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  1. jimlouisesophie

    Beverage package timed?

    tonite, good information for all. We decided not to do the package after using the calculator On days on shore, it did not make sense. We did, however, pre order 4 cases of 12 each water, which is free with the package, but still made sense to pay for drinks separately. We also pre purchased on board credit on a monthly basis, so do not get hit with a large bill at the end of our cruise, which is November, 2019Try this calculator: https://www.cruzely.com/cruise-line-drink-package-calculator/
  2. jimlouisesophie

    Payment of Premier Beverage Package

    If you already have an onboard credit, you can apply this credit on your first day on board only to use it to pay for your beverage package. You cannot use your onboard credit for the package prior to boarding.
  3. jimlouisesophie

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    Hi Deb, Yes....Definitely
  4. jimlouisesophie

    New to Princess - not to cruising. Drink Package??

    Here is a Beverage Package Calculator but is only a guideline, and not necessarily related to Princess: https://www.cruzely.com/cruise-line-drink-package-calculator/
  5. jimlouisesophie

    Mini bar set up

    I found, on different cruise lines, that the fridge was cool, not cold, so our beer were not cold enough for us, so did not use the fridge for our beer.
  6. jimlouisesophie

    On Board Credit

    Same price if prepaying or paying on board, but if you already have an onboard credit and wish to use it, you will have to sign up for the beverage package on embarking day only. Like I quoted, we are putting additional funds into our account on a monthly basis for our November cruise, as we do not want to be hit with a large charge at the end of our cruise....the funds are reimbursed if not all used, only for the amount we are actually putting into the account, not the original OBC that we were given.
  7. jimlouisesophie

    On Board Credit

    We have an onboard credit and want to use it for the Ultimate Beverage Package. I understand that we can only use the credit when embarking on the first day. Where do we actually sign up for the beverage package once on board. We are also gifting ourselves monthly until departure so that the total package expense will not show up as such a large amount on our final account.
  8. jimlouisesophie

    New to Princess Please help

    thank u, Tracie, for the reply
  9. jimlouisesophie

    New to Princess Please help

    We will be on the Coral sailing from San Francisco enroute to Fort Lauderdale. As this is the first Princess cruise for us, does the library stock a lot of books?
  10. jimlouisesophie

    Another Beverage Package question (Sorry)

    Post 30..well said. You covered everything.
  11. jimlouisesophie

    Another Beverage Package question (Sorry)

    Post 21 " I purchased the special bucket of beers at a discount and stored in my cabin mini fridge." Good idea, but you will not have a cold beer to drink, as the fridge is only cool, not cold....I like my beer cold.
  12. jimlouisesophie

    Back from Alaska With Westerdam

    Post 11, thanks for the reply to post 10. We have subscribed to the weekly newsletter, Travel With Alan, for years and this was the first time we booked with this Seattle travel agent. I recommend them as they come out with fantastic deals and all our ports had complimentary tours including the bus from Seward to Denali and dome car back to Anchorage. All of our bags arrived before we went to our rooms and we did not have to check in, as we were presented with keys and our room number when leaving the bus. They even booked our flight to home, Nanaimo, BC. We stayed in Denali for 2 nights and meals were included as well as the 60 mile, 9 hour bus into Denali National Park
  13. jimlouisesophie

    Drink package

    The break even point is about 7 drinks per day. We bought it prior to our cruise for $44.95 and found out that it was worth it, as drinks can be expensive on board, even a large water will cost about $5. For someone that does not drink alcoholic drinks, it may not be worth the cost. The only way to find out how many drinks one has had per day is to ask the customer service desk, or what we did was to log all drinks on my note book which I kept on my person all the time. The crows nest on the Westerdam had a bar and it was nice to get a specialty coffee while watching the scenery.
  14. jimlouisesophie

    Rough Seas In Alaska

    We just returned from the AK cruise with the inside passage from Vancouver which was very smooth, but a little choppy, but not that bad when we left Skagway en route to Seward...really nothing to be concerned about, though.
  15. jimlouisesophie

    Back from Alaska With Westerdam

    We booked a Travel With Alan Package on the Westerdam and had an incredible voyage & land package from Vancouver and flew back to home to Nanaimo, BC, and just returned. We took a choper from Nanaimo to Vancouver and overnighted before boarding the next day. We got there early, around 10 am and the embarking was very easy & fast and once aboard we went to our Cabin where our bags where already onboard. We proceed to the Lido Buffet to have lunch, and went there for all our meals, which we really enjoyed, great food. We purchased the Signature Beverage Package for 44.95 US $ per person per day and found it to be the best option with 15 drinks per day per person which included all drinks, alcoholic, soda, water and specialty drinks. There are a number of bars aboard where one can relax but we spent most of our time on the Lido deck as well as our balcony....the balcony was worth the extra cost, even though the weather can change in a few minutes. It was nice to get some fresh air. The cabin steward kept our room very clean and put towel animals on our beds every night. The bartenders were awesome, knowing our names and what drinks we were having. We did not attend any shows but just relaxed in various places on board and enjoyed the crows nest. We saw lots of whales and the best part was visiting the glaciers in Glacier Bay where we spent several hours. Weather could change in a minute so we were prepared with layers. The ports were great and with our Travel With Alan package, all tours were included. We took the bus from Seward to Denali National Park where we stayed for 2 nights with all meals included as well as the incredible 10 hour Tundra Tour into the Denali National Park, which was also included in our package. We saw several different animals, including a grizzly, moose, swans, cariboo, hawks, etc. The Mckinley Chalet Resort was very nice, so very large and we had great food there, all included as mentioned. The 9 hour train back to our hotel in Anchorage, which was also included, was great as we had reserved dome seats and had a great white table meal aboard and when in the dome car, we had our own private bartender, who came by to take our order...a real great service. Upon entering Anchorage, our coach was waiting for us, as it was in Denali and took us to our hotel, with no check in as we were presented with our key aboard the coach and our bags were in our room. The final day saw us being picked up by coach and we had a tour of the city before heading to the airport to our flight to Nanaimo. The tour was so well organized, as we did not have to make any reservations, or worry about our bags being delivered to our room or airport, and highly recommend this tour as all meals and tours in each port where included. Any questions will be answered...Jim