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  1. Hi! We took a Aust./NZ cruise a few years ago - such a treat!. I know that when we were in Picton we took an excursion to a wine area which is known for it's Sauvignon Blanc. It's the Marlborough region, which is the biggest wine-making area in NZ. I'd look for tours/excursions from that area, but there are other areas which also had wine tours. Enjoy your trip!
  2. Does it make a difference which side of the train you sit on? We're supposed to be in Flam next July and I've signed up for an excursion that includes the train ride. I'm sure it's beautiful on both sides but I just wondered if we should try to sit on a certain side. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info!! Our cruise next summer does stop in Edinburgh and I hope we can wander around a bit!
  4. The family was definitely Lutheran and were in Iowa, I think, before settling in Minnesota where my mom was born. I've seen various documents over the years but can't remember the details. I know the last name of my grandmother before her marriage was Hueller. I looked up that name just to see what I could find in a quick search and it suggests more of Bavaria or even a Swiss name. So, I'm guessing more of a southern area of Germany. I do think that a train trip on our middle day may be a good 'break' from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. Yes, we have 3 days at the beginning, a
  5. Thanks, Markeb! I don't know where the family immigrated from, it's just always been the story that they came from Germany because they wouldn't bow down to the Kaiser - who knows how true the family story is, but it's what I've heard my whole life from my mom. Maybe I'll do some research and see if I can find out anything. I do hope that our few hours in Frankfurt will help fulfill that dream of hers. Thanks again, Radbooks
  6. We're doing a 21 day cruise to Norway and Iceland and Scotland. I just hope to be able to go. I've never been to Europe and my mom is 83 and just would like to see some part of Germany, but I think maybe the layover time in Frankfurt will have to do. The cruise ends in Amsterdam and we have a day there after our first 7 days of our cruise (it's a 7 day and a 14 day cruise back-to-back)so we'll have a lot of time in Amsterdam and that area. I have to balance wanting to see everything we can in the short time we have and overtiring my mom. 🙂 We'll be excited to see whatever we can... it's all n
  7. We'll look into that... I used points so not sure it's possible but that's a good idea!
  8. Thanks for your input! We're actually going through Frankfurt on our way to Amsterdam and have a layover of a few hours. Probably not enough time to do anything though. Thanks again!
  9. I know this is a different question but I'm hoping someone can help. We're arriving in Amsterdam next summer and will have 3 days for touring before our cruise. My mom would love to see something of Germany since her family came from there way, way back in the 1800s or so. I see that trains are available for travel between the countries, but I don't know where we should go for a long day of seeing a tiny bit of Germany. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Radbooks
  10. I wonder if it's because they're planning on selling the Zaandam? I have zero knowledge of that, but I assume that Z and Volendam are going to be leaving like the 4 that just were sold. Very similar ships so I figure it's a matter of time.
  11. Ours finally changed today so I think it's just taking them time to get them all changed over. We were on a 24 day cruise out of Copenhagen and now are on a 21 day cruise out of Amsterdam on 7/11. It works for us and we're just excited to maybe get to see some part of Europe! 🙂
  12. Oh, I wouldn't make a final payment for next year yet, but we have Future Cruise Deposits that I would certainly use to hold my spot.
  13. Thanks for the input! I think we'll wait and see what happens.
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