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  1. julie3fan

    Specialty dining question

    I was actually wondering if that scenario would work or not. It really doesn't seem like NCL should really care *who* eats *where*. They offer up XX number of specialty meals, and must figure you'll eat your other meals in another of their restaurants, complimentary or otherwise. As long as you don't cheat them out of any specialty meals, it really shouldn't matter, right? Thanks for the info, Keith.
  2. julie3fan

    Specialty dining question

    Thanks. Pretty much what I expected to hear. 🙂
  3. julie3fan

    Specialty dining question

    I have a similar question. Three of us are sailing together, in two cabins. My BFF has no status, and I'm not sure what booking perk she'll pick, but I'm guessing the drink package. That will partly depend on the answer to my question. DH and I are in one cabin with platinum perks, and we're considering choosing the dining package as one of our booking perks. Can we use our platinum dining certificate for the two of us to dine, and use one of our dining package perks for the 3rd person to join us? Or is the dining perk limited to the person receiving it as their perk? Thanks!
  4. julie3fan

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    Thank you for providing a better link. I completed the short 6 question survey. I'm intrigued...is this something that we might hear about in the foreseeable future?
  5. julie3fan

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    I might have, but I don't care to have to create an account in order to take a survey. Sorry.
  6. julie3fan

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    If you HAD to bring it, cruise ships wouldn't allow you to board with just a drivers license and birth certificate. It could be argued having a passport is better, but it's not required.
  7. julie3fan

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    Deb, there will be legitimate arguments for either. Cruising to Canada is a little different than cruising in Europe. If you fail to reboard the ship in Canada and they leave without you, they will very likely get into your safe to look for your passport to leave with the port agent. So you'll be able to get it if you need to fly home. Only you will know if there are legitimate fears that you won't return to the ship. Sorry there won't be a firm yes or no answer.
  8. julie3fan

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    That's actually not a bad idea if you want/need to use the elevator right after the drill.
  9. julie3fan

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    You need a reminder to drink? I drink to forget! 🤣😁😂
  10. Thanks for the tips, Alan! I am able to use TT! One weird thing I've noticed on CC on TT, is that my Subscribed threads don't list in order of the last post made. They're all mixed up. First a thread with the last post a week ago, then one from 15 minutes ago, then one from November, etc. And my Participated threads only includes 20 threads. But it's a start! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. julie3fan

    Skagway car rental

    I booked Avis in Skagway on the regular booking website using the AARP discount code and it worked just fine. YMMV.
  12. julie3fan

    Juneau Car Rental

    I recently reserved a car from here for our upcoming cruise. Walking distance from the dock, and less than $100 for the day. JUNEAU CAR RENTAL COMPANY2450-C INDUSTRIAL BLVDJUNEAU, AK 99801(907) 957-7530(W)(866) 535-7649(Fax)
  13. There is no CC app any more, so you may as well stop trying to log in to it. ☹
  14. I still can't use Tapatalk to post, or to view "my" content. I've logged out, switched users, and still no go. (Android)
  15. I tried Tapatalk yesterday and immediately got the message that CC was no longer supported. I tried Tapatalk today and got the logon screen, and only got the not supported message after I tried to logon. So things are changing!