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  1. It starts as soon as you board, you will pay a small amount of sales tax while in port. It is charged automatically until you sail into international waters.
  2. From NCL webite Your crew cabin has 1, 2, 3, or 4 bunk beds, desk and chair, T.V. and telephone. Space is very tight. Crew members share cabins with one, two or three team members, depending on the entitlements. You and your roommates are responsible for keeping your cabin clean and tidy at all times. Towels and linens will be provided once a week. No guest in cabins! Violation will result in termination / dismissal.
  3. We cruised on the Getaway departed on the 12th June 2017 and most days it wasn’t warm enough for the pools although our tour in Stockholm was blessed with a warm sunshine. As others of said it will vary but in general June isn't pool weather in Northern Europe.
  4. We really enjoyed the laser tag last year it lasted more than 10 mins more like 20 mins. I can see its now $9.95 for 10 mins playtime.We booked it as soon as we boarded for Day 2 and tried to book another session later on in the cruise but it was fully booked.( we would of happily played again) It sounds like the price has gone up in accordance with demand. I would guess it would depend on how many sea days as to how many times you would want to do it use it. The weekly pass might be worth it if you don’t need to book In advance and just turn up I could see teenagers using it a lot then. I read the passes sell out quickly like vibe passes so must be limited to so many per week.
  5. I would have agreed with you a 14 day cruise on the Spirit with just a few spaced out ports might be too much, but the original cruise had only 2 sea days with 3 overnight stays ( Amsterdam , Reykjavik and Dublin) that is different prospect.
  6. Some of the claims in this article appear far fetched - stale food!! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7551905/Cruise-ship-passengers-5-300-mystical-fjords-tour-rebel-tell-crew-want-liner.html but it does seem this cruise has been particularly unlucky with multiple missed stops and sewerage system issue. When you read stories of passengers leaving the cruise early and making their own way home you get a sense that this is more than a missed port or two. My own view is that NCL need to review their customer communication procedures. If there is open and honest communication including face to face communication most reasonable people would accept the issues. My experience is that NCL Guest services are in some cases poorly trained and appear to have a default of saying very little. We have had 8 wonderful cruises with NCL and the 9th booked we have had missed ports 2 on a baltic cruise ( not well handled on board or before hand) and recently Kotor due to Venice late departure. So I am a fan of NCL but their communication is something they need to address. It is the not knowing that makes people upset and some upset people react in anger.
  7. I think area sauces at the meet and greet gift exchange is an excellent idea I received Vermont maple syrup one year and loved it. Jeans and tops are fine I pack a light jacket and sweater just because I don’t like being cold and they Come in useful on the plane and in the evening aircon. Have a wonderful trip.
  8. We go to the main dinning room for lunch on Embarkation Day. On the Star a couple of weeks ago I thought its was open 12-2pm but it could have been 12-1.30 as we were in by 1pm. If you are too late for the main dining room then O’Sheehans/Local would be the place to go. Anywhere but the buffet!
  9. There were theme nights on the Star 2 weeks ago. Both in the buffet and at O’Sheehans.
  10. Just off the Star and Cagney's was as good as usual. It’s always a wow for food and service.
  11. Just checked and Cruise-mapper shows the NCL Star in Kotor today lets hope they found a way to make it work, fingers crossed it doesn't miss it again.
  12. Cagney's , French and Italian for us. Went to Food republic just for lunch a la Carte and wasn’t impressed with Q at all.
  13. I always make reservations online before hand for dinner if it’s speciality or MDR I find it easier to have some pre planned things like dinner and show times and then we fit in other things around them.
  14. Maybe the system is configured to offer tthe next 3 categories irrelevant of availability so in essence unles there is a cancellation you could only be upgraded to the 2 bedroom suite.
  15. In Miami we arrived just after 9 am before security opened to make sure we were group 1 boarding and then head down and ran when onboard until we got to headliners. Loved the Vibe hated the stressful race to get the passes .
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