with us.

  3. I'm very glad that you are both ok !  The cruise lines just had a Come to Jesus meeting in Miami so I think that they have had enough and are going to push back against the lockdown on cruising.  I really hope that you get your cruise in November but I'm sure that you will get it in January. ; )


    I think that we will go to Tabyana in Roatan, the snorkeling was very good when we were there the last time, and hit one of the resort/restaurant beaches in Cozumel.  Last time I was in Costa Maya the beaches were full of seaweed so we will spend the day exploring Mardi Gras.


    You guys must be very close to Florida ports !  I wish that we were close enough to drive to ports.


  4. Good morning, Jeff !!

    I'm not sure why Mardi Gras isn't complete, the original completion date was in November 2019 !  I know they had some sort of setback early on and I know Covid shut down the shipyards briefly, but it really should be near completion.  The first sailing is supposed to be in February 2021!

    I've already booked the Horizon January 2022 with my family and 3 oldest grandsons.  I would also like to do a Mexican Riviera Princess cruise in October 2022 but they don't have anything after April 2022 yet. 

    We haven't been to any of the ports on this cruise.  We are looking forward to Grand Cayman and Cozumel but we will likely not get past Margaritaville when in Ocho Rios.  I have trip insurance but decided against the possible injuries climbing Dunn's Falls.  I'm 67 right now and I prefer the relative safety of the pool in port.  The kids can risk all when they vacation with my daughter and her husband.  It looks like they have cool water toys in Cayman and beaches for me.  I just hope that they are still in business when we get there.

    The jury is still out on Cozumel.  Inclusives seem expensive since the only one who drinks alcohol is me, and I won't drink when in the water - and I am ALWAYS in the water.  I hope that we can just find a nice beach with a good restaurant and maybe lounges, and an umbrella for my husband, who burns easily.  

    We all agree about how relaxing it is to cruise, my husband says it's the only way to really get away from your life, and by life, he means job.  He designs trade show exhibits, TV sets, retail fixtures and themed environments for corporate meetings.  It sounds so glamorous but it's not.  It's very stressful and creatives are rarely treated well.  Right now the company he works for is one of the last design companies left standing here in the Twin Cities. By now, it may be the only one. There's no word when, or if, any of the other ones will ever open up again.  Right now his company is doing "virtual" sets instead of building custom sets.  Trade shows are cancelled way into 2021.

    I hope that you, your family, and your friends are not suffering from this economic shutdown.

    What cruises do you have booked before May?  Carnival actually seems to be chomping at the bit to sail again, and Celebrity too. If your cruises do sail, ports may change if ports refuse to let the ships dock.  But for me, it's really all about the ship and being out on the ocean.  The visiting of different ports is just icing on the cake.  


  5. On 8/11/2020 at 12:22 PM, SCDreamWeaver said:

    Hi, my wife and I will also be on this trip and looking forward to the Mardi Gras.  We also have some friends from Canada that will be with us on this trip as well so really looking forward to having a great trip.  By the time we cruise hopefully they will have the logistics down on how to manage that many passengers getting off and on at the ports....lol.  We also enjoy our time in port canaveral so we will be arriving a few days before the trip to just relax and enjoy cocoa beach.


    HELLO !!  

    I'd have said hello sooner but I didn't get a notification that there was a response - then I remembered that we changed our email address and I'll bet I forgot to update my account!  

    Anyhow - so glad to have you on board with us.  We are staying in Orlando so we can do Epcot and Volcano Bay.  I hope everything is fairly normalized by then, especially since I refuse to accept this as the "new normal".  I believe that particular phase was coined by people with very low expectations from life.

    I'm confident that embarkation bugs will get ironed out quickly and I'm certain that with all the specialized cleaning that will still need to be done on top of the regular cabin turn, they will figure out a way to get us out and off as quickly as possible!

    I'm curious about which ports will open, and when.  So far only the Bahamas seems hungry for visitors.


    Hope all is well with you



  6. We're sailing to Cozumel on the Mardi Gras in May 2021.  I've never been there and I'm looking for a good beach, not more than 1/2 hour from the port.  My husband and son don't drink alcohol and I won't touch it either if I'm going in the water - and I WILL be going in the water!!  I had looked at one place, but it was all inclusive and we won't be drinking the alcohol.  We'll need food, juice, chairs and a bathroom.  Should I look at hotels with day passes like I did in Puerto Vallarta ?  


    Thank you for any help you can give me,


  7. Hi ! I'm sailing on the Horizon in January 2022 with my son (26) and my grandsons (15-17) and I think that they will be bored with me dragging them to yet another beach unless I can blow their minds with some cool water toys.  Don't ask me what kind I'm looking for, because I'm clueless about what's out there.  I would really love to hear from other people about their experiences with this subject and even beach suggestions for me !  My husband and I have sailed many places in the Caribbean but never to Grand Cayman.


    Thank you for whatever info you have.


  8. It looks like I'm the first one to start this roll call !  I will be on with my husband and my son, Alex, for his 26th birthday.  His first cruise was on the Carnival Dream for his 17th birthday!  We are all very excited but sad for the people whose Mardi Gras cruises were cancelled.  I'm certainly hoping that she will start sailing in February.  At least in May it will still have "that new ship smell" !! LOL


    I know Alex is really looking forward to the roller coaster and going back to Roatan to snorkel.  Al and I are really eager to take him to Jiji's Asian and Bonsai sushi.  I doubt that we'll do the Bonsai teppanyaki again, although it is far better than Benihana, we will have already eaten at Benihana days before boarding Mardi Gras.


    I hope others join the roll call, introduce yourselves, and share your favorite things about cruising and cruise ports.


    warm regards,



  9. 21 hours ago, HBCcruiser said:


    The menus change depending upon when you sail, so it is hard to tell what they will be. I did a live review and posted pics of menus. We were Club Class and also ate at specialty restaurants. Perhaps someone else can help with the main dining room menus. Here is a link to my review if interested.  



    Thanks for the link, I very much enjoyed reading it.  I've never tried Sabatini's but I was also unimpressed with my steak at the Crown Grill and probably won't go back, even though the service there was impeccable.  My first time on Royal Princess I never even went to the dining room. The food at the buffet was so fresh and delicious and interesting that we didn't feel the need.  There's always too much food on my plate in the dining room and it makes me feel badly about wasting food.  At the buffet I can always grab fruit and a couple tiny bites of something that looks or smells interesting and then go do something else.  If I get hungry in 3-4 hours, I can do it again.  A really good steak is the only way to get me to voluntarily sit at a table for an hour, LOL.

  10. On 1/26/2011 at 3:16 PM, chinita415 said:


    Secret Menu info:



    Now you can order like a local.


    The town car will probably charge you to stop at the Carson location. Are you at the CP only for one night? Taking the shuttle as Wineaux suggested is probably your best bet. They open until 1am.


    OMGosh !!  This is awesome !  I can't wait to head to In&Out when we hit San Pedro pre-cruise !  We're at the BWPlus but will make our way to Burger Nirvana before 7 days of cruise food, which will contain ZERO burgers !! 


  11. Thanks, I have the lyft app on my phone.  I have used both lyft and uber in Florida.  I have also used shuttles several times.  I've never used a taxi because of the prohibitive expense and because they drive soooo sloooowwww.  At least they do here in Minnesota.  Execucar is also an expensive alternative I won't be using.  I don't need the rock bottom cheapest ride but I don't want to bleed money out of my eyeballs.  I can vaguely remember having issues with uber picking me up at POM, or maybe it was at the airport in FLL.  One of those cities makes pick ups difficult for any company that isn't a taxicab.  Apparently LA doesn't do that ???

  12. We are flying into LAX for a Princess cruise out of the Port of LA in October.  We always come in a day early and stay a day later, so we'll need to get from LAX to the BWPlus in San Pedro.  What are our options for airport to hotel ?  We've always cruised out of Florida, plus San Pedro is too far from the airport for a hotel shuttle.  I wouldn't know which shuttle service to call in California.  We're flying in on Friday and out on a Sunday.  I have no idea what kind of traffic we would be dealing with either, especially a Friday late morning.  I would love any information or tips you can give me !


    warm regards,


  13. On 11/4/2018 at 8:13 AM, OceanGirl4 said:

    They will be released about the 18th of November.....I'll post them when I see them.

    Thank you so much !!  We will be on the Horizon December 1st and we LOVE going to the Dive In !!  We will never sail a ship that doesn't have them.

  14. Can you tell me what company you will be going on the catamaran to Mullet Bay with? As that might be a good way to travel instead of taxi


    It was Golden Eagle Catamaran and we booked it on the Allure through Royal Caribbean. We are headed back in December and have booked Golden Eagle through Carnival (we are on the Horizon). We had a great time and have only good things to say about this company !

  15. We'll be on the Horizon in December and I'm wondering if the buffet and the breakfast burrito place are the only places to get breakfast. There appears to be more places to eat lunch and dinner than there are days to eat, even on an 8 day cruise !! Standing in line at the buffet every morning does not sound appetizing to me.


    I wasn't that fond of the Allure, but they had the Solarium, Park Cafe and Johnny Rockets so we never had to deal with the buffet. I would like to avoid it on the Horizon too. Any tips anyone wants to share??


    Thank you,



    PS the buffet thing is a germ thing, not a snob thing. I just don't like a boatload of people touching my food. And since I've never picked up the Noro on any cruise, including ones that were decimated by it, I might just be on to something !

  16. I'm a big dude like your husband, a bit smaller, but close enough. The only size concern is for life vests. That's all in these cases. If this was a helicopter or a zipline or something like that, you can bet there is a reason for the restriction. The zipline is usually the size of the harness.


    The weight on the catamaran is never checked. They just want a warning to be said that the life vests may not fit individuals of a certain size. HOPEFULLY, your husband (as a man of that size) is what I like to call globally big instead of regionally big. If he's proportionately sized, the vest is almost never a problem. If he was a 5' tall woman who weighed 275lbs with a big belly and a bigger bosom... the vest might not fit. It's more about how you're built than your weight for THIS scenario. My neighbor is built like that. Our weight is likely close to the same. Our height is no where near the same. Our circumferences are also no where near the same.


    I can tell you that I fit in all the life vests with plenty of room to spare.


    Thanks Poncho !


    I think he will probably fit into the life vest better than me since I'm only 5'4' and 220 ! I'm in great shape, round is a shape ; )


    Al has snorkeled before, I haven't , and really don't want to. I just love to swim. We just wanted to see Mullet Bay (our "happy" place) and riding in a catamaran was on his bucket list !


    Thank you,


  17. We were on Freedom last week and did the Golden Eagle as we had similar concerns with the state of the island. It was a half day. We picked the afternoon. The snorkeling wasn't anything to write home about, but they do feed the fish so we had a ton swimming around us. We went to Mullet Bay after. It was like having our own private beach for the afternoon! The boat had pool noodles and we floated and floated the afternoon away. We could have stayed there all day. The crew was fantastic, they were lots of fun and made sure we had enough water, soda, rum punch or beer. After they had nice little sandwiches on the most amazing French bread. We would do it again.


    They did not weigh any of us, but maybe the weight restriction has to do with capacity for the boat. If you own a boat you will note there is always a plaque stating # of people or weight that the boat could handle. We were not near person capacity on our trip. Hope this helps.



    St. Maarten has a long way to go to being back to what she was before the storms.


    Thank you !! This is exactly what I needed to know ! It is such a relief because I booked us on the Golden Eagle this morning. We are doing the 8:30 am cruise and I know we will have a great time !


    I'm thankful for all the people who responded, but you gave me just what I needed to make our vacation ! It's important because this is a make up cruise for our September 25th Anniversary Allure cruise that was Irmageddoned. Royal treated us so badly at that time that we got very soured about this cruise, but it was reschedule or lose more than $5000 (counting airfare).


    It's our first cruise with Royal, and probably our last, I just want to make it as perfect for my husband as possible. I booked us on the Horizon in December for his birthday. So he should be a very happy camper !!


    warm regards


  18. We are on the Allure in less than 3 weeks and have had some trepidation about doing a beach on our own by taxi because of the road construction and how it is seriously damaging the length of time needed to get back to the ship. The alternative is to take the Royal Caribbean excursions offered to Kimsha Beach, so if the worst happens, the ship has to wait for us. The other alternative is to forsake the roads entirely and take a Royal Caribbean excursion by boat. One excursion clearly states that it goes to Mullet Bay, our favorite beach, in a speed boat. How does that work for getting people on and off while parked somewhere in Mullet Bay ? Has anyone done this excursion ??


    The other one is the Golden Eagle catamaran, which doesn't say which beach it visits and has a weight restriction of 250 pounds. My 6'4" husband weighs 275. Why the weight restriction ?? And on the port forums, people are saying they can't reach the tour operators. Since they are running an excursion for Royal, do I call Royal Caribbean for information ?? And who would I call ?? The people who answer the phones when you call don't know their butt from their elbow with a map if your question isn't really basic and on their sheet of pat answers.


    Kimsha sounds underwhelming. Has anyone gone there ? It is apparently where all the cruise ships are dumping passengers for beach days.


    I'm half blind from reading thread after thread, post after post and not seeing the information I need. My Minnesota nice has plumb worn out and now I am BEGGING for help. Please, I'm old, tired and not packed yet !! I have to spring clean my house before we go and lay in provisions for my cat sitter !! Please help me.


    warm regards


  19. This is probably not helpful, but we did this excursion in 2002. There were no chairs back then. We had taken that excursion because we were trying to avoid nude beaches. My son was 5. There was boat docked near us that were naked. He didn't even notice. Lol...it was a good excursion. Enjoy


    What beach did you go to ?? Why is there a 250 lb weight restriction ?? My husband is 275. How was the lunch that's served ??

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