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  1. We think the specialty dinner package is worth it. I think the gap between the quality and quantity of the main dinning room and the Speciality Restaurants has got wider in the past few years. I don't think you will regret it. Happy cruising
  2. We were also booked on this cruise. The days leading up to the cruise were very stressful we were due to fly out via the Middle East the day before it was cancelled and held our nerve didn’t travel and crossed our fingers for the cruise to be cancelled. So when we received the 25% discount off a future cruise that felt right compensation for the stress created by late decision making on NCL’s part. We have booked for 2022 and like the OP our discount is only valid for cruises taken by Feb 2021. I think an extension should be reviewed at a senior decision-making level at NCL not the f
  3. We have booked a cruise for 2022 through a travel agent and NCL have refused to apply the discount. This is the original wording from our cancelled cruise in February..”All guests currently booked on this sailing will receive a full refund of the cruise fare paid and will be processed automatically to the form of payment provided at the time of booking. In addition, and as a goodwill gesture, you will receive a future cruise credit worth 25% (based on your current cruise voyage fare paid) towards your future cruise. This credit can used for up to one year from today's date and can be applied
  4. Thanks I’m hopeful for a similar outcome
  5. That’s promising thanks for letting me know.
  6. You are correct it was in the original email but I didn’t notice it. I was so relieved NCL cancelled the day before I just overlooked the detail. If we felt safe to cruise before Feb 2021 we would but the situation is unprecedented. We wait to see what NCL decide we hope for an extension .
  7. We have a 25% discount on a future cruise (NCL cancelled cruise in February 2020 ) Went to book for April 2022 today and found that the % discount is only valid for cruise up to February 2021. Waiting to see if the use by date can be extended. Anyone have any knowledge to share of similar situation. Pauline
  8. On the Jewel just had a late change of itinerary we are not docking in Oman tomorrow. The next 2 stops were scheduled to be Khasab and Muscat and both are cancelled. We were told its because of health concerns due to the close proximity of Oman to Iran. Its a sea day tomorrow now while we wait for an update in the morning.
  9. Hi Julie We are sailing on the Jewel next week so following along. Love the shots of the island wasn’t sure what to expect. We should have been on a 10 day cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore this week but like you a long planned holiday was cancelled. We fly out to Doha on Thursday for a few days with our son who lives there . Im now looking forward to this holiday Thanks to your posts, it's taken a few days for everything to sink in. Happy cruising and thanks for posting.
  10. Really love what they have done. We sailed the Spirit and the Bliss in the same year a couple of years ago and and you can elements of both in the decor. It looks sophisticated and updated.
  11. Called this morning and yes they confirm the cruise fare will be funded and it is exactly as reported here a standard template as if we had cancelled. Should know by now CC has the answers. It is really unprofessional of NCL not to have a letter template to deal with all eventualities or make a new one.
  12. Thanks but I dealt directly with NCL. I’m going to give them a call just to be sure.
  13. Sorry I dont understand the first part of your post I didn’t cancel my cruise they did. BTW Thanks for the reassurance and debshomespun Appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
  14. Ok but it reads like thats all I’m entitled too.
  15. Having received an email yesterday cancelling this cruise with a 100% refund I have just had an email with an invoice for our refund. Its for a fraction of our outlay its just for tax’s , prepaid grats and excursions. It hasn’t included the actual cruise fare tell me this is an Admin error. Today has been the first stress free day I have had for a couple of weeks until this happened!
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