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  1. julie3fan

    Pet Peeves

    My pet peeve is how so many stupid little things anymore drive me crazy. I've become a "stay off my lawn" person, at least in my mind!
  2. julie3fan

    Pet Peeves

    My pet peeve is sharing a dining table with a know it all, who actually appears to know very little. This happened on my last cruise. The gentleman told us about two guys who stay on the ship but aren't actually ship employees, and they get to go through the garbage and keep the recyclables, and the money they get for selling them is how they get paid. What?? So every time DH and I threw away a soda can or water bottle, we said "Here's another nickle for those two guys!"
  3. julie3fan

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    Nope, my LOTP thread still doesn't show in my Activity Stream. I post almost exclusively on my Samsung using Chrome. Others on that thread have also been complaining of erratic behavior of that thread. I'm off to my cruise tomorrow, so might not have a chance for a while to further this discussion. 🙂
  4. julie3fan

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    The bookmark brings me to the top of the page, and time will tell if it brings me to the next page once we've posted enough to add another page. Then I'll know. I also don't care how each and every post will show as a seperate entry in the new stream you helped me create, rather than that the thread itself has new entries. It's obvious we all got spoiled on a good thing (the old app) and it's hard to tell if what we're experiencing are glitches that might (or might not) get fixed, or if that's just the way it is. And what's about the saddest, from what I've seen, is the marked decline in posting, and new thread subjects.
  5. julie3fan

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    I've added the bookmark, and have made the changes to the stream. Now I'll wait awhile to see how it works out. I appreciate all your help! I might not report back until tomorrow - I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Florida for our cruise on Saturday, but I'll let you know how it works out.
  6. julie3fan

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    Yes. I made sure my name was there. Plus I post in it several times a day, and it doesn't even show in the generic Threads I Post In stream. AND everybody else on that thread has problems with it. It's in the Floataway Lounge, called Last One To Post Wins. Not sure why it quit being included after that one day shut down. 😒
  7. julie3fan

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    For me it's a workaround I'm having to revert to. My custom stream picks up all (most?) threads except the one that I consider the most important. It was included before, until that one day a few weeks ago when the site was down, but now it's not being picked up. It's not even in the CC default stream Threads I Posted In. So I have that one thread bookmarked on the home screen on my cell phone, but it only brings me to the top of the page, rather than the first unread post. And when it adds another page, I have to re-bookmark the thread in order to go to the last page. I feel like I'm going to wear a hole in the screen with all the scrolling I have to do.
  8. julie3fan

    Platinum Questions

    Yes, he'll just have to sign in with your info.
  9. julie3fan

    Thanksgiving on Princess

    The pumpkin pie kinda sucked last year, too.
  10. julie3fan

    What would you do?

    Is the solo studio price really the same price as a solo balcony? Could there really be a balcony bad enough to not want it vs the small inside studio? But then consider the benefit of access to the studio lounge......
  11. julie3fan

    Buffet etiquette

    And then come here to brag about it!
  12. julie3fan

    The Bahamian Officials Found Us Out!

    I call those cruises Eastern Mexican cruises, rather than Western Caribbean. Seems like a more accurate description!
  13. julie3fan

    Buffet etiquette

    My cousin described how monkey brains are served, and I about passed out!
  14. julie3fan

    Buffet etiquette

    Sometimes being thrifty (a bit nicer term, I think...not so judgy) is how some folks are able to take a vacation.