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  1. oops, wrong side of the island! thanks for clarifying that and finding me the tender dock!
  2. The only Long Drugs I can see in Lahaina is at Lahaina Cannery Mall. Is this the mall you're talking about and where does the ship tender too?
  3. AndrewM

    Oahu by bus

    I can't determine if there is an extra price to take this all around the island bus. Standard fare is $2.50/person
  4. Thank you Susan for that info regarding shuttles! I just replaced my Budget reservation with Enterprise thanks to you.
  5. AndrewM

    Jeep rental

    Thanks so much GoldenDomer. I've dropped them an email. Hopefully I'll hear back. 3 other agencies have already turned me down. Oh and thanks for all the details on chrarges! Much appreciated! And thanks for the warning ArubaLisa. I shall mention and check it thoroughly if i get a reservation. At least i'm not going for a SUV.
  6. AndrewM

    Jeep rental

    Thanks GoldenDomer! How did you reserve your jeep? I just tried on Hertz's arubarentacar.com website and it requires that your pickup and dropoff date be different.
  7. Thanks ariawoman! This is the trip of a lifetime for me so I'm absolutely thrilled! If I didn't have a school aged child, I would so be there in October too! Anyone know if they trash garment steamers if found or if you can pick it up after your cruise? I wouldn't mind using our garment steamer for the first and last leg of our vacation.
  8. I'm gonna try that tip, HappyTVlr! I just found this handy travel clothesline on amazon. Not sure how, but Rick Steves says clothes pins aren't required: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00332F1WY?ie=UTF8&tag=cruisedcom-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00332F1WY
  9. If i can do it for as little as $35, then I really have caused a lot of fuss for nothing, haven't I! Still, I've gathered some great tips using hooks and hangars in the washroom and your packing vid makes a nice addition to Judy's. I think I'm geared to deal with all of this sensibly now. Thanks to all who offered their tips and suggestions. I'm getting a little drunk happy excited now. We fly to Europe for our first leg on Monday, then on the Reflection in 10 days! Whooo hoo!
  10. Thanks for the link Judy! I did pick up some Downy Wrinkle Releaser today and I saw some travel clothing, not unlike those you mention at Tilley's. I think I'll pick them up on the weekend.
  11. And actually on one of my earlier cruises, I was so clueless?, classless?...that I even went out on deck in my bathrobe so we could get pics and couldn't understand why people were shaking their heads at me.
  12. OMG, that's hilarious! Yet it looks like you were seaside so little chance of passerbys shaking their heads in dismay.
  13. Elena you are amazing! I almost wish you'd do a how to video for the clothes line in the washroom or closet! I will stop by the Bay. Hopefully the sale is still on! I'm just bringing one suit and will remember to hand it in immediately after embarkation! Yes, our flight after disembarkation is Ryanair (Rome to Paris). Our other airlines allow 20 to 30kg. We might just pay extra if we can't keep the weight down.
  14. Trust me Chicago Boy. I have no shame! Great tips! Thanks Gonzo. I’ll pick up some Wrinkle Releaser tomorrow. I just googled Eagle Creek Pack it folders. Those are awesome! Well it’s 11 days so hopefully the fill a bag special will be offered! Clothes pins on the packing list! Maybe I’m just panicking. Just figured $2/pair of socks might add up..i’ve decided to budget 100 dollars for the 3 of us.
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