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  1. Nothing is stopping a passenger from filling their wine glass in their room and take it elsewhere on the ship, or in fact, the dining room.
  2. If sailing from SFO or LAX and you are not particular on which wine to bring onboard and pay the $15 corkage, a good alternative would be to go to Traders Joe, which their 2 buck chuck is a bargain, but unfortunately it is a little more expensive now, but under $4. We plan on bring aboard several bottles.
  3. Interesting question but I read that any wine has to be on a carry on bag, that you personally have to put through the scanner, then there is someone to check the wine and charge your account $15 per bottle, then you will have to take it to your cabin.....keep us informed, please, after you get on board....we will be doing similar,,,,sometimes there is no one there to charge the $15 corkage, so you may be lucky and not be charged.
  4. So, we can avoid the porters and carry the bags ourselves to the scanner, then do we leave the bags there, or take then upstairs?
  5. We are on the Coral on November 14, 2019 and sail from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale going through the Panama Canal, and plan on being at the terminal around 11 am. What is the process once the cab arrives at the terminal from our hotel? Do we have to give up our bag to a porter, or can we just take it ourselves to check in? Any further information would be appreciated.
  6. Now that is entirely different.....I would take the promo, of course, which we have done in the past, IF the bottom line fare is the same.
  7. We crunched the numbers and decided that the Premier Beverage Pkg was way too expensive for us....do your math, figure out how many drinks you will consume in a day, remembering that some days u r in ports and will not consume on board liquor. We booked our November 2019 cruise in October 2018 and every month added more OBC to our account, so it was not a burden when we bought drinks...we now have enough and will probably be able to get a refund at the end of our cruise. In Canadian dollars there is no way that we will drink $3200 of liquor.
  8. We always bring our own tray when going to the buffet, and then can fill it up and take it back to our cabin.
  9. Could I not go to the casino, get some of my OBC and use it for a few minutes in the casino and then cash out, and keep the US$ to use later, perhaps for port visits.
  10. R U saying some vendors take Canadian $, not knowing that the US $ is stronger? It is costing us about 33% more to buy US $.
  11. We will be on the Coral sailing from San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale in November. through the Panama Canal. How much US $ should be bring. We are doing two excursions, which have already been paid for, and the rest of the ports will just walk around the ports/towns. We will be buying a few souvenirs at the port calls. At a few ports, Cabo San Lucas for example, we will buy a few bottles of wine and will be billed the $15 by Princess as we walk aboard. In San Francisco we will buy several bottles of wine there, using our credit card. My question is how much cash should we bring after leaving SFO as we will use our credit card while in the city.
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