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  1. I noticed as well. I don’t think it because of Canadian regulation because the Canada/New England east coast cruises are there.
  2. Update...Carnival has adjusted the schedule of the Breeze so it will no longer call on Grand Turk on October 22, leaving only the Sunrise and Radiance in Grand Turk on that day...good news. On another note, this post was moved to the Grand Turk board. Very few views in over 3 months. My opinion is if you are truly looking for timely help or opinions, find a forum with more traffic. Happy cruising!
  3. In the booking engine, select inside cabin. When it presents options, select the one with ‘walkway view’. These are the 4J. If you don’t see anything with walkway view under inside cabin, they are sold out or there are none available.
  4. Thanks. Wow, sounds like a lost port. I’ve never seen a tender operate here and I’ve never noticed the small tender pier.
  5. October 22, 2020. Breeze, Sunrise, and Radiance are all scheduled. I know people will say just stay on the ship, but we really do enjoy the port days. Unless I’m missing something, I consider this a lost port and probably won’t, book unless I’m missing something here.
  6. Has anyone ever been to Grand Turk with 3 ships in port. I was very surprised to see 3 ships are sometimes being scheduled for this port. When we started going there, we were generally the only ship in port. The last two times we’ve visited Grand Turk, we were the second of two ships to arrive and it was very crowded. It’s hard to imagine 3 ships and being enjoyable. I recall there only being two berths at a single dock, correct? Or am I missing something. Is there a third berth or do they tender in? Hard to imagine this being an enjoyable destination with 3 ships...how do they spread the people out?
  7. Long Beach is a great little airport and it’s close to the port. I think You will make the flight as long as the ship isn’t help up in customs or there isn’t something like a medical emergency that delays debarkation. Good luck!
  8. I thought you were talking about economics and the age of ships? I will say I like HAL. They are the very best at Alaska, and maybe even Panama Canal as well. However, they have their programs too. BBC nature shows are fine, but I too would rather read a book on the balcony if I was on the ship. Yes, Carnival has programs that aren’t for everyone, but every cruise line could probably say that.
  9. This is not accurate. I was told by one of the engineers a typical cruise ship has a potential life of about 50 years, give or take. The lines would generally keep the ship for up to 25 years, then sell it off (his off the cuff opinion). I think the major lines will be keeping the ships longer due to the cost of new builds and they also look after small markets quite well if they are maintained. Carnivals older Fantasy Class ships are gravy for Carnival. Holland America is a good example as well...they have a lot of ships older than 15.
  10. We were on the Sunshine in January last year and we thoroughly enjoyed the ship and our cruise. A few observation from our cruise... - There was not a lot of kids on board. - The crew did a great job spreading people out. Different activities and venues highlighted in the fun times at similar times...more so than on other ships. I’m quite positive the Sunrise and Radiance will be very much the same as the Sunshine in terms of crowds, venues, and overall experience. To my first point, I would try to cruise on one of these ships when the kids are in school. To the second point, the crew and entertainment staff will learn how and when to spread the crowds out. I remember when the Sunshine first launched the complaints were very similar about crowds. I’m sure they will improve. I’m very close to booking a cruise on the Sunrise, not concerned in the least.
  11. I’m looking forward to my February cruise on the Panorama. We really enjoyed the Vista. My only disappointment with the Panorama is they decided to put a bouncy room in instead of the IMAX. If they didn’t want to commit to the IMAX I with they could have come up with something a lot better than a bouncy room.
  12. Yes, I agree. I thought they were looking up with the 2019 improvements, but I guess it was just a ‘one off’ this year. Carnival Corp may have Alaska under their control right now, but I can see NCL and Royal are improving, especially NCL with the new ships. Really hard to recommend carnival in 2020 for Alaska.
  13. It looked in 2019 like Carnival had been working hard to improve on their Alaska offerings. However, they have pretty much regressed back to their usual worst in industry class itineraries for 2020. Here are some of the the disappointments... - No more Glacier Bay on any itinerary. This is a major cutback. - Old ships. NCL uses the Bliss and Joy for example. - Mostly Tuesday to Tuesday on 7 day itineraries...another cost saving measure. - No more Journeys cruises in Alaska, unlike previous years. Unfortunate considering the cost and commitment of booking an Alaska cruise.
  14. Hello, just curious to know if anyone has any information on Carnivals progress on the port construction project in Ensenada. It was rumored to be along the lines of the Amber Cove port. Carnival initially said it would be open by 2020. I was there a few months ago and could see no evidence of construction at the port. Does anyone know the location and if they have even started? Thanks!
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