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  1. We were allowed to choose any beer without buying the package in February.
  2. Vancouver is a great place to spend a day 😃
  3. That’s the one we are on,going with another couple. Doing Oslo on our own after.
  4. We are looking at some private tours in some of the smaller ports.
  5. Thank you for all the great info as I plan our May 2020 cruise
  6. British Airways,booked economy then upgraded to Premium, flying from Vancouver . We are starting in London,then staying in Oslo on our own, lots more choice fling that way. Booked on BA’s website
  7. We booked our own air for next May,got a much better price than Viking was offering us, and got flights I wanted
  8. Booked with Boutique tours of North Wales,other people from cruise critic have used him.
  9. Spent some time in Oxford last fall while wife attended a class there,great place to visit.Even if for a day trip if you can. Just confirmed my private tour in Holyhead today.
  10. We chose to start in London just because it is easier to fly onto compared to Bergen. planning on doing a mix of Viking tours and private tours.
  11. We are doing May 17 and would appreciate hearing the same things about the cruise.
  12. Saw many rule breakers on Oceania, bringing their own alcohol into restaurant,saving chairs around the pool area and staff not doing anything about it. Then a so called refined passenger challenging me to meet him onshore to sort it out. Rather turn my own bed down least I know where my hands have been lol
  13. Not sure how a dress code makes or breaks a cruise being good,but then maybe I’m not refined enough to go back to cruising on Oceania😀
  14. We have booked it for May 2020, already looking into some private tours.
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