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  1. The gem from NYC for 1/2/21 is missing the 14 day sailing but 1/16/21 is showing So very confusing
  2. Have a cruise booked from NYC to Mia on ncl ga on 1/3/21 CruiseTimeTables.com does not even show the intnery listed anymore. Typically the site never takes a cruise off the page once sold out because it is to show the route So I am nervous the getaway has already been bagged from NYC yet ncl has not given any Info Does anyone have any info on the getaway
  3. 100 points shouldn't be an issue If u made 2400 to earn a free certificate. Why wouldn't you want to earn 2500 just to earn prime.. Just makes it easier to get both
  4. Would you mind sharing if there was 2 separate aqua shows? Or just the repeat of the aqua 80s??? I am on a b2b in may. Cannot wait
  5. So they know to just let me proceed to board anytime I get back to the port as long as regular boarding has started?
  6. Doing a back to back on oasis out of bayonne My question is. To my understanding I get my 2nd room key either night before or in the morning of the assembly. If I want to disembark that morning and get off the ship. How would I re board the ship? Do I need to re check in with the public minus my luggage? Do I need all documents even tho I have my new key already or can I board thru a priority line? Thank you!!
  7. Only deck 14 on bliss is only floor accessible from elevators on said floor. Deck 11 pictured IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE near 11629 and walk up to 603 Ask me how I know?. I only book interior cabins with an accessible hallway from elevators b.c. my mom is claustrophobic Try deck 14. U will definitely will get what you are looking for
  8. Going on a 14 day cruise. Golfing in Florida Cayman and Honduras Obviously im checking my clubs in with the porters BUT!....... I want to lock my club case Would you or have you???? If they question me where is the naughty room? On the ship I'll need to unlock it or at the pier??? Want to avoid any hassle but also want to protect 3000$ worth of clubs. What is my best option
  9. Booked in a Family Interior cabin midship on bliss. #14611. Do the 2 bunk beds come out of the ceiling? I just saw a video of Encore Family interior and the beds fold dowm and are bolted to the wall making less space and hitting ur head lol. Can anyone confirm if bliss has bunk beds from ceiling or wall in family interior midship
  10. Been very spoiled on breakaway bliss escape Did gem in 2012. Was very blah. Made me leave NCL for a few years. Willing to give her another try Where do they hold the spice h20 and glow parties. There is no aft area i know. Please tell me its poolside or OUTSIDE and not inside or spinnaker. The spice h20 on bigger ships are great will be very upset to hear if they hold it inside
  11. Sorry guys. Yes i was implying for encore its missing. Thsts not cool!!!
  12. Will this work on a free cruise thru CAS and take 20% off the 20$ per day admin fee??
  13. I love spice h20. I know go carts amd laser tag fill that area. Please tell me bliss still throws the spice parties outside somewhere each night!?? Not like the gem inside spinnakers lounge Where does bliss hold spice h20???
  14. Yes we will talk after!!! Im doing 19 days of cruises in 30 days. I love Bermuda. Sucks its 5 days. When i do ncl... (next year). It docks on wed so i get to go to harbor nights on front st. This was a free cruise from mgm grand so im "scoping" out RCI. And take as much $$ from them and run. Just plan on going golfing at port royal and relax around the dockyard this time. Ill definitely stay busy as this is a new surrounding so i will wanna see it all down to the carpet color in each corridor. Im excited since mostly i wont be trying roya
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