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  1. Am pretty sure the OP meant Luggie scooter. My husband and I both have our own and we simply LOVE them!! It's the best investment we ever made, for the sake of our freedom and awesome quality of life! It's not cheap but it's worth it. We go almost everywhere (that's requires long distance walking) with them. It's easy to fold and unfold within seconds, it's extremely maneuverable, it's slim and unobtrusive and it works terrific in crowded areas. We wouldn't go anywhere without them!
  2. We stayed at the Pullman Miami last week (12/23/18) and it worked out just great!! Our flight wasn't until 9pm that evening. We got to the hotel about 9 a.m. and they already had a room ready for us even though check-in was 10 a.m. The front desk staff was friendly (enough to extend our stay until 6pm) 🙂 Unfortunately, it was too cold to use the pool (a very decent one I might add) so we "chilled" out on the lounge chairs for most of the sunny morning, there's not much to do at this hotel as it's small but very nice...we got lunch at their lounge/bar (cheese burger and Cuban sandwich were okay, a cocktail and a diet coke came out to be about $55 with tips), then we took a nice long nap, a shower and then we were ready to take off to the airport. I would recommend this facility if you just want a nice, easy-going, relaxing stay like us...we had a blast on our cruise so this place was perfect!! Happy sailing and happy New Year!!
  3. Thanks so much for your quick response! So the pit boss was not accurate? He said they weren't going to do anything w/the W9 form and would only provide it "upon request" (not even sure what that means).
  4. Hello there - am not sure if this question has already been asked so please forgive me if it has, but I do hope someone here can help me with this question. We were on a cruise last week and my husband won a lot, enough for the casino boss to insist on getting a W9 form from him. Does anyone know what the casino staff does with his W9? Will they submit or report to IRS? We asked and was informed by the pit boss that they don't anything w/it but only to provide it upon demand if need be...is this true? Has anyone won so much that you have to provide SSN and W9? Thanks so much for your help.
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