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  1. Thanks for your review. Do recall what time they started boarding on embarkation day?
  2. Yes, I stalked your post, thanks. But, I couldn't really tell what the other row of machines were. 🙂
  3. Hi, I was wondering if any of you have recent photos of the fitness center on Getaway. I have seen tons of pics of the cardio machines, but I am in search of what type of weights and weight machines they have. My trainer wants to setup a workout plan for me while I am on board. I have been searching and was only able to find pics of one side of weight machines and in videos I found couldn't get a good look. Thanks!
  4. We leave in less than 2 weeks and I was thinking about ordering some currency from my bank to take on our trip. We are staying overnight in Copenhagen and will be taking taxis, I know they take credit cards, but can you add tips on them? Also plan on going to Tivoli, and wondering if we need cash for the food stands there. We have shore excursions in St. Petersberg, Helsinki and Stockholm and will want to tip guides. We are doing Tallinn on our own and going to Rostock, Germany for lunch on our own. I plan to use my credit card as much as possible, but not sure if we will want to purchase things that are cash only. If I do order foreign currency, it won't be a lot so we don't get stuck with it. Any advice? Thanks.
  5. I was planning on doing travel pass with my phone and maybe just paying for the 2 days at sea for internet on board, but my husband wants to get an internet package, He is eyeing the premium package, but I have been reading reviews lately about how the internet hasn't been working well at all on the Baltic cruises. Have any of you experienced this? We used internet on the Getaway in the Caribbean with no issues, so was just wondering if it was a Baltic thing, or if whatever issues they were having earlier in the summer have been resolved. Thanks, Lora
  6. We are sailing on the Getaway for a Baltic cruise next month, is the premium worth the extra money? Would it be a higher speed than the regular, or is it just that allows streaming access?
  7. I just got my bid accepted from Mini suite to spa mini suite for our Sept 14 Baltic cruise. Pretty sure I just did the minimum bid since it was around the same as the price of a spa pass. I had been eyeing the 2 bedroom suites on ***** for weeks and there are still a bunch available. Oh well. The spa mini suite price must have dropped, but I don't even want to look. LOL.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with where you can and cannot fly? We are on the Getaway next month from Copenhagen to Warnemünde, Tallinn, St. Petersberg, Helsinki and Stockholm. I believe we can fly it in Tallin, but not sure about the other places. And I am assuming drones off the ship at sea are a no-no.
  9. I plan on bringing a refillable bottle or 2. Although, I cannot remember if they are weird about using your own bottles at the buffet.
  10. Feel like the dining plan could be ruining specialty dining like the dining plan at Disney ruined most of the restaurants there. Booked at Cagney's next month on the Getaway, have always enjoyed it, hope it meets expectations.
  11. I would guess it depends on the size of your party. We are a party of 2 and have never been in the MDR for more than an hour. If there are 10 of you, that may be a different story.
  12. I have been eyeing that tour, but do they have any later departures? Maybe I will look into the train as well.
  13. One time, I was on a Carnival Cruise where I shared a cabin with a co-worker. The final morning, we got a knock on are door and an agent with a K9 came in and ran to one of the beds. We both looked at each other like, did she bring drugs on board? The agent told us it was probably just a trace from a previous cruise. We were relieved. Didn't want to get searched. Neither of us had smoked at all during the cruise. I would never risk it, even with a prescription. Maybe your doctor can get you a pain script plus Xanax or something to help you sleep.
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