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  1. The original Mardi Gras never had the Carnival prefix. The original Carnival Celebration had it added later on. Since these are second generation vessels they'll reflect the names of the original ones.
  2. (Mods don't panic at the title 🤣) One of my favorite aspects of cruising is hearing the ships blast their horns; especially at each other. Since we're all stuck at home, this is the next best thing (loud audio warning):
  3. She's off! Let the fun begin!
  4. Not surprising at all Tapio. Clearly with a smaller fleet Carnival is focusing on more robust routes. The shift from Royal makes sense if they can increase demand with CCL competition gone.
  5. cjknox


    Can't wait to see this big girl at sea!
  6. Festivale or Tropicale Carnivale will be skipped because it will be known as the "Carnival Carnivale" and that would be very confusing.
  7. Very good observation! The entire Fantasy class was built extremely well and Fantasy itself could've lasted for another 20 - 40 years. Speaking of Helsinki, here are some old construction photos from way back when:
  8. I had this thought earlier today. Even though the Victory is still relatively new, it's already been gutted and the tens of millions needed to get it into service condition can't be justified at the moment. Makes financial sense to do it.
  9. Thanks Jimbo, I usually lurk; always enjoy your posts BTW.
  10. What an entertaining thread. Taking a step back for a moment, I've never seen Carnival ships as rusty as they've been recently which indicates to me that there is an underlying issue. However, unlike some I do not believe it's due to poor maintenance. For example, the "new" Carnival Sunrise which just left dry dock less than 1 year ago already has extensive rust, specifically concentrated along the waterline and lower hull sections. Even a few months after in mid-2019 I noticed she had several rust spots. Several Carnival ships exhibit this exact rust patter
  11. All I have to do is go out my front door, walk a couple of blocks and I'm there! Shortest commute to a Carnival cruise ever.
  12. cjknox

    Coming on fast.jpg

    She's looking great! Thanks for sharing all of these photos!!
  13. Asking "for a friend" When you cruise, do you feel a sense of pride when: Your ship is the largest in port Your ship has the most top deck amenities (waterslides, gokarts, etc) If so, why? If not, why?
  14. Stayed in the GS last August when the Horizon was sailing out of NYC. As for number of outlets, I don't recall the exact number but there were outlets/usb ports by the desk, outlets in the changing room, by the bed and couch, and bathrooms. In all, there were around 10 outlets and 2 usb ports IIRC.
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