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  1. Westerday on her way from Singapore to Kho Samui
  2. About to leave Singapore post dry-dock ©️sgcruisesociety
  3. Found this odd clip on YouTube ?????????
  4. Latest photo of Westerdam ©️ Singapore Cruise Society
  5. Westerdam in Drydock Singapore ©️Singapore Cruise Society
  6. Maybe Grand Celebration ? looks like old carnival ship?
  7. I heard P&O have banned clown outfits 🤣 https://cruiseradio.net/clown-costume-leads-to-violent-cruise-ship-brawl/
  8. You can't book direct with this software but it allows you to search multiple departure points and arrival etc, usually throws up some interesting options. https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ If you find something talk to a TA to book or find it direct with the airline
  9. I've seen Amstel Light on board, sometimes on draught too 😎
  10. Whoopee! I'd better look out my "formal" clowns outfit for that one! 🙄
  11. I guess you are thinking about the Viking "Mediterranean's Iconic Shores"? It looks a really comprehensive intinerary, just about covers all the stops in the Med and then more! So for that alone I think Celebrity would be hard pressed to offer anything matching even doing B2B's Our experience with Viking Cruises was last fall in China, it was our first Viking. I have to admit I found it quite different from Celebrity, the atmosphere on the ship is more "homely", obviously the ship is smaller, which contributes to this, but its also the way you feel like you're treated as an "adult", very few announcements, you are expected to make your own way to catch your excursion, no nickel and diming, just makes for a tranquil feeling around the ship, just no hassle, which we really appreciated. Entertainment was pretty low key, consistently good. The included excursions were mixed, some very good and others verging on mediocre.( having said that, this is more a reflection our chinese guides level of english not the content.) The food (I know, very subjective) was consistently good to very good, generally a very pleasant dining experience. (probably edges the MDR on Celebrity but not quite at a Murano experience) All in all we had a really good experience on Viking. Looking at the cruise Barcelona to Istanbul I would be tempted especially for the itinerary alone. It might be very worthwhile you looking at a Viking cruise as an alternative.
  12. Yes, those with the package can request different wines (as long as the they are sold by the glass) so for example instead of the "house" red, you could request a Brazin old vines Zinfandel, or a Trumpeter Malbec etc. etc.
  13. Alternatively, hire a car, Hertz will delivery it quayside and allow you drop it off quayside...….extremely easy!
  14. One of the line crossing ceremonies ....."blue nose" is usually reserved for crossing the Arctic Circle
  15. I have found this quite a handy tool to look at routings, you can't book with it direct (but should give you enough information for either a TA or Viking to make a booking if anything comes up that's of interest) https://matrix.itasoftware.com
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