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  1. Of the following ports with Oceania, which would be the best three (3) to utilize the excursion OLife promo for versus booking something separately (or for a charge with Oceania)? Girls' trip for six next summer and figure the tender ports worth considering for the three: Kotor, Montenegro (tender) Dubrovnik, Croatia Corfu Greece Taormina (Sicily), Italy (tender) Amalfi/Positano, Italy (tender) Monte Carlo, Monaco (tender) Saint-Tropez, France (tender) Toulon, France Already planning private tour in Rome since docked there. Thank you in advance!
  2. I would have your agent look for 2-person rooms that allow a crib if child is under 3 at age of travel. They use a pack and play but I would think your agent is already doing that (?) unless lifeboat capacity is truly reached (and calling RCCL they can see that data if so).
  3. Luggage was fairly slow even we arrived from our connection in Miami on Friday morning but not horrendous. We did get escorted down service elevator within Haven shooting us out in theatre with someone swiping our keycard to walk out right there. We were not first off but it was smooth getting off. Customs barely glanced at passports
  4. Our family of four did Uber the port from our hotel downtown last Sunday. This morning were off the ship by 7am, pulling into rental car facility at MSY at 7:35 with our Uber ride, and in rental car on the road home to Texas by 8am. Our driver did tell us it would be chaos by 7:30 at the port and we arrived last Sunday about 9:45 (yes chaos then with people still being picked up). We were Haven this week so planned to arrive early to enjoy that benefit hence arriving so early. Boarding started promptly at 11am last Sunday.
  5. I’ll add that we actually left home January 29 for this 47-night trip so I had the CC M&G marked in my spreadsheet for this cruise. (We had a Cape Horn cruise on Princess prior to Breakaway March 10 so flew to New Orleans from Santiago on March 7-8). We didn’t receive a card in the cabin for the Monday CC event and I had not even looked at the Freestyle Daily - just went according to our rollcall post that I had marked on my spreadsheet for the trip. Feels good to be home now 🙂
  6. Someone else had posted they messed up (not me) so could you possibly be referring the posts 204 or 210 made by others instead maybe? The weird thing is our rollcall thread posted 11am Monday La Cucina which is where it was held as posted. We had not many there. I was the weird one who had signed up on the spreadsheet for one person then had 2 others with me plus my parents entering later to not interrupt. So my 1 actually became 5. So instead of being less than our indicated number on the rollcall spreadsheet we were actually more... and the event did take place at the date/place our rollcall thread on CC posted. Later in the week a card arrived to do it Saturday 11am which I could not make that one.
  7. Hopefully weather will be better today - they were expecting weather last night and secured all of our balcony furniture when leaving Costa Maya as well as the aft balcony nextdoor. Said they would re-evaluate today. Yesterday didn’t seem bad at all IMHO - we ave ate dinner outside for Moderno and it was still pretty calm outside when the medical evacuation was in progress to Cancun later in the evening (which I hope he gets better quickly).
  8. Yep- received the card for the new one but conflicts with something else I already have for Saturday. I marked my calendar from the rollcall thread for the Monday CC greet and it was definitely communicated there. I just watched that thread for any changes and everything seemed like Monday was a go - had the normal setup as well.
  9. So we were the opposite... I was the only one who signed up but brought two extras from my family. So we were three of those 12. Plus my parents were a little late and stood outside to not interrupt and listened just off to the left, enter right as the officers left. They weren't signed up either. Definitely the smallest I have ever attended of being on CruiseCritic for 19 years...
  10. It was showing $99. It did not show the 14 until clicking through some, and was listed just above the Minute options.
  11. We are booked on the 33-night Royal leaving next weekend. However, they are only selling the 14-night Medallion in the Cruise Personalizer online. Do they offer extensions normally for the longer cruises (such as once onboard to extend to) or do you have to purchase multiple packages? I need to be connected / available for work and check in. (Or can I just hope it is titled 14 nights but actually sold for the duration of the cruise booked?)
  12. So does that mean any picture like formal night with the Captain or an Officer is excluded as well?
  13. Our Feb 2 itinerary in Cruise Personalizer is showing 5:00 for our's. Like someone else said above, I think it can vary by itinerary.
  14. Planing to use our’s well from Royal Princess starting Feb 2
  15. We cancelled our “Best of Fortaleza” excursion on Royal princess for Feb 12 to be on the safe side. I couldn’t remember how long we had for the cancellation policy so just went ahead and did it just in case for our family of four. We have Petropolis booked for Rio and I am curious any issues there - haven’t searched deep but I haven’t come across front page stuff yet
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