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  1. As a couple (spouses) would we need to purchase stock in both our names in order to get OBC if either of us cruise without the other?
  2. You wouldn't want to be on the back, the wind could carry it to you. lol
  3. That's interesting... The spades and casino information in the first picture looked like casino stuff. But I haven't seen an offer from the Cheers Beverage program before. That's cool.
  4. It looks like a casino offer and possibly unrelated as to whether or not you had the Cheers package.
  5. Do you have trouble understanding the words within your stateroom? Do you know why some airports have signs like "No chainsaws permitted in the cabin"? Because someone at some time tried to bring one.
  6. I never said you have to have a RealID but you will have to in Oct., unless you have a passport, if you want to fly domestically. I hate the phrase Driving is a privilege because it is a government regulated activity that didn't exist until it did and it started out as purely an identification card that didn't even require an exam. Over the years it was adopted by every state and came under increasing standards. But there are people that do not belong in a car that's for sure. lol
  7. While your balcony is not "public space" it is clearly not IN your stateroom. It is exterior to your stateroom and you alone have access to it. However what happens on your private balcony has different rules than inside your stateroom. Just like at home. your back porch is your private porch but if neighbors can hear or see "offending" things then there can be rules against it that would not pertain to what happens inside your house. Even what happens inside your stateroom falls under a code of contact.
  8. There are a lot of positives that have happened that's for sure. I definitely remember watching the live coverage of hostage situations.
  9. You do know that NPR is owned by government entities right? 🙂 Using the government to fact check itself lol sorta like using Snopes to fact check something anti-democrat. 😂
  10. I'm not disagreeing with you. But I prefer to limit federal government. I'm not advocating anarchy but common sense does dictate that we learn from our failures. I just try to keep my eyes on truth and not get lost in "that's just the way it is". I think we can do a better job of being accountable with our constitution.
  11. Try sitting nude on your private balcony when you're in a port docked. You can't really believe you can make any noise you want to on your private balcony?
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