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  1. [quote name='MICHLEV1974']i know someone that packed a whole box of ziploc bags on her cruise just so she could stash some food off the buffet and take it off the ship to her excursion...come on! who does that? she would plan her 1/2 day excursions so she would be back on the ship to eat and would not spend one penny eating food off the ship bcs if she paid for the food, why should she give more money away for the same thing??? come on![/QUOTE] I think this is a great idea. I am so doing this!!!! It's food, you poop it out if it was free or $300. I think this is wise not cheap.
  2. newstarr

    What do you pack for an Alaska cruise?

    I am a backpacker (so pack light but for every type of weather). I swear by Patagonia Wool and down. All you need is 1 short sleeve, one long, a pair of wool (2) pants, a down sweater, zip off pants and a waterprof shell. Go into any Patagonia retailer (It is pricey but you get what you pay for) and they can recomend 3 classic lifetime pieces for you. The wool is cool on hot days and warm on cold days. I love my down sweater also! Best $200 spent ever!!!!
  3. newstarr

    Dare I say it....Alaska excursions tipping...

    I only tip when I feel I've been given service above and beyond the job description. If your job is to serve me coffee and that's what you do, then no tip. If you remember my name and what I like in my coffee, then I tip. Tipping is not required just appriciated. I give to break me from greed not out of guilt and I never give more than I give God (10%). I worked for tips to pay for college and I was given large tips for making sure a glass was never empty or giving service that I myself would want. So I never tip for a job half done. My husband works hard for our money and I would be silly to give it to someone for a job they are already getting paid to do. I am blessed by being able to travel, that doesn't mean I should feel guilty that the guy giving me a tour had to work instead. I don't think tipping is a matter of affording too (or budgeting) but a desire in the moment to reward someone for a job well done.