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  1. Thank you! Our cruise isn’t until Feb ... I just booked it and was curious about excursions, and looked. I saw this tour you mentioned on X website under excursions in general and didn’t know why it wasn’t an option our our cruise so thanks for explaining!
  2. Thank you.... I saw all those but I do not know what to do with all our luggage. In the past, airlines have refused to check bags more than several hours before the flights. Not sure if that changed. A culinary tour would be awesome. I book private tours for all our cruises, but wasn’t sure about luggage. Will check airport rules. Thanks!
  3. Hey all. We cruise into Fort Lauderdale (with luggage) and have a flight out of Miami mid-afternoon. So we have several hours to kill, preferably not sitting in the airport. Celebrity is NOT offering any tours post-cruise, per my reservation cruise planning page. So I guess I need to find an independent company. Does anyone know of an independent tour out of Fort Lauderdale to fill a few hours, keep our luggage safe and drop us off in Miami? We would be open to about anything from a City tour, Everglades tour, boat tour of the nice houses/scenery, etc. We could even do the tour and get an Uber after to Miami (although that’s a hassle).... my main issue is luggage... and cruise luggage valet only takes it to FLL, not the Miami airport. thanks!
  4. My TA was able to apply the 10% to two upcoming cruises so thank you! Kept all perks! We lost only a bit of OBC but totally worth it! Thank you OP Rebel! too bad it didn’t apply to my Galapagos cruise! Will keep watching!
  5. It sounds like Marilyn was very special.... it’s always sad when friends leave us. Lastdance, 10214 is what we booked... good choice? Any noise issues? thank you all.
  6. Sadly, no....my days of being a pole dancer have passed me by. But it doesn’t mean I can’t pole dance on vacation! Ha! Actually I don’t think I have ever been in a suite where the bed faced the balcony, so I was looking for an unobstructed view... but now that you mention uses for the pole, I may rethink things! 😂
  7. I cannot find reviews for S2s midship, deck 10, ...I can’t find reviews or search results for any cabin in that grouping..., but I am looking at 10201, 10203, 10205 (port) or 10210, 10212, 10214 (starboard). I know for every block of 4 cabins, there are two cabins with no balcony pole, and two with. So I THINK 10201, 10203 have poles, 10205 does not. And 10210, 10212 have poles, 10214 not. But I can’t quite figure out if I am right? Does anyone know? if anyone cruised in one of these, comments? Thank you!
  8. We always sail in suites, usually a CS, and since Luminae began, dining is very, very good. Service is exceptional. I have a dairy intolerance, and I will say the menu leans French/International, so I do end up ordering off the MDR menu at times. I think Luminae on M class is better than S. Just better service. They always bring me champagne and great wine and cater to my dairy allergy much better. S class is still good though, just less attention maybe because of the size? We seem to get Kurt as our waiter on cruises! He is great! Do not miss lunch! The hamburger is good...but chicken and waffles are yummy! So much nicer than the buffet! As to specialties, we actually really like Tuscan. We are in the minority in that we prefer it to Murano... mainly because the menu has more that i can eat. The pork belly is yummy! I would definitely try that. Le Petit Chef is more fun with a bigger group. Use your OBC to try one! Have fun!
  9. We have a cruise scheduled for Nov...it’s 2 weeks long. We are in our 50s and healthy, but I think we are going to cancel...mostly to wait and see how cruising is impacted. We were on a ship after the CDC came on for a deep clean following a norovirus outbreak. We left port 6 or 8 hours late because we couldn’t board until a deep clean was done. It was fine, but lots of inconveniences... no menus, daily planners, etc. some activities cancelled....No salt/pepper, etc. long lines at buffet because no self-serve. Nothing in the cabin (no hair dryers, mirrors, robes, etc).... did it ruin our trip? No. But would it be better not to wait 20 minutes for a glass of tea that is usually self serve? Yes. Add to that temperature checks to get on and off the ship and even a slight chance of being quarantined if a few folks get sick, and I think I would rather wait. We did already postpone a May 2021 Galápagos/Machu Picchu trip. It is just too expensive of a trip to chance it not being as planned... or even to have to wear a mask on all those long flights to Ecuador, then Islands, then back to Ecuador, then Peru, then home. Hopefully all will be normal by next May, but with the extremely high cost, and hotels, tours, locations, experiences being in flux, we couldn’t risk a trip of a lifetime.... whatever you decide, be safe and enjoy!
  10. I have searched everywhere and can’t get much info on this cabin. It’s the only Junior Suite on the whole cruise ship larger than Oceanview, smaller than an Xpedition Suite. has anyone stayed in 509? Is the bed a double/full (not queen)? Is there a pullout bed also in a loveseat? Does it smell of smoke? Someone said the captains room is next door and smells of smoke. Does the air work? I am asking because we stayed in an Xpedition Suite, , which is 50 sq feet bigger at 230 sq feet. But this XJ is 180 sq feet and is about $1800 less, and it has the same size balcony. I would love feedback on 509! thanks!
  11. Have a great trip...we took 15000 photos, no joke! There are some way better than what I even posted. I just grabbed a few I saw first for you. You will love it! We have traveled extensively all over Europe, Africa, the Baltic’s, Russia, Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean, South America... Galapagos was #1 on my bucket list and I was worried it would not reach expectations. It EXCEEDED them! It is the best trip we have ever taken IMO! my husband thought Africa was slightly better, but there is nothing like seeing animals with no fear in the Galapagos! Enjoy!
  12. Did anyone answer about cabin 509? It’s one of the only junior suites....Anyone know of it’s a double bed? Is there a sofa bed too??? Also, does the Captain still smoke a ton and if so, does cabin 509 smell of smoke? are beds in XP (Xpedition suites) double or queen? Thanks!
  13. Fernandina and Espanola are on different itineraries....so because there are great stops on both, it’s hard to decide. I have looked at the very long thread, but the itineraries are called Northern and Southern only recently. So that thread doesn’t discuss Southern and Northern much.... Lastdance: here are some photos from May... including the mating...
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