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  1. Bon Voyage! It is exciting to know that cruising is resuming after such a long dry spell! ( pun intended😁)
  2. I see occasional comments from others who have received free or heavily discounted cruise offers. If you have received such offers how much do you think is necessary to spend in the casino and is slots only sufficient ?
  3. FWIW, we once had a similar issue and went to the Maitre De as soon as we boarded and he was able to change us to the fixed time we wanted. We’ve also found anytime dining in the main dining room a good alternative.
  4. Link: https://viewfromthewing.com/greece-says-vaccinated-americans-welcome-this-summer-europe-could-follow/ Perhaps the first glimmer of hope for cruising in Europe this summer!
  5. I have used HAL flight ease and found it to be much less expensive than booking on my own. I don’t believe that the price changes once it’s booked even though it hasn’t been paid for. I don’t know for sure about whether HAL insurance cancellation also covers flights booked through flight ease but I think that it does.
  6. When you are on the screen that shows that they will select your cabin select “change my room” and then you will have the option to pick the room that you want.
  7. I notice that Eurodam is not one of the six ships listed as being re-crewed and moving towards the US. Any idea why?
  8. We would be driving to Ft Lauderdale and overnighting before boarding the Zuiderdam tomorrow for a 26 day transatlantic and Greek Odyssey cruise. We will likely book the similar cruise on the Westerdam for next year. We are waiting to receive our refund for this years canceled cruise and to make sure that cruises are resumed.
  9. We are booked on a transatlantic departing on April 19 and terminating in Venice on May 15. I am glad to see the new cancellation policy but not surprised. I wonder if air booked through flight ease will also be refunded as FCC. Additionally, we prepaid for internet and some shipboard credit and would hope that those amounts would be simply refunded. While we will wait until close to March 31 to decide, I don't see a lot of hope that we will be confident enough to not cancel at that point but who knows? Questions, questions!
  10. Below is copied from my cruise contract: All other sailings and cruise tours including Holiday departures: 91+ days prior to departure: No fee (unless you booked under a nonrefundable deposit cruise fare rate) 90 - 64 days prior to departure: Deposit amount 63 - 43 days prior to departure: 50% of total cruise fare 42 - 22 days prior to departure: 75% of total cruise fare 21 - 0 days prior to departure: 100% of total cruise fare You may want to double check your contract to make sure of the cancellation dates.
  11. We are also booked on a cruise departing 4/19, transatlantic and following cruise terminating in Venice. I bypassed my TA and called HA. I was also told that I could book another cruise departing in the same time frame of equal value. No help at all! We have decided to roll the dice and gamble that either it will be safe to take the cruise or that HA will cancel and will be obligated to a full refund, rather than the 50% we'd receive if we canceled by March 8.
  12. My wife and I are booked on the Oasis for a 7 day cruise in February. We live in Tallahassee and will be driving to Miami the day before the cruise. I'm looking for recommendations for a park and cruise hotel. Also, we are veteran cruisers but have never cruised with Royal or on a ship anywhere nearly as big as the Oasis so any tips will be welcomed!
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