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  1. Last week on Viking Star UK Seacation it was a saliva test every day, tube had to be filled to 2 ml line, also a daily health questionnaire, four questions to submit on paper form or via the phone app. The last day we were give a certificate to give a result for the PCR test done on the penultimate day.
  2. We have been in Liverpool today, only those on tours could leave the ship. We have had no indication that things will change in the other ports on this cruise. As a point of interest we were told that those on Celebrity Silhouette yesterday in Liverpool were able to leave the ship and do their own thing. We commend Viking on being very Covid aware, first thing each morning guests must produce enough saliva to exceed a 2mm line in a test tube for the onboard lab to do the PCR testing along with the now common mask wearing and social distancing measures throughout the ship. Interestingly salt and pepper mills are still on all dining tables, I think many other ships have removed them.
  3. Onboard now, as Amelia3171 has said everything is immaculate and staff so keen to be friendly and helpful. I was told that there are 300 scheduled to board next Saturday 14th on bookings so far. Some were upgraded yesterday, we were lucky, we were not told when we received our room cards etc at check in so went to designated room to find key would not work the door. A friendly room steward checked his list and told us that guest services would help us, they told us the new room number which had actually been printed on the envelope given to us at check in containing tour tickets and key card but we had not noticed the number change. All sorted out very quickly and we are very happy with the room upgrade and associated extras. We pointed out a couple of faults in the bathroom with the shower to our steward and they have been sorted out almost immediately , very impressive. With low guest numbers it sound as if extra visits to speciality restaurants are not a problem if desired. We very much enjoyed our first dinner in the main dining room last night, food and service were exemplary.
  4. We are booked for August 7th and have just had an email giving £150 per person onboard credit in compensation for missing the Tresco port of call.
  5. I was not told about VeriFly when speaking to the agent but the email request arrived a few hours later. Perhaps this is one of their constantly under review decisions, I am presuming that Covid vaccine certificates will not now need to be seen at embarkation. They will however be with me just in case!
  6. Just booked yesterday for August 7th, was offered embarkation from 8:30am onwards, they are using half hour slots and can be booked or changed on manage your cruise. The agent said that on embarkation we would be shown to the stateroom for a PCR test, asked to wait until informed all clear (hopefully) and then given the ok to enjoy the ship. I received the email about the VeriFly app and have downloaded it and uploaded the requested info. The app says we have have given them all the necessary info. I made the cruise booking online but had to phone them the next day to give payment, I was on hold for 45 minutes but when connected found the Viking phone operative most helpful and well informed. She did say that Covid rules were constantly under review and it could even be possible that guests might be allowed to self tour in ports but I'm quite sceptical about this in present conditions. We are very much looking forwards to our first Viking experience.
  7. Chanbre, sorry for your disappointment, those onboard now will be receiving a notice this afternoon about our onward travel arrangements tomorrow, I hope you enjoy Liverpool if you decide to stay.
  8. We should have left Portsmouth at 8:30pm last night for voyage back to Liverpool but we are still in Portsmouth, The Captain has said the problem makes it unsafe to sail until resolved. He is announcing mote info at 11:00am. I think most of the guests are happy onboard but of course this problem will affect those due to board tomorrow 17th July in Liverpool. I will post more later if there is news.
  9. Hi Barbara, Yes have tickets by email and on manage my booking, they say luggage labels will come by post. Just this minute have received a health questionnaire by email, very short and easy to submit back online. I phoned them to book a tour as online booking would not work for me, phone answered very quickly and very helpful operatives. I will join the roll call, thanks for starting it. Philip
  10. For those on Borealis from Liverpool our online Port Terminal info has recently changed to the ACC Exhibition Centre as expected. We are on 12th July. From my experience on Virtuosa recently, on ACC entry checks are made on tickets, passport and vaccination status on entry. If you are showing vaccination status on a recent iphone with face recognition, my NHS phone app will not open when wearing a mask so might be best to print it out. Luggage is taken for van transfer to ship, COVID Lateral flow tests are then done. Seating is then required for 25 minutes approx for them to await results. Groups are then directed to buses to go to the cruise terminal, tickets again checked, hand luggage security check, and room key and perhaps a Fred Olsen contact tracing wristband issued. Then it's a walk to the gangway and ship, hand luggage may be sprayed for sanitisation. Bus journey from the ACC centre takes around 15 minutes as there are roadworks. Hopes this helps those of us looking forward to cruising Borealis. Philip
  11. Just received an email to say that tomorrow's Liverpool check in has been moved to the ACC Convention Centre. Checks will be done there and then buses will transport guests to the ship. Luggage will be sent from the Convention Centre.
  12. I'm looking forward to boarding in Liverpool on Tuesday, it's my first MSC cruise. It will be great to be on a cruise again, the ship looks quite spectacular.
  13. I remember the great lunch buffets they used to have around the indoor pool.
  14. Having had my August 19th cruise cancelled this week, I am electing to take the Crystal FCC & FCP and am hoping to use it on a 2021 cruise. I am wanting to book and secure a room and presumed that the credit would be available to pay the deposit, however Crystal have informed my agent that the credit would not be available until the previous August 19th sail date so in order to secure the 2021 cruise at today’s rate and availability a cash/credit card deposit is needed. Is this a widely known Crystal policy? They have already had my 2020 payment for a considerable time! Philip
  15. Hi Tracie and Vicki, Yes lets keep fingers very tightly crossed for August 19th, hope to see you both and many others in Amsterdam. Philip
  16. Hi Keith, Yes it was a memorable evening in the Vintage room having managed to win the special Crystal Society Team Trivia quiz. We also all enjoyed seeing you take the French Fry Challenge on that cruise, as ever Crystal went out of their way to make the cruise memorable for so many cruise critic members. I wonder if Cruzpro Ernie still looks at this board, some of us will remember his regular witty contributions, I know Ernie was thrilled to have Roger McGuinn and his wife with us as guests in The Vintage Room, he enjoyed his evening with “Rock and Roll royalty”, very happy memories. Philip
  17. We are booked on Pursuit from Lisbon May 14th. Dated April 8th, Today the Commission invited Schengen Member States and Schengen Associated States to prolong the temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU until 15 May. The experience of Member States and other countries exposed to the pandemic shows the measures applied to fight the spread of the virus require more than 30 days to be effective. The Commission calls for a coordinated approach to the prolongation, as action at the external borders can only be effective if implemented by all EU and Schengen States at all borders, with the same end date and in a uniform manner. Link to full details; https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_20_616
  18. Shazam an app which identifies music has it as; Immersive Music - Epic Flight
  19. Laura, great report and photos, not sure if I was onboard when you were, I boarded December 1st. I look forward to your second instalment next week. Philip
  20. During his onboard talk in on Decembers Presidents Cruise, Tom mentioned that he was considering an alternative to prevent having to dispose of all those empty plastic bottles. Philip
  21. Have a wonderful cruise, I look forward to following your Great Adventure. Philip
  22. I was on the recent Symphony Presidents Cruise, Mr Wolber gave a 45 minute presentation, not a lot was mentioned about the new Ocean Cruise ship apart from saying that he knew that Crystal cruisers enjoyed the deck seven walk around facility and that he did not want to rush the project as he wanted to get it completely right. No time span or other design details were mentioned. He did spend quite a lot of time promoting the upcoming Endeavour ship.
  23. Many thanks to Roy, MayB (Muriel) and Keith, I am sure that we will have a wonderful time. Philip
  24. Adrian likewise, I will be on Symphony in three weeks and have loved looking at your posts and daily downloads, many thanks for taking us all along, I shall miss my daily catch up but luckily don’t have long to wait until the real thing! Philip
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