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  1. ****UPDATE***** I contacted the company that is behind the onboard cruise shops. I provided proof of purchase and proof of lower price on Amazon. I received an email today, the refund difference ($80 and some change) is on it's way back to me!
  2. I really do. And I wasn't even looking at Amazon to keep an eye on the price. I just wanted to see something on the description. So again, it sucks. It is a birthday gift from my wife and I really like it. But I hate spending that kind of money on anything for myself so when I saw the price it now is, I just couldn't believe my luck. I'm going to send an email to the customer service just to ask with the mindset of knowing I'm 99.9% SOL but will be happy if I can get that 0.1%.
  3. Hello, I don't know if anyone has any experience with this and may be able to help me or direct me. On my recent cruise on Anthem (Feb 23) I bought a Citizen Watch for $406. I checked Amazon (Around $450) and other sites before purchasing it and this was indeed the cheapest price around. Here it is a few weeks later and Amazon has the Watch for $324. That's a huge price difference. I know there was something about price matching. Do they do that? I'm assuming there is no return or anything like that I can do? I'm guessing I'm SOL but since it's such a big price difference I thought I'd start seeing if I can do anything before it's too late, if it's not already. Thank you in advance.
  4. Not to hijack the thread but I was also on the same cruise with the drink package for the first time. We did not find a cocktail that was not covered by the drink package. My wife and I, along with our two friends that came along tried a large amount of drinks (no we were not drunk the entire time). It ranged from crown and coke, to long islands, to martinis, to multiple types of frozen concoctions, and anything we threw at the robot bar. Everything was covered. We snagged it for $44 per person, per day, and it was well worth it.
  5. Yes. I just got off Anthem yesterday and was able to get Strongbow on Draft and topped it off with a fireball shot poured on top. Also did it with Angry Orchard. All included in the package.
  6. Thank you. I did sign up directly through RCI for this cruise and hadn't received anything yet. I checked the Roll Call also right after I saw your post and there's nothing yet there either. I did Facebook chat with RCI customer service and they say they see no change, but as I said, if you do a mock booking for my cruise it has the change. Interesting. Guess I will sit tight and see if anything gets made official. Thanks again!
  7. Sorry, not to hijack the thread, but I have to ask you a question. How were you notified about this change in itinerary? I just read this and I am also on an 8 day on the Anthem Feb 23rd. I haven't received any email communications and my cruise planner still has our original itinerary with 2 sea days and then one day at Port Canaveral. Also the same with the online travel website that I sometimes book cruises with. However, when I do a mock booking on Royal Caribbean's website, it looks like now it's one sea day and we arrive at Port Canaveral at noon on day 3 and depart at 8pm on day 4. It also looks like the days at CoCo Cay and Nassau have switched. So curious how and when you discovered the change. I guess I'll have to look to confirm if that also changed for me so I can plan accordingly.
  8. UPDATE: So I received a call from the office of one of the Executives that I sent an email to this morning. So the nice guy on the other line explained everything, which was a little bit of new information and a little bit of info I was told previously. There WAS $125 onboard booking for when I did book the cruise. There was also a discount that was greater than the onboard booking bonus for being a C & A member. He told me that the cost of the cruise with the onboard credit was more than the cost of the price I paid with the discount. So, the website automatically gave me the better deal. However, he did say and admit I may have seen the $125 onboard credit when I checked out and went to pay. He said something along the line that's a problem they have with the system and that they are currently working to fix it to make it more obvious when it does that. He stated it is in the terms and conditions but he understands not everyone reads the terms and conditions. He was nice enough and offered a $50 credit to use on my cruise. Although it's not the full $125 and I am slightly annoyed since I know I saw that there was the credit and he admitted I may have, I don't think there is much more I can do and should take what was offered. Thank you again for everyone who chipped in. And that's strange that the one site for travel agents show there was no promotions going on at that time when I was just told that there indeed was. But lesson learned and as I said before, next time booking I will take screen shots and follow-up immediately, since although I'm excited for the balcony room I got, I would have saved about $200-250 with the virtual balcony. Oh well, guess I will have to enjoy a real balcony for once. Thank you!
  9. I am in a balcony. And I would agree with you and it would make sense, but no where on my invoice or talking to customer service on the breakdown of my cruise, does anything show $125 discount/credit/etc. If it showed that, then I would concede that I was incorrect in my memory and it must be the alleged Emerald Balcony discount. But nothing shows the $125 and I know I didn't just pull that number from nowhere. That's why I'm hesitant on saying I am remembering this completely incorrectly. However this turns out, lesson learned. Screenshot everything and confirm immediately!
  10. I appreciate it and I know it will most likely be frustrating but I have to try. I obviously cannot say with 100% certainty as I have no proof that it was onboard credit and it is merely my recollection from 2 1/2 months ago. However, I specifically recall the conversation I had with my wife as I was booking it and seeing that free onboard line under summary. And I'd have more doubt if I saw something about the $125 balcony discount but NOWHERE, including the breakdown given by customer service or anything they could see, had anything that mentioned $125 discount due to my status. I just find that odd. I know I didn't pull that number out of nowhere. But again, thank you. And I'm sure my emails to the executive contact info I got will probably lead to nowhere, but I've got to try.
  11. Hmm that's crazy. Like I said I know the offer was there, and my wife says she remembers it too, which is why she gave me the okay to book even though we weren't 100% sure she could get off work yet. But to say there were no promos at all really has me perplexed because I followed their prices daily since the summer and jumped on it when I did because it was such a good deal. And when I book my vacations I research the h*** out of them because I try to get the best price I can. I truly appreciate the help that you and everyone else has provided. I knew I could count on this site for help. I'm not yet giving up and I escalated to emailing two executive contacts I found. So I hope someone is able to help. As I told them in the email, $125 isn't a whole lot in the scheme of things but when I booked the balcony specifically because of that, or else I would have saved several hundred going with the virtual balcony which was my original intent, it is disheartening to see that the credit is not there.
  12. I'm sure it wasn't a balcony discount. If the customer service agents I was speaking to said something about the $125 discount showing, then I would think maybe I was incorrectly thinking and it may have been a direct discount. However, the agent I spoke to that gave me the breakdown said nothing of $125 discount and the invoice I did get has nothing of $125, if that is indeed the emerald balcony discount. That's why I'm sure it was an onboard credit as I remember it. Plus when I just did a mock booking, I remember it showing exactly how it does now with an onboard credit offer, where under summary it said "$125 free onboard". Are you sure you've never seen $125 discount? I remember previously seeing $225, and more recently $75 onboard credit offers. I've gotten a $75 in the past. So I know they go in multiples of $25. As someone posted above, they were running non-refundable onboard credits and they got $200 so I feel fairly confident that I am remembering correctly for the $125. What is cruisedesk.com? Is that something for employees because it asks for a login. Are you an employee? If so all your offers you posted are earlier in September. I booked September 25th. are you able to see anything after the Sept 23rd offer you posted? I was just speaking to my wife on the phone since she is at work and she also says she remembers it saying $125 Free Onboard for the onboard credit. She then chastised me for not taking screenshots or anything because I should know better. She had the same thing happen to her before I met her about 9-10 years ago when she went on a cruise and nothing showed after booking, so she lost out. Last question. Would it have mattered if I booked it without using my C&A information, and then later put that information into my booking? I know there are times if you book one way, it may be onboard credit, if you book with your number it may be a different deal, such as with an instant discount. I don't remember if I logged in my C&A number or not when I actually booked it.
  13. That's crazy I didn't get an invoice until it was close to final payment. Considering I made at least two payments before that. Again, I'm not new to cruising as we've already reached Emerald status. I just thought maybe things have changed in the 3ish years I've last cruised with Royal. What a mess. Hopefully I'll get this straightened out.
  14. Nope never touched the reservation. Just added drink package and made payments
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