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  1. I am sure this has all been outlined somewhere but I sure can't find it and there are so many threads about the FCC. Can someone outline this for me? We are trying to decide what the better option is, FCC or a refund and re-book? If I opt for a refund, do I get the deposit back? If I opt for the FCC, what's included? I understand that port fees and taxes are to be refunded no matter what you pick and therefore would have to be paid on a new cruise. Does my full purchase price, minus port and taxes, get applied to the new cruise or am I screwed out of my original deposit no matter what? We are
  2. We are a family of 4 with a limited budget. Royal Caribbean is offering this excursion at 30% off right now. Has anyone been on this one? We had a terrible snorkeling excursion on our last cruise and I want to show my kids how much fun it can be!
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