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  1. The reason they are not booking restaurant and entertainment reservations is many of the dining options will be impacted by social distancing and less people allowed in an area. So, do you want to cruise again as quickly as possible or do you want these cruise line employees to be fortune tellers and mediums who can predict future restrictions and policy, and then piss of everyone again when even those policies change?!?!? My God.....I workout at a gym but the place isn’t charging me less even though I have to wear a mask, use every other piece of equipment, and now have much more limited h
  2. I’m booked on Encore for next year, Thanksgiving week cruise. New promo reduced our room by $700, but I lost the $200 OBC, shore excursion credit, and WiFi. Don’t care about the shore excursion credit, I turn my phone off for my cruise and break away from work and social media. The $200 OBC would’ve been nice, but the new promo saved my $700 for my fare. So net savings around $500.
  3. I understand. But it was still noteworthy that German shipyards were basically extending the debt requirements for pships already built with no plans for future NCL builds. RCCL has a ship at Meyer right now under construction. It’s good business that Germany allowed basically an extension of the payment terms; however, there is no future business at Meyer for NCL. That was the reason I found it interesting.
  4. Noting that NCL does have a large, newer fleet that will work for and against the company in case of filing chapter 11; those ships won’t be abandoned but carry a lot of debt still because of their payments due. That would be addressed first prior to any FCC cancellations; new terms and longer payment plans for those ships would likely be the course of action determined in a filing. Any new ships I believe will be on hold for years to come. It is interesting that Germany “bailed out” NCL with their loan, as Project Leonardo ships were not scheduled to be built at Meyer Werftt
  5. Thank you BirdTravels. Makes perfect sense. Was unsure how the paperwork worked. Thank you.
  6. Thank you. I would think they can be transferred as they have three years left before expiration. However, the cancellation fee schedule on NCL website indicates that is not an option. So I think I will have to pursue their value with the insurance I purchased.
  7. We are scheduled to sail 2/23 on Encore. Unfortunately, my dad has entered in home hospice. I have third party insurance that should cover most of my Travel; my question is we used two Cruise Next Deposits. Would I claim those through my insurance?. According to NCL cancellation schedule, I have lost the monetary value of those deposits. I paid $125, they are worth $250 each for my booking. Anyone have any experience or insight with this?
  8. Last year on Bliss Ardbeg 12 year old was offered as a Scotch, not on list last year, just on shelf in Vibe. And between Buffalo Trace and Bulleit, I'll make do!!!
  9. Bird, like many I enjoyed your review. Your time spent (which would appear to be quite a lot) taking pics and sharing your opinion and insight is appreciated. And, your comment that things like laser tag, VR, and other attractions bring in the next generation of cruisers is refreshing; truly, these things that incur extra expense help make my cruise cheaper, as fares remain lower. I imagine several will chime in on the escalating cost of cruising, but NCL is keeping fares consistent and offering these extra attractions at a extra charge so that if you don't want them, you don't pay for th
  10. You pay at end of cruise. It goes on your card on file. Some people buy Cruise Next deposits; if you buy $1000 worth of Cruise Next, you get $500 credited to your on board account.
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