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  1. A friend of mine just found his child’s exemption letter in his junk folder from a month ago.
  2. Carnival is only concerned that you have completed your vaccination. A fully vaccinated person is someone who has taken the single shot or completed the 2 step shots at least 14 days before embarkation day. At this time they don’t care whether you have had booster shot.
  3. Yes, the cruise ship will be decorated. There will also be things like letters to the North Pole. Also there will be Christmas carols and other activities. You’re welcome to bring Christmas decorations for your cabin and door.
  4. Carnival Val said the hour doesn’t matter. The date does. So it would be fine.
  5. They are offering them on a panorama. I know on Mardi Gras you can book it under specialty restaurants before you cruise. They were just recently added.
  6. The conquest class ships that have a Captain’s Suite will sleep 5 as well.
  7. Thanks. Doesn’t really sound that bad. Sorta stating the obvious.
  8. Did don’t mean to click-bait anyone but in Apple Stocks app on iPhone that is the title of an article by insider. It is behind a paywall and I don’t have a subscription. anyone know what this is about? thanks!
  9. Bottom line is you must have a negative test. No exceptions.
  10. As others have said I think as long as they can see you and the test card and the swab at all times there shouldn’t be a problem.
  11. They are 24 hours a day. When you get ready to do the test just click start test and the computer will give you a countdown shoeing you how long your approximate wait time is. to be prepared, have each person being tested download the NAVICA app and create a login and profile before you are ready to test. Each person being tested will need to start their own test. If you see a longer wait time go ahead and start the test for each person and y’all can wait together. But you will likely have different proctors.
  12. We had him on the Conquest in 2018 and I didn’t really care for him. He might have had a bad week but he cracked so many jokes about cruisers eating and being greedy that it put us off. It might be true but he was really rough on what he apparently thinks about his customers.
  13. We have used Victor Bodden twice and highly recommend them. With Carnival’s excursions you will be in a crowd and with. I got. Odder it just you and your party. No comparison as far as convenience.
  14. Another Victor Bodden fan here. We have done 2 best of Roatan tours through them, in 2012 and again in 2019. Great deal for the day. You get a driver and car and they Will take you anywhere you want to go. We are using them again in 8 weeks.
  15. They sold it on the Carnival owned port store. Lol. There weren’t many left I was pretty chill that week. No anxiety. 😂
  16. I’m curious, is Belieze selling drugs that much cheaper or are there drugs that we can’t get here or get without prescriptions? I know in Roatan you can get Valium without a prescription. At least you could in 2012.
  17. We for the first time have not booked any excursions that requires to be paid up front. We will just see what happens.
  18. We are booked on the Mardi Gras for the Sailabration and so excited to experience a journeys type cruise experience and meet all the beards and celebrities.
  19. When I explored the scooter rental I saw that Carnival’s policy was that they would possibly debark a guest that had a scooter and it couldn’t fit through the door. For safety reasons it could not be left in the hall. I just could not put myself in that position so I got moved to a FAC cabin. Bonus, it was no extra and double the size room and balcony.
  20. To me it’s about the fun. Carnival reminds me of going to summer camp and the people aren’t as pretentious. You’ll see people from all different walks of life. We can afford to go on other cruise lines but at the end of the day Carnival resonates in my blood.
  21. I rented a scooter and moved in to a FAC cabin for my cruise in October. I wanted a bigger scooter to handle better with my size. Scootaround is the official scooter company and will deliver the scooter to your cabin and pickup after the cruise. You need to let Carnival know you need a FAC and special needs will email a form that you’ll need to return filled out. You’ll need to know the dimensions of the scooter to fill out the form. Once sent in and processed you’ll get a notification.
  22. Just booked a spa cove balcony on Celebration for $959. These prices won’t be there long.
  23. Thanks. That makes sense. Do you think there’d be noise from there. We are in 5215 Spa Cove Balcony. Thx!
  24. We are looking at a spa cove balcony on deck 5 and was wondering about possible noise.
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