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  1. That would be great. I believe that Insignia has just come out of a major refit and has new equipment and redesigned staterooms with the flatscreen TVs flat against the wall. In any case I can only give you the situation that existed this past month in my stateroom on Insignia as stated above. You were wise to consult Oceania, as they are in the middle of a renovation of their fleet and it is possible/probable that there are significant differences of this nature between ships. Have a good cruise.
  2. LHT28 Thanks for the kind reply. Indeed the equipment for "on demand " films exists, only Oceania has not yet created a useful inventory of films. My warning to cruisers is more than taste in films. I advise that their TV cannot be used, as on their previous cruises, to review their camcorder videos, photos, watch films they brought with them, nor can they pick up a list of American and international films on DVD, from Reception, that they can play in their Stateroom. This is not a complaint, but rather a warning that they should bring the right kit to work around this problem (put their sele
  3. Ropomo asks "Do they not have Movies on demand on the new TV system ?" The correct answer is "Not on the Insignia cruise I just finished in February of this year". The new TV system had two sorts of films. ON DEMAND had a selection of 15 to 20 films that did not change in the 22 days of our cruise and could be played at any time. They were mostly children's cartoons, horror films, science fiction and a few soap opera series. None of this was suited to Oceania clientel. It was impossible to select the language, as on a DVD. One was in French, none were in Spanish, the remainder were only in
  4. On Insignia (recently renovated) the rule is that all devices must be unplugged when you leave the cabin. But my unplugged gadgets were left in full view and I never had a problem. On the renovated Insignia, there are a limited number of USA and European outlets - they all have a third hole for plugs with a "ground". They also include USB slots. These outlets are insufficient if you have your own lap top, chargers for two telephones, and tablets, chargers for hearing aids, hair drier etc. I always bring an adapter to multiply my outlets. I use one that plugs into a single wall outlet. Adapter
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