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  1. Following along. we are on her Aug 11th!
  2. Love it! We will be on Freedom in August. Can't wait to follow along! Have fun and safe travels!
  3. blusun

    St Johns, Trunk Bay a few photos.

    Going to be in St Thomas from 7am to 6pm. Was trying to see if going to St John and Trunk bay on our own was worth it. Based on these pics... YES!
  4. blusun

    Catamaran & Snorkeling in St Kitts?

    Those who did the Catamaran sail to Nevis excursions with Royal Caribbean -- did they serve any drinks? ie open bar, rum punch, or the like?
  5. blusun

    Back on Epic not even slightly solo!

    Following along - love your writing style! On the epic in Dec and looking at a western med cruise in 2 years!
  6. Not quite a souvenir from last October - I just had a baby boy 5 weeks ago. He will be 13 months when we sail Dec 2017. Though we do have a 3 yo souvenir from our first cruise on the Sun in 2012! ;)
  7. Hi Kim! Just following along. You and I were on the same breakaway cruise to Bermuda last Oct (2015). I used your review from your Dawn to Bermuda trip to extensively plan our time in Bermuda! Here we go again -- we have the same trip on Epic planned for Dec 2017. This time instead of just me and my husband we will be bringing our 2 kids who will be 4 and 13 months at the time of sailing, as well as my parents and brother. Let's just say - thank goodness for the UBP!!! Thanks again for such an extensive review. It helps just to daydream - seeing as it's still over 1 yr away! Sorry the baths weren't what you expected. Extended family certain can complicate things when you are trying to make everyone happy. We are just planning on Cane Garden Bay that day - I don't dare do anything too adventurous with little ones along. Did you happen to see any "regular" taxis on Tortola? Not the open air ones. I don't mind our 4 yr old traveling a short distance without a car seat but we planned to bring a seat for our 13 month old. I doubt open air taxis are designed to accommodate a car seat! Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your trip. Thanks again - Love the pictures!!!
  8. I am looking at a large balcony room on the Epic. Would be my husband and I and our 13 month old. (yes we are crazy). I was wonder where the crib typically fits and if we should book a room with the bed near the balcony or having the couch near the balcony. I am leaning toward the bed near the balcony. I am hoping that during nap time I can sneak out on the balcony without disturbing baby. Any pics of the room set up with a crib would be appreciated. Also looking at traveling from port Canaveral to St Thomas, Tortola and GSC the first week of Dec. Any ideas on weather and the likely hood of GSC getting cancelled? Thanks!
  9. blusun

    What else should we do in Bermuda? Renting boat

    We are renting from H2O next month for their 5 hour rental special. We would love some suggestions - particularly if there is a place to grab sandwiches and beer/wine before we head out or a place to dock to jump out and grab some. Thanks!
  10. I have never cruised out of NYC before and we've never taken Amtrak. Our train leaves Penn station at 12:06 and I know Amtrak recommends being at the station 45 mins prior. Can anyone give me any idea of what time we should do self walk off in order to get through customs and get a cab and be there on time? We love a calm quite breakfast in the dining room (and a couple final mimosas) before we join the real world again. We will be on Ncl breakaway. Coming back on Sunday Oct 11th. Thanks for the help. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  11. blusun

    Breakaway to Bermuda Live August 30th

    That speak easy martini is one of my absolute favorites. Can you get these specialty drinks at any bar or are they only available at the restaurants? Also are some of the wines (by the glass) only available in the specialty restaurants? You see where my priorities are..... :D Enjoy the sail home! Thanks so much - you have really made my week so much better. 1 month to the date and we'll be on her. Even better that grandma will be at home with our 2 year old!
  12. blusun

    Breakaway to Bermuda Live August 30th

    I'm an early bird too. Love the peace and quiet of wandering the ship while everyone else is asleep. And loving waking up to your pictures each morning! Thanks so much you've really brightened my week! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  13. blusun

    Breakaway to Bermuda Live August 30th

    We are on the Oct 4th sailing. Looking forward to your review!
  14. blusun

    St. Catherine Fort/Crystal Caves Transportation Suggestions

    Those were some of my exact questions! Hoping for some more input. We are going to be in Bermuda in Oct. We don't mind walking a bit and I HATE waiting for buses. We are thinking of taking the early ferry to St George then walking to Fort St Catherines then tobacco Bay. Then taking a taxi to swizzle inn for lunch. Anyone know possible taxi cost between the two? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  15. My husband and I will be in midtown Manhattan for a very quick overnight stay before our ncl breakaway trip. We are coming in on Amtrak to Penn station in the early afternoon and staying at Hotel 373. We are looking to cram in a few touristy things that afternoon and into the evening. Mainly walking to times square, central park, Rockefeller center, then back to the empire state building. Part of our quick tour and taking in the city is FOOD! I am looking for best true NYC pizza and pastries within a easy walking distance from these sites. I need lunch and dessert/breakfast and I want to make the most of it! I was also looking for a reasonably priced Irish pubs for dinner. Would love some input there as well. I was looking at Galways pub or Slatterys. Primarily due to proximity to hotel and we dont want to be walking far late at night and a little tipsy! Thanks for any tips!