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  1. Please report back once you are done with the cruise. We go next month.
  2. Hi, We are needing transportation for 6 going from Cape Liberty to Springhill Suites 338 West 36th St New York City. There will be 6 of us, more than likely 6 large suitcases. Looking for something economical, that would not take too much time. Would splitting into 2 Uber/Lyft be less money than trying to fit all of us into 1? We would prefer to go together; but it may not be worth the additional cost to get a larger vehicle. Last year we took Lyft when it was just me and my husband. I am not opposed to getting transportation to Penn Station NJ and taking the train to Penn Station NY; but not sure if that would really be any savings, and how much additional time it would take. We only have 1 day for the others to see the sights of NYC, and they have never been there. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and approximate cost. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. They still have not opened ours for the 29th; but hopefully his week.
  4. I agree with what the others have said. We cruise again on Anthem the end of August; but the shows have not opened up yet for our cruise. We have others going with us; so I will be sure we book each one, and they can decide for themselves; if they want to stay or leave. What date are you cruising in August, and when did the shows open for booking?
  5. Thank you. I will definitely have her call and get it corrected. I appreciate your reply.
  6. Thanks for the reply; so basically there should be no difference in points received whether the 2nd person is a no show, or is cancelled from the reservation before the cruise. You should get 3 either way. A friend of mine only received 2 points per night in a Jr suite where she as booked with her daughter. Her daughter could not make the cruise and was a no show. I will tell her she needs to contact Royal to make the adjustment. Thanks.
  7. If you are booked in a Jr suite and one person has to cancel, should you get 3 points per night; since you are sailing solo? Or do you only get 2 points per night; since the person did not show, rather than cancel before the cruise?
  8. If it is refundable can't you cancel and then rebook?
  9. If they do not have it available throughout the day; you could always get a few extra at breakfast and put them in the fridge in your room for later that day.
  10. And, with the non refundable deposit, you have 30 days after the cruise ends to move the cruise to a different sailing for with no penalty. That is 30 days from the last day of the cruise not 30 days from the day you book it; if you book it the first day of the cruise. You can change it as many times as you like within those 30 days. I just took advantage of this perk in the past couple weeks. The very last day I could change it is when the new transatlantic cruises were released.
  11. Hi, Just an update. We actually gave them a few weeks to figure out what happened to the other $100 OBC. I called the travel agent tonight, and they were able to see previous notes. The very helpful agent contacted Royal to see what had happened to the $100. They said for some reason one of the codes dropped off. They were going to add it back; so the full $300 OBC was there. They said to give it 24 hours; but it should show back up. The travel agent put some great notes in the reservation; so if for some reason it doesn't show up, everything was written. He said all of their phone conversations are recorded too; so there should not be any issue. I was pretty confident nothing had been done on our end that caused this, and Royal confirmed that it happened on their end.
  12. You are correct. We will give them a couple days to try to figure it out. We did receive a new confirmation showing the price drop and the revised obc of $300, after they confirmed on the phone. I will post back once we have an answer.
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