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  1. You are correct, but I've never had anything that could be described a "select" coffee served for free either. 😎
  2. Yet many people do similar, whether to save the environment or.just to satisfy their appetites. Witness the proliferation of 30-oz+ Yetis, Big Bubbas, etc.
  3. Why not preemptively purchase your own reusable straws as a small personal environmental measure. Then it won’t matter when your drink providers make the switch from plastic straws.
  4. Purchased it once when it was $49.95 and didn’t think it was worth it at that price. We sailed the Dream most recently on 11/25, without FTTF, and our experience was pretty typical of our seven Carnival cruises without FTTF. We boarded immediately after those with FTTF, on board before noon. Easily handled my small carry-on while picking up and eating my Guy’s burger. Rooms were ready for 1pm, right after we finished lunch. Luggage delivered around 2:30pm, easily in time to unpack before safety briefing. Walked right onto the tenders going to and leaving Grand Caymans. Waited in guest services line once for less than 15 minutes because we had time to kill but could have gone early the next day when there was no line. On debarkation day we were in our car and on the road by 8:30am with checked-in luggage. We would have been off sooner if we self-assisted. So, what value would FTTF have provided? I refer to FTTF as Carnival’s tax on impatience.
  5. "To build off'"? WHERE are these free specialty coffees (of which you speak available? Or are you referring to the free swill on LIDO?
  6. Thanks for pointing that out. Not yet my cruise as I am still in the early stages of research. My question remains about the same: Is there an excursion that involves a smaller boat doing a full transit from Colon to the Pacific and back?
  7. Just sailed on the Celebrity Millennium and enjoyed their totally smoke-free casino. Seemed to stay pretty busy too. So here's a question: if all the major cruise lines went to a non-smoking casino, what would you smoker-gamblers do? Stop cruising? Cruise without gambling? Cruise on a non-major (expensive!) that allowed you to smoke in their casino?
  8. I must have missed this. When and where are select coffees available for free?
  9. This is Carnival's Journey cruise on the Glory leaving NOLA 11/29/20.that specifies the stay in Colon to be 9am to 6pm.
  10. Plenty to do in Cozumel without an excursion. Not sure about Costa Maya but I'm sure you could find a beach there. From Carnival's FAQs: Please note: The following beverages are included in the price of your cruise and are served in the main dining room and 24/7 in the Lido Restaurant: non-bottled water, lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate and non-specialty coffee and tea. The following beverages are available through Room Service at no additional charge: juices (orange, tomato, apple or grapefruit), regular or decaffeinated coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, regular and skim milk. Not sure about cost of photos.
  11. Probably a dumb question but . . . If you do a partial and have a port day in Colon (9am to 6pm) is there an excursion you can do on a smaller boat that will take you the full way and back?
  12. Another question: does Celebrity allow you to bring aboard a 12-pack of canned soda? I will get the drink package but my wife likes her Dr. Pepper.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. No, in my experience Carnival does not limit ordering in the MDR. As a rule I order two entrees because the portions are so small, and I am not a big or overweight person. We have even had waitstaff bring us extra selections that we didn’t order that they thought we would like to try.
  14. Sail on the Millennium in two weeks, most of our experience has been with Carnival. My quick and probably dumb question is can you order multiple entrees, appetizers, and/or desserts as desired in the MDR? Booked in a regular balcony (veranda?) if that makes a difference. Any other constructive comments on the differences between Carnival and Celebrity will also be appreciated.
  15. Merly thanks for the info and pictures. Hope you have time to post more when your trip is done. Typical Cruise Critic tangential discussion though: Celebrity spends $500 million renovating ships which generates pages of posts focused on bathroom shelving and the size of the safes.
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