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  1. We flew from Washington Dulles to Barcelona and then home from Venice back to Dulles. We paid $599 roundtrip plus $25 to deviate to leave 3 days early. We were very pleased with our flights, which would have cost us $1,499 if we booked directly. Our flights showed up abou 120 days out - although we weren't tickets until 35 days out (same flights that we had all along). We flew direct on the way with United - which is the airline we were hoping for as we have status with them so can fly with Economy Plus. We tried to upgrade once we were ticketed but were told by United we couldn't because NCL still had control of the itinerary. We were able to reserve our Economy Plus seats at 120 days out, even though we weren't ticketed. At check in 24 hours before the flight, we upgraded through United to Polaris for $550. We deviated again post-cruise and spent two days in Venice. Coming home we were booked on Lufthansa (nice, we still got United mileage) from Venice to Frankfurt, then home to Dulles. We were not able to book our seats or upgrade until airport check in since again, NCL had control of the ticket. We did upgrade at the airport to their Economy Plus equivalent for $299. Our total came out to be close to what we would have paid - but, that includes the upgrades both directions. We were very happy with how it worked out and the timing of the flights were perfect for us. Just to note - I did some digging too and there were cheaper flights. We very much hoped for the direct flight but didn't expect it as it was much cheaper with other airlines and non-directs. NCL did give us the option to pay a bit more and be guaranteed direct and with United but we decided to gamble - it luckily paid off for us.
  2. We were nervous to see what we'd get for our Europe cruise this past Aug/Sept. We paid $599 to fly into Barcelona and home from Venice. The cheapest price we found on our own was $1499. So, we would save $1,800. NCL assured us that we wouldn't have more than one connection so we decided to go for it. We saw that there was a direct United flight (our airline choice so we could upgrade with points) and asked them if we could be booked on that. They told us to get a direct flight guaranteed the $599 fare would become $999. Still cheaper but we decided to gamble. NCL ended up booking us on that direct United flight, and the perfect flight home as well. We would have chosen both flights if booking ourselves. Keep in mind that flying home from Europe, most flight will leave earlier in the day - so the chance that you'd be stuck around waiting like your previous experience probably wouldn't happen. It's a gamble but for us it totally paid off. We're waiting now to see about our upcoming NCL $99 roundtrip flights (saved us over $400 each) to Los Angeles. Hoping we have the same luck!!
  3. This is exactly what happened to us. I liked my flights too and was worried they could change. Our eDocs returned a few days ago but still minus air. Today we are 39 days from flying and all of a sudden I noticed that the flight info was back on the eDocs. I went to United and checked and finally my reservation said "ticketed". Luckily, I received the same itinerary that had been on the eDocs previously - and now I'm good to go. We're very happy with the itinerary - and although it's been a pain to wait until so close to flying - we saved $980 per person so it's been all worth it.
  4. I'm a planner so this is testing my patience. We were able to reserve seats on United but return home is on Lufthansa and it's a no go until we're ticketed. Also, there's always still the chance of the air changing. Glad you could print your docs.
  5. Mine have disappeared and come back four times now. At one point, the edocs included our air info so I was able to use the locator number and reserve seats even though we are not ticketed yet. The edocs disappeared the last time so I thought we were finally being ticketed. They were gone this last time about 3 weeks. The edocs suddenly came back at some point today, so I thought maybe our air was finally ticketed - so just went to United to check. Nope - still not ticketed - and no air info now on edocs like before. I'm sure they'll disappear a few more times before that happens.
  6. I didn't see mine on the Edocs and it turns out all my perks were lost when they had their computer changes. I assumed that they were there but just not showing up on the Edocs - but luckily checked with my TA. She saw I had lost the perks and called NCL. It took about 10 days to get everything straightened out and get my beverage and dining perks back. It might be helpful to call and double check. I had my initial confirmation with the perks and I'm sure it could have been straightened out on board - but it would have been a hassle that I'm glad I won't need to worry about.
  7. We don't have transfers - we're on our own which is what we wanted!!
  8. You don't need to use their hotel. We paid $25 for air deviation and that's it - no hotel through NCL was required.
  9. I've been looking at the Pearl's SE and SF cabins since we put in an upgrade bid. I noticed that the description didn't mention butler services. I also went to NCL's website and there was no mention of butler/concierge there either in the cabin description. My TA spoke with NCL to ask about this yesterday and they told her that yes, there's butler service - but limited hours. I have no idea what the hours are (if true). Just trying to figure out if it's worth it to me to bid or not.
  10. I lost my UBP and dining perks. My TA is still trying to sort it out for us. Supposedly they refunded us the gratuities from the perks (we are after final payment) so we need to wait for it to return back to our card and then pay again before they will add it back to our reservation.
  11. We lost our UBP and 4-night specialty dining perks and supposedly they even refunded us the gratuities we paid on those perks. We have to wait to see if the money goes back on our account, then pay again, and then they will (hopefully) put those perks back on. Moral of the story - check your reservations!!
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