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  1. The Australian Health website has this data, dated 12 April.
  2. Extract from an article published in the Washington Post. Full article link. "Even if pilot error is found to have contributed to the accident, Egyptian law makes clear that pilots are not liable for any damage during their watch of the ship." Contrary to their titles, the pilots do not actually steer the vessel in the Suez Canal. The pilot serves more as a consultant, using his experience and practical knowledge of the canal to give advice, for instance on how to maneuver the vessel or what course to steer. The captain has to be present at all times on the bridge
  3. I read that some frontline workers are choosing not to get the jab.
  4. We are going this morning to get our first jabs. 💉 I am hoping, if I get any side effects, that the symptoms are mild.😉
  5. I feel for you Lyle and the other Canadians doing the right thing to mitigate the spread. It doesn't help when your big neighbour to the south, did not handle the virus well at the start and all the misinformation abounding on social media. Stay safe my friend.🙏
  6. We do here in Oz, the NSW Gov even gave $50 to spend dining out.🍽️😉 I used the first voucher the other night.
  7. The local Helloworld outlet at the shopping centre has succumbed to the enviable and is closing. 😒
  8. I found this image that was taken on the first southern lights flight of Chimu adventures chartered Qantas 787-9 probed towards Antarctica on Friday night. (Nick Moir / Sydney Morning Herald )
  9. "Queensland has recorded 0 new cases of COVID-19 today. A historic case with a link to a recent Brisbane cluster has been reported today. There is no risk to the community." Source QLD Health
  10. No new locally acquired in NSW. Still a concern with the returning travellers.
  11. Those were the days. I remember, as a young boy, being allowed onboard to farewell my Auntie. The bells were rung as a signal to leave the ship, and we held the streamers as the ship left the OPT. Fond memories.
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