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  1. Than

    22 hours ago, Pentlands said:

    There is a shuttle bus into town but it is an easy walk from berth. We went on the bus and walked back in a few minutes.

    I'm looking at an overnight cruise, would you recommend?

  2. 2 minutes ago, Host Hattie said:

    It depends on what interests you, there are links to examples of the Daily Programmes in your previous thread. The speakers will be different and some crossings have special themes but usually you can be as busy or as lazy as you like.


    Yes I did look at the planner but the activities, apart from quizzes, don't really 'float our boat'. With so many sea days I just wondered if there are enough activities?

  3. Hi, thinking of sailing on Iona next year and possibly booking a suite. I have looked at pictures but cannot make out if there is a sliding door between the lounge area and the bedroom. Has anyone asked this question before? 

  4. I am looking at a cruise next year on Oceana and our nearest airport is Newcastle but the price difference is quite alot compared to Manchester.

    Has anyone flown from Newcastle to Valletta through P&O and if so do you have any details on which airline they use and flight times?


  5. Not sure if I'm in the right forum to ask this question. 

    I am cruising in June round the med and am wondering how far in advance do they release the show schedules. They have released excursions and restaurants already so I'm trying to but my itinerary together. 


  6. I'm doing a 16-night cruise in August and have been told there are 3 formal nights and a theme night. The theme is, that's right, you have guessed it, British Night. Same as we cruised back on the Black Watch in 2014.

    Come on Fred Olsen, update this theme.

    Yep, we have the British night theme too, not very difficult to think up ideas for that!


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