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  1. I have done one Atlantis/NCL cruise, and I believe it did not give us points. In contrast, Atlantis cruises on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Holland America have all given us points in their loyalty programs. We have done many Atlantis trips - the non-Caribbean, non-Mexican cruises do tend to be less party oriented. Many (but not all) of the folks who go on these trips want to see the ports and have excursions planned. As a result, they don't stay up quite as late at the parties. The crowd is also typically a bit older than the Caribbean/Mexican cruises.
  2. We had this recently in Bayonne. It was the fastest check in we have ever been through.
  3. It is Rome to Venice. In August. Celebrity ship.
  4. While I can't speak for everyone, what I received was a very detailed email about the mistake. From the face of it, it appears it was sent to everyone who was booked at the time the mistake was recognized (more than a year in advance). And once they recognized the mistake, Vacaya did not market the trip as being in Ptown for the Carnival parade. So while it is possible that folks were expecting to be there for the Carnival parade, I don't think that would have been a realistic expectation based on communications from Vacaya.
  5. We were on the cruise. Vacaya sent an email in July 2018 (shortly after we had booked) that the cruise was not going to be in Ptown for Carnival, but rather the week before. So no one on board should have been expecting to be there for Carnival. The cruise was great. Good entertainment, and Ptown was a definite highlight.
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