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  1. The port of Monaco has a spreadsheet with all arrivals for 2020 on their homepage for download (pdf or excel) - it shows if you will be docked (“Digue”) or have to tender (“Rade”): http://www.ports-monaco.com/en/cruises.html
  2. as much as I grant you the upgrade it makes me angry when I think we are on the same cruise, are Discoverer+ (with 17 cruises on Celebrity, 15 on Royal Caribbean and 13 on Azamara) and did not even get the email to be able to bid for an upgrade.
  3. Lottie, thank you very much for this information, I will check with my TA immediately. But besides this: why do I have to get this information from you, wouldn't it be on Azamara to tell me this in response to one of my many unanswered emails?
  4. Not true - I had the same experiences with the “not eligible" notification, but on our cruise the next levels were available, so there must be another reason why some people are eligible and others are not. Our next Azamara cruise will start in 40 days and the system still tells me I'm not eligible (although fare is fully paid, we are Discoverer+, opted for marketing emails etc.). Sent various emails to Azamara, most of them were not answered at all and if I received an answer, it was a standardized text module which didn't respond to the specific question I had.
  5. I'm following this topic for quite some time but I still have no idea how it does work with the eligibility. When I go the Upgrade page on Azamara's website and fill in my name and booking no. (I can't do so because it tells me I'm not eligible) what happens then? Will I be able to bid immediately or do I have to fill in my contact detais to receive the mysterious email invitation from Azamara? Or will it just tell me that I'm eligible and that's it? Do others receive the mysterious email invitation automatically without any action by themselves? I think Azamara should make the conditions to qualify more transparent.
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