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  1. By The Bay

    Golden Princess November 24, 2019

    Yes, CBD is as you state. Yes. If you arrive at the Southern Cross terminal by Skybus, there is a Myki shop where you are able to top up. As you a probably aware, the trams are free within the CBD.
  2. I use my Westpac Mastercard card complimentary insurance. I have not have to claim, so cannot comment on how good the insurance is. There is a thread on complimentary insurance on this OZ forum, if you want to consider that option.
  3. By The Bay

    Golden Princess November 24, 2019

    Here is the link to the Golden Princess roll calls. Golden Roll Calls. There does not appear to be a roll call for your cruise. I would stay in the CBD. Plenty of choice to match all budgets. There is a frequent shuttle bus, Skybus, service with drop off to the hotels in CBD. The 109 tram runs through the CBD to Station Pier, where the cruise ship leaves. If these transport suggestions don't appeal, you can use a taxi or Uber.
  4. By The Bay

    Princess move over

    Well done on getting a great deal. We saw Macbeth at the pop up Globe and agree with OzKiwiJJ, we thoroughly enjoyed the play. Lots of blood all over the groundlings.
  5. By The Bay

    Roll call

    What roll call are you looking for?
  6. That is poor customer service from P&O. I wonder if they will be able to fix the problem before the next planned cruise. Another reason why they are off-loading her.
  7. By The Bay

    Circle Pacific 2020

    Yes you are right. Go to 2020 Circle Pacific Roll Call to join.
  8. By The Bay

    Princess move over

    We received a move over offer similar to what you describe. We took up the offer the day after it was offered. Hope you have similar luck.
  9. By The Bay

    Testing this new format

    I use Firefox browser with Ad-Blocker.
  10. Just received a email with details of the Sun Princess doing a 77 day circle Pacific cruise departing Sydney 15 April 2020 and returning 1 July 2020.