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  1. My family did an 8-night Croatia/Greece cruise on Rhapsody at the end of July. For the port-intensive itinerary we were on, we thought Rhapsody was perfect!
  2. I used the cash machine by Guest Services on Rhapsody in late July - definitely recieved Euros. I took out 600 euro and my checking account was debited $684 USD, so not the best exchange rate, but not the worst I got in Europe, either. If you use a cash machine on land, try to find one attached to a legit bank as opposed to free-standing ones. I'm pretty sure you get better rates at the bank-affiliated ones.
  3. I was on Rhapsody for the July 17th sailing from Venice for an 8 night Croatia/Greece itinerary. There were 10 drink cards available on Day 4 (missed port of Santorini for us). The signs were at the bar by the pool and were for: $49 (+18% gratuity) for 10 draft beers $79 (+18% gratuity) for 10 drinks We bought 1 of each (beer for husband and drinks for me) and it was nice - no handing over Sea Pass and signing for anything when we wanted a drink! I also had the coffee card, and was only charged 1 punch for a “tall” or “grande” latte. But I guess I didn’t pay attention to how many espresso shots were in each.
  4. We used toursbylocals.com for both Athens and Olympia and had fantastic experiences! We had Maria Tsami in Athens and Vasilis P. In Olympia - Vasilis was hands down my family’s favorite guide (& Maria was excellent too!)
  5. We just did the Heraklion & Knossos Palace tour o the Rhapsody of the Seas last week when we docked in port. It was...meh. I think it was around $135 USD per person- a long bus ride there and back (2+ hours each way), and the palace was just ok. The guide did share interesting info about Crete on the bus, but I would have preferred the Jeep tour of the mountains or something like that. We booked it the night before because our Santorini port was cancelled because of strong winds and we ended up having an extra afternoon in Crete (so we just walked around Chania that afternoon/evening and needed something for the next day!)
  6. If totally go for it! I’m on the Rhapsody right now on our last day of an 8-night Croatia/Geeece sailing. We saw Dubrovnik (walked around the city), Corfu (beach day - gorgeous!), was supposed to see Santorini, but it was too windy to tender, so had an extra afternoon in Crete. Had private tour guides in both Athens and Olympia for the next two days and was able to see a ton. It IS port intensive, but that’s why I love it. My 12 year old just said he was bored by 11am on our only “at sea” day, so that reinforces that he liked the busy pace!
  7. We're heading out on the Rhapsody OTS this Friday from Venice. After our cruise is done, we'll be traveling in Italy for another week and a half. I really would like to have my travel steamer along - I know I can't use it on the ship, but I'd like to at least have it for the second half of our trip. What's the best way to do this? I know they'll likely confiscate it on the ship, so should I put it in my carryon so my larger luggage doesn't get held up in the naught room? And has anyone had issues getting back something that had been confiscated at the end of the cruise? Thanks!
  8. It's been at $79 for my sailing next week on Rhapsody for the last few weeks. Not sure if that's because we're closer to sail date, though.
  9. I used a TA - she was able to get me 2 Oceanview cabins next to each other for quite a bit LESS than the prices I found for 2 Interior rooms on both the RCCL site and going through the Big Box Company's website. She gave us $100 in OBC, printed out all our documentation and sent to use, and made up our luggage tags in nice holders. She was also able to get us airfare plus 5 nights of 2 rooms in Rome for about $200 less than I could get JUST the flights! (same exact flights). I have no idea how she does it, but she's my angel! 🙂 She also answers any and all questions I have - she also helped find a fabulous resort for us for Spring break in 2018 - I will use her for all vacations going forward!
  10. You can also get vanilla in powder form (search Amazon for "Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Powder") and you could mix it with your cinnamon and stevia powder in your desired ratios so you only have to bring one small container!
  11. I feel like someone needs to invent timers on lounge chairs - if a chair is seen empty, and attendant can "start" the time for 1 hour. At one hour, there would be a light or some signal that it had been vacant for more than 1 hour, and it would be easier for them to walk around an see which chairs have been vacant for more than the 1 hour time limit. And then easy - they remove the contents from the chair at that point and the chair is up for grabs. And if there was Bluetooth integration, pool attendants could control them remotely, too! I may have to quit my job and come up with a prototype for this...think they'd go for this on Shark Tank?? 😉
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