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  1. Is it appropriate to say I love you? I never would have found that on my own! Thank you!!!!
  2. One annoying thing I've found on this oh-so-very-helpful upgrade is when I go to a thread that I've subscribed to, it takes me to the first post on page 1, rather than to the first unread post, as in the past. Now I have to navigate to the last page, then scroll down to the first unread post. Sure, that faint little blue line is there to show me where that is, but why can't the screen just jump to that at the beginning? I view on my smart phone, and don't know if that's the same way on other devices.
  3. Cancelling February already!? I haven't heard of any that far out. 125% credit is nice...I hope you have a good alternate!
  4. I hate to say, but this is beginning to sound more like torture rather than a relaxing holiday. 😥
  5. I haven't been following this thread...what's the issue with Italy?
  6. There is currently an offer available on Amex, which is why this thread is being posted on.
  7. I scrolled back to double check before I posted that she looked like she was a bit long in the tooth to be called a Millenial, and the picture has been removed! It stayed so long, I was surprised, but the mods have finally caught up.
  8. Groan.... How long did it take to come up with that one? 🤔
  9. I should be embarking on our 15 day Hawaiian cruise today, but we had to cancel it over the summer. It's been tough seeing the roll call (that I started) talking about the M&G, excursions, etc. I think my next cruise is in 376 days.
  10. Pretty sure you wouldn't have to ask! There would be multiple posts from people who had gotten the offer, with all the details! 🙂
  11. FYI, that's not a secret. More like a guarantee! 🤣
  12. I never have a problem finding my cabin, either. But if I were to try and use the carpet as a clue, I'd be lost!
  13. I don't see enough of a difference that I'd be able to figure out which way to go! I think I'd be better off using other clues. Or embrace the extra steps I'd take before figuring out I was going the wrong way.
  14. One trick is if you're travelling with another couple, split yourselves up (on paper) so you have 2 different booking numbers, then you can request the SH OBC for the 2 different cabins. I was able to do that with just the one 100 share account held jointly.
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