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  1. Meanwhile, my parents have been in transit and HAL has not reached out to them at all and are only getting updates from family. My brother is picking them up at the airport and called HAL to make sure and they said they said they are good for pick up.
  2. I'm flying to see them. Definitely glad they will be back in the states.
  3. Can you only be tested if you show symptoms? My parents are in the process of flying back to the states and now I'm worried they may get quarantined. I'm supposed to see them in a few days. Hi mom if you're reading.
  4. I am a family member and I want them involved if need be, for sure. Any ideas who I can contact on their behalf?
  5. My parents are on board too. They are the same way. Hope they have lots of books to read. We were supposed to meet up in Seattle when they got off the ship, but now we have no idea what will happen. Hope they can get back to the states and that no one on board has the virus.
  6. I think it will depend on the ship itinerary and instructors. On my last Getaway cruise, I took classes with both of the guys who worked at the fitness center and they both had different ways of teaching. I got a lot out of it. I am not an expert spinner, but have been getting into it more lately. You can ask about getting into the room, but one instructor was upset that passengers had been in the room and used the heart rate monitors and he didn't know which ones and had to sanitize them all.
  7. My husband won $20k on video poker the last night on our Caribbean Getaway cruise. We had to pay taxes on it and got held in customs when leaving the ship. He didn't play much on our last cruise, we were trying to remember which machine it was that he won on.
  8. I was unable to take a screenshot of my barcode in the app because of "security reasons." I think as long as you are logged into the app, it will pop up whether you are online or not. And yes. I earned stars at the Starbucks on Getaway.
  9. I just wish they would have refill stations.
  10. If I look hard enough, maybe I can see myself on our balcony in that pic. lol.
  11. You can do this, no problem. Sometimes I would just sit with my husband and not drink anything.
  12. I just looked at my credit card bill and it was $43 USD from the airport and $51 USD to the cruise port. It was the TAXA cab company and going the hotel called the taxi for us, so I am not sure if maybe arranging different transportation would be cheaper. The cruise terminal was all on one floor and you then walk to the gangway of the ship. I will see if I can find a photo and will post for you.
  13. Just got off The Getaway on the Sept 14th 9 day Baltic cruise and wanted to give a quick review. I will attempt to add photos later. Going to review specific places and things rather than a day by day. EMBARKATION: We arrived at the port by taxi and it didn't take too long to get through security and check in. Probably all within 30 minutes and then we were on board. Cabins still were not ready when we got on board so we just walked around until we could get in. DEBARKING: We had a late flight and decided to do Copenhagen on our own. I real
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