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  1. Thanks for responding. I think at this point, these March sailings are now sooner than we plan to cruise again.
  2. For years we only booked JS cabins, but after experiencing a GS we can never go back. The GS has a great 2 sink square shaped bathroom and is obviously larger than a JS. Also, you have access to the Concierge Lounge which is nice if you're not D or D+. Check out some YouTube videos of both cabins.
  3. Thanks for posting as I was hoping new Tahiti sailings would be scheduled after my Nov 2020 Tahiti sailing was cancelled. I was able to download the flyer, but not the "Sailing Schedule"...any suggestions?
  4. As you said, these sailings are probably a no go. We have sailed quite a bit on both lines and each has their strengths and weaknesses; however, we do prefer the suite cabins on Princess over Celebrity.
  5. Thanks for the response. That's something to think about.
  6. Thanks...We initially booked Princess since it is a 13 day sailing, but later noticed that Celebrity had B2B 11 day New Zealand and 11 day Australian sailings. With Celebrity we would be able to visit both New Zealand and Australia in one trip. However, we do want to sail on the best itinerary.
  7. Celebrity is 11 days and Princess is 13 days with Princess being $400 more for 2 more days. Price isn't a factor on either, the ships are good and the cabins are comparable so it's the itinerary that's the bottom line.
  8. We're looking at New Zealand cruises for March 2021 on both Celebrity and Princess, but was wondering if any experienced New Zealand cruisers would recommend one itinerary over the other. I highlighted in red the ports that are different on each cruise. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Celebrity: Princess: 03/24/2021 Sydney/Australia 03/25/2021 Cruising 03/26/2021 Cruising 03/27/2021 Fiordland National Park 03/28/2021 Port Chalmers, Dunedin 03/29/2021 Christchurch 03/30/2021 Picton 03/31/2021 Napier 04/01/2021 Wellington/New Zealand 04/02/2021 Cruising 04/03/2021 Cruising 04/04/2021 Sydney/Australia 03/27/2021 Sydney/Australia 03/28/2021 Cruising 03/29/2021 Cruising 03/30/2021 Fiordland National Park 03/31/2021 Port Chalmers, Dunedin 04/01/2021 Christchurch 04/02/2021 Wellington/New Zealand 04/03/2021 Cruising 04/04/2021 Tauranga 04/05/2021 Auckland 04/06/2021 Bay of Islands/New Zealand 04/07/2021 Cruising 04/08/2021 Cruising 04/09/2021 Sydney/Australia
  9. Depends on if you think the cost difference is worth it? We used to book JS, but over the last 10+ years only a GS as we love the double sink large bathroom and extra space. If you’re not at least Diamond with C&A, by booking a GS you have access to the CL for HH cocktails.
  10. Thanks for responding. We're on the TA and was just curious.
  11. Nice review! Do you happen to remember what the hours were for breakfast in Chops for suite guests on sea and port days?
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