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  1. As far as I understand for now, there is still a Travel Advisory for Canadians wanting to go to The U S I would want to be 100% sure that medical and health insurance would be valid for both my husband and myself before we left Canada........same as before Covid That is the big stumbling block right now........if I can get a straight answer from our insurance provider that we are covered as in the past, we would be comfortable in travelling More than a few people in Canada and The U S are a bit confused with all the information available right now
  2. Both my husband and I received 2 doses each of Pfizer Thankyou for your reply
  3. I am so disappointed.......I foolishly thought as a fully vaccinated Canadian that I might be able to cruise from Seattle to Alaska, albeit my cruise date is in September........ This rollercoaster ride of emotions is very uncomfortable...... The news release states that the borders will remain closed until at least August 21st......my cruise date would be September 12th Nothing is booked......no money is involved.......financially, no worries.........emotionally, I am not a happy cruiser As someone who so enjoys planning and packing early for a
  4. I watched it as well from Vancouver Island, Canada Loved to hear the ship's horn and watch the fireboats........also all the happy waves from those on The Edge and on shore It did feel like old times, for sure😀
  5. OOPS.....I am a little ahead of myself.....wishful thinking😃
  6. Is the first cruise to Alaska this season still leaving tomorrow, July 24th? I have been watching the webcam at Juneau as well.....so looking forward to sailing back there, but not until 2023, as next years cruises are already booked Living on the west coast of Canada and travel for us is still quite restricted
  7. Thankyou so much for those pictures, especially of that lovely cruise ship San Diego is one of our most favorite ports to cruise from.....love it there My husband and I will be cruising for the first time on HAL Koningsdam next April to Hawaii from Vancouver B C. Another quiet cruise ship season in Victoria and I am so hopeful next summer will see the ships back in port
  8. April 10, 2022 Koningsdam 18 day Hawaii round trip Vancouver Celebrating a 75th Birthday and our first time in Hawaii😀
  9. As a cruiser on the west coast of Canada, I will be disappointed if this passes. My home town of Victoria B C will be greatly impacted I am so hoping something can be agreed upon for next year🤔
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