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  1. 10 minutes ago, drolltroll said:

     I am planning on rebooking anyway but I do not blame you one bit. Up to 90 days is ridiculous!

    We hope to sail again too,  eventually.  Due to the strange climate we live in,  it's impossible to know when or to where.  Our preferred line is NCL, but we loved the Breeze itinerary,  that it was a local port to sail out of, and was the perfect spring break trip.  We were all sad that it was cancelled.  It's so bizarre to me that people are riled up about going through the credit card.  It's a legitimate dispute, not filed as fraud.  

  2. Here ya go... non believers.  I’m  very aware of the difference between a temporary credit settled dispute.  It’s pretty easy to read the difference as I have  3 still in temporary credit limbo. Majority money in 3rd party vendor excursions out of the US.  You all do you... but I’m happy not to be in limbo 


  3. On 4/18/2020 at 2:35 PM, PhillyFan33579 said:

    I find the timing almost unbelievable. Even if things played out exactly the way   the OP stated, I would not do something like that. However, what I am learning pretty fast on this site is a lot of people booked cruises when they really weren’t in a position to afford the cruise financially. 

    I started the topic after I got refund and case was resolved.  Chase bank is great

  4. 18 hours ago, resistk said:

    Here's the rub, usually you only have 60 days from the date of the credit card statement to file a dispute.  The cruise lines are now saying 90 days or more for refunds.  If you wait past that 60 days you lose your only recourse to get your money if the cruise line run out of money or delays even further.  The problem is entirely self inflicted by Carnival and other lines by stalling on the refunds.

    Actually we paid out cruise in full past the 60 day window and our bank  honored the services not received dispute without hesitation.  I was worried about that.

  5. 5 minutes ago, cruisemom2 said:


    You were getting emails for your upcoming cruise - 3 weeks past the sail date?  That doesn't make any sense.  I got those emails up until the (canceled) sail date of 4/10 but not afterwards.

    Yep I was.  Obviously a computer glitch. 

  6. I received a letter from the cc company with the credit back (after completing paperwork and they conducted their research.  Investigation complete...the refund is not temporary.   The last I spoke with Carnival they said it could take longer than 90 days.  Not waiting forever.  Worked for me.  The CC company actually had a specific dept for covid 19 related disputes and the agent I was speaking with said she'd been dealing with cruise/airline/travel disputes a lot these past few weeks.  Do I care if Carnival would refuse service?  No.


  7. Filed a services not received dispute with my cc company for our cruise that was to sail on March 13th.  So far, I’ve been refunded 4100.  Waiting on some shore excursions, two thru carnival and 2 separate vendors.  Faster way to get your refund... and if you are one who keeps a balance on your cc those charges are accruing interest while you wait for a refund. May be a good option for those worried about the refund process. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, webzila said:


    What is the outcome. Is there any benefit to this?

    It's not like the charge is fraudulent and Carnival is supposed to refund it - its just taking way longer than usual.

    Not sure I would recommend this unless it has been 90 days and you still haven't received the refund...but that's just me.

    It is in process.  The last time I spoke to the cruise line they told me it could take more than 90 days.   I also had several shore excursions from vendors with no window for refunds, though promised them.   Everyone I know who has taken this route has been successful.  It's not disputed as fraud, it's disputed as service not received by merchant for the cruise charges and services cancelled by me for the other excursions.

    I'll keep you posted.  

  9. Has anyone received their refunds yet from

    cancelled cruises? I know it can take up to 90 days.   I got A orepurchased  Spa pass refund so far but no other items yet.   Sail date 3/14

  10. We sail Saturday on the Breeze and aren't cancelling.  My understanding is the virus will be back every year (more dormant in hot weather), so no point in waiting as it could just get worse.  I am curious however, for those who do  re book, what happens to your money if you cannot go on the rebooked cruise?   We book far out many times, but with the comfort of knowing it can be cancelled or changed before the 90 day window.   How does that work in this situation when using a FCC?

  11. We are traveling with another family due to sail 3/14.  They are considering cancelling for fear of the virus.  We are going but was just curious if they can get their money back or apply to future sailing 13 days from sail date?  I think it’s crazy to not go... no way to live life.  Just curious carnivals stance on this 

  12. I will say coming from FL, I didn't realize or research that in June the weather could be spotty. Super friendly staff, best of any ship we have been on. Shops on board were lackluster, which was surprising. Considering this is a giant ship , I didn't notice many bells and whistles. Other than the slides, it seems that most of the ship is lounges, restaurants and cabins. I was kind of expecting more things to do. As long as there was a sun at sea we were fine, but the 61 and rainy day was a little tough for finding things to do. Loved the Thermal Spa, Choir of Men and The Brat Pack shows. Food was very good in specialty dining and O Sheehan's. Typical in buffet. Mini suite was fabulous!

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