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  1. Thanks all, I found out it’s an obstructed view Ocean View room. It’s on the Liberty.
  2. Does anyone know what the red dot is on 2446? It’s under the rear MDR will it be noisy?
  3. They will have a table setup on Lido somewhere taking reservations. We do it every cruise and it's just us, adults, and we have fun.
  4. Who's definition of what is deserving are you going with? Someone from the US or a 3rd world country? The exchange rate alone can be huge and then look at average wages for people and their countries... They wouldn't stick around 20+ years if they were underpaid in their own opinion. But you give what makes you feel better and problem solved.
  5. I like the layout, deck 5 Ocean Plaza and Red Frog Pub, deck 5 lanai, the piano bar, comedy club, and night club locations. Basically I like the whole deck 5 layout. Never felt crowded anywhere except on Lido by the main pool and buffet.
  6. In San Juan, twice now as a port of call, I have gotten on with something like that that I bought at the drug store by the ship. Security looked at it and had no problem. It looks like Capri Sun. It states it has alcohol but they didn't seem to care.
  7. I have been on the Sunshine and I didn't notice the lounge issue, what lounge are you talking about?
  8. True, however since the beginning of time people want more than they are supposed to get. Policies are policies but need to be enforced evenly or consistently or they will be stretched. Carnival is consistently inconsistent on their policy enforcement. Also, if Carnival wants to allow it it's their choice, even if it's against policy. Social media will hold them accountable if it gets out though... They may, or may not, regret it.
  9. Stirring the pot for a hypothetical crisis... The OP didn't ask about anything like this. people shouldn't assume the worst of people.
  10. I may be wrong but rebooking seems like a new booking number would be assigned, like starting over. Upgrades or changing rooms would just be comparing old rate to new rate as far as OBC and other benefits and seeing where the bottom line is as to whether you take it or not.
  11. Sounds like they have it pretty good and are happy to have their job.
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