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  1. dsotm73

    Millennium - Potential Balcony Room Change

    Shot in the dark here, but if 1sttimecruisee is still around, how was 6048? Any regrets on the switch? How was your cruise?
  2. dsotm73


    Are you asking? If not, do you have specifics? You have a hotel that will let you park for the week for $70? Does that include the stay and shuttle to the port?
  3. dsotm73


    Fulton has always been higher than $10/day. After recent increases passengers report rates are more like $17.
  4. dsotm73


    Where do you park in NOLA for $10/day?
  5. dsotm73

    Carnival Dream spa cabin 12201

    We just stayed in 12209 and the whole starboard side of the deck is peaceful. My in-laws were on the port side, under the Waterworks, and had to deal with that foot traffic during the day. You should enjoy this room, especially if you use the spa amenities.
  6. dsotm73

    Port of New Orleans - How soon a flight?

    I would take the approach that anything that can happen will happen, and schedule the later flight. That said, we have been in our cars and gassing up on Loyola Avenue in Kenner, past the airport, for 9am.
  7. Just curious, what methodology do you use to calculate slot machine returns in any given casino?
  8. MoBay is Eastern Time Zone, NOLA and the ship are on Central time. However, in May NOLA will be on daylight savings time while MoBay will not. Therefore (I think) the times will be the same. Jamaica is Eastern Standard Time but they do not observe daylight savings time so after March 14th Jamaica will be the same as Central Time until we change the clocks again in the fall. Yes, Jamaica is in the Eastern time zone but do not enact any daylight savings time adjustments
  9. Don't you trip over it when you walk into and out of your stateroom? I generally put mine off to the side.
  10. Yes. On the app that rhymes with space nook.
  11. Umm, actually. . . Carnival recommends that you put the trays in the hall when you're finished eating, to facilitate the take away. John Heald has posted this numerous times on his social media page.
  12. Like everyone else here, no undue motion felt on our cruise last week, where we had a Deck 12 spa cabin on the Dream. My wife is susceptible to motion sickness. We did love and utilize the thermal suites and Thalassotherapy pool quite often. Definitely worth the small premium paid above a normal balcony.
  13. dsotm73

    RCL Vs Carnival

    Totally agree. We have cruises out of NOLA seven times. Each time we priced NCL and found them to be significantly more expensive than CCL, and found nothing of value to justify the extra cost. Thus we have seven CCL cruises out of NOLA. However, when we were looking at Alaskan cruises we found one on Celebrity that (after $350 OBC) was only a few dollars more than Carnival, but appeared to have more amenities and a favorable itinerary. Thus we are booked on Celebrity for next May.
  14. dsotm73

    New Carnival Smoking Policy

    Just curious why Carnival would toughen a policy no one here seems to think they would enforce?
  15. dsotm73

    Seafood Shack on the Dream?

    Yeah, I did search prior to posting. Did not find anything Dream specific and even now can't find a long thread about the Seafood Shack. If you could point me to it I would be grateful.