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  1. Hi! We're coming over next summer and are spending 5 nights at The Moxey. Is that a bad area of Copenhagen to stay in? It'll be my mom and I staying there, but my brother and spouse will be staying with friends in Malmo and we'll be doing things with them. Also, is there transit stations nearby? Thanks so much,
  2. Have a great time! We're on the Koningsdam in April for a coastal cruise to Vancouver.
  3. My mom bought a wine package for our August cruise to Alaska. The waiters were the ones that brought the wine. They did have a menu, although my mom knew what she wanted, but it went pretty well. They did a pretty good job of keeping her glass filled, but the waiters do get very, very busy at times. We were in open seating so people come and go.
  4. I hope you find strength and healing soon, Bruno!
  5. I think that's enough time! We're on that cruise too and have flights scheduled to leave at 12:30 that day!
  6. This is heart-breaking. Prayers for the families and friends.
  7. We're leaving this weekend so don't have to do the test, which makes it easier for us. I don't mind the mask... I have to wear them all day at school and so I'm pretty used to them. We have a balcony so may spend most of our time there if the weather allows! 🙂
  8. I'm sailing on Saturday (8/7) and have heard nothing official!
  9. Thanks for recommending this show! It's interesting to watch.
  10. Oh, we're going on the whale watch in ISP too!! I've gone out with them before and it's a good experience with Allen Marine.
  11. Thanks for this Roy! Yes, we're flying into Amsterdam because it was one place I really wanted to visit and our cruise doesn't stop there - does the Baltics, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and ends in Boston. We're also staying in Belgium for a few days before our flight to Copenhagen. This was the company I was thinking of, but I had the name wrong. Thanks so much!
  12. Yes, we considered that and it may be an option. But our plan RIGHT NOW is to spend 4 days in Amsterdam and then go to Ghent for 5 days before flying to Copenhagen from Brussels. My mom is in her 80s and so dealing with luggage gets to be an issue for us.
  13. Thanks, Kazu! That's a great idea to bring it with us and ship from Amsterdam. We have free baggage with our flight.
  14. Hello all! We're planning a 28 day cruise on the N. Statendam next summer. Since I've never been to Europe, we're planing on spending a couple of weeks before the cruise in Amsterdam and Belgium and a few other places. We don't want to lug all of our cruise clothes around with us so we'd like to ship some luggage to Copenhagen ahead of time. Does Holland America have a program that will ship our luggage to meet us at the ship? If not, has anyone done anything like that before? What company did you use? If Holland doesn't have that sort of service we'll probably ship it to a friend we're meeting in Copenhagen. Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Does anyone know if they are allowing people to book back-to-back cruises? I know there was talk at the beginning of the summer that it wouldn't be allowed, but I don't think I ever saw a policy from HAL about it. We're scheduled to go in a couple of weeks on the N. Amsterdam and my mom would love to stay on for another week. 7 days is just so short! Thanks!
  16. Looking forward to following your reports! We're on the 8/7 cruise and are very excited! Have a great time!
  17. Nope, the Maasdam sailed out of SF in 2019. I was on one of the 21 day cruises to Alaska. They were doing some unique cruises and making that ship sort of an expedition type ship.
  18. I hope so! SF is an easy flight for us from Eastern Washington. 🙂 One of our favorite cruises was 2 years ago on a 21 day Alaska cruise on the Maasdam out of SF. Loved it.
  19. Hello all! We're scheduled to go to St. Petersburg in July of 2022. My brother is a huge history buff and has read a lot about WWII and is interested in any tours that might deal with the Siege of Leningrad and other stuff from that time. Does anyone know of any tours or tour companies that might cover that era? Thank you!
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