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  1. Just changed my January cruise to May and I have doubts about that cruise sailing. The only no problem transferring my $500 deposit with Carnival was trying to communicate with my travel agent. It took days for them to reply since their staff is so reduced. If you made your deposit through a TA, you cannot deal with Carnival and it has to be the TA who does it. Carnival did say if you were within a couple of days of your final deposit, they would get into the matter. It was very frustrating but I finally got a call from the TA and the matter was settled. I would have booked further into the year but I did not want to sail in the hurricane season and I already have another cruise booked for January, 2022. Oh well, if the May cruise is cancelled, I could make the January, 2022 cruise a back to back assuming there is a Carnival. Todays news is that the virus is getting worse in most states. Yikes!
  2. There are many factors to bring into this equation. You can reduce capacity and maybe make a profit up to some point. The assumption is that pricing will remain the same. It will not. You can be sure pricing will increase and considerably. You will lose all the bargain hunters but there are still many who want to cruise regardless and would consider reduced capacity as a major benefit. The law of supply and demand would still come into play but there are many things that will also affect cruising: no lines, reduced crews, more cabins to chose from, less upkeep, fewer ships available, probably less ports to visit, etc. and on and on it goes. This is much more complex than you first think.
  3. Well, the deed is done. I changed my January 9, 2021 Horizon cruise to May 1, 2021. First of all, I doubt there will be a January 9 cruise and if there is, I did not want to be on one of the first ships to return to cruising. That gives about 7 months for the virus situation to be resolved. I took the chance of losing the $600 future cruise credit and got an increase of about $150 in pricing but I did get to pick my cabin. It was not easy because both my TA and Carnival have reduced their responses so it takes days to get through. Now the question remains "Did I push it back far enough". I would have gone into the summer but being a Floridian, I know what hurricanes are all about. I also have a cruise already booked for January of 2022. Oh well, can always change cruise timing again if necessary. Then again, you begin to wonder if there will be a cruise company to deal with a year from now.
  4. I agree. Did considerable review of future 2021 cruises and came to the conclusion that it may pay to cancel my 1/9/2021 Horizon cruise now and book another Horizon cruise in May. That would give about another 7 months for matters to clear up. I do not like to book later than that because then you are in the hurricane season until the end of November and I already have a January 2022 cruise booked. It may pay to wait until my final payment date in 3 weeks to get the $600 on board credit if the cruise is cancelled. Then again, if the cruise is on, we would be one of the first cruises to sail and there is the possibility of many problems (new crew, new meal set ups, masks, etc). I lean towards doing the change immediately because there are not that many cabins available what with the 75 percent capacity rule. Based on my findings, the prices are about $100 to $150 more on the Horizon for a 8 days cruise. Another issue I have is that my TA Company is nearly shut down and are taking days to answer. I am doing this all by myself. I called Carnival about this and they said if no action is taken by them, to call in 2 weeks and they will resolve the issue. This will be my 24th Carnival cruise and I have never experienced any thing near this.
  5. Yah, just like the Flu season when no one gets the Flu.
  6. Here in Florida, you can go to a bar. You can go shopping in the stores. You can go to the mall. You can go to a restaurant with number limitations now lifted. You can stay in a motel or hotel. You can take a plane to get here. You can go to a church (with some guidelines established). You can take a taxi. You can go to the Dentist. You can go to see your doctor. The parks are open . Just wear your mask and stay 6 feet from others. Now when it comes to cruising, you can't. You might catch the virus. .......................... I know. You say I just don't understand the situation. ........................... You are right. One other point. If 20 cruisers caught the virus on a 1,000 passenger cruise ship, that would be 2 percent. It would make headlines for a week. Actually, that is about the same percent if you followed all the points I mentioned.
  7. Sure hope you are right about the Carnival gift cards. This is the first time I heard of Gift Cards being honored during a bankruptcy. You won't see me complaining.
  8. I never said I wanted Carnival pricing to increase nor was I suggesting it. Pricing, however, will probably increase considerably to make up for the loses . I have 23 completed Carnival cruises with 2 cruises booked and the last thing I want to see are price increases. On the other hand, I am being realistic.
  9. The way I see it is that if the Cruise Lines are not allowed to sail within the next 6 to 12 months, they will go under. Then there will be 20 to 30 cruise ships waiting in various ports and a couple of new ships being built. All the ships will be ready to be purchased. The junk ships were all scrapped so the remaining ships should be in decent shape. Carnival will be gone and a new line (Let's call it FANTAYSHA) will take it's place. Naturally all fares will double. Carnival stock will be gone but Fantaysha stock takes its place. Life continues with some cruisers being very unhappy while others are smiling. I have $1,300 in Carnival gift cards that I will use as final payment for a January 9, 2021 cruise booked over a year ago. I doubt the January cruise will take place and I will probably get a $500 credit towards the purchase of another cruise. If so, I will book another cruise. I can keep doing this but if my above scenario is right, my gift cards will eventually be worth the price of saw dust.
  10. Just curious. Am booked for January on the Horizon. Do you think they would still have the evening shows in the Theater? It was difficult to find a seat in the past and with the 6 foot rule, you would end up with quite a reduction in attendees. Then there is Bingo. I guess they could do the numbers on the TV and the winners could call in with their cabin phones. With the self serve meals gone, they would probably have to serve food all day long. The pool would be interesting but probably limited to a dozen people. Sure would have to have many changes made and some how make it entertaining. What do you think?.
  11. I did not see any thing in the articles where it actually said OCEAN REWARDS would replace the VIP Program. Carnival would be out of their minds to pull that stunt at this time. How much money would you save by discontinuing going to the front of the line, for instance? With 23 completed Carnival cruises and 2 more booked, I was really upset at first. Then I read the articles again and calmed down. OCEAN REWARDS is a different type loyalty program to get you to buy more on board while VIP is a program to get you to purchase more Carnival cruises.
  12. I have a January 9, 2021 cruise booked with final payment due in October, 2020. I doubt very much that the cruise will take place but I have $1,300 in Carnival gift cards so I could make final payment with them. Since I cannot return the gift cards that I already have, I figure I have nothing to lose and could possibly earn a credit for a future cruise assuming there are future cruises. I also have a cruise booked for January, 2022 but I do not know if a cancelled cruise credit for 2021 and credit for the carnival gift cards could be applied to that cruise. Sure gets complicated and I feel like I am in the Casino. I either get all kinds of credits for the next cruise or I lose my $1,300 gift cards and my $500 deposit. Have completed 23 Carnival cruises and never had any experiences like this. Even when I call my travel agent, I get a record and then many maybes. I need a cruise so that I could sit on the balcony, enjoy the fresh air and think this all out.
  13. The problem is that not only is Carnival in dire straits but several other corporations in the US and world wide. Not only does Carnival have to survive but also the other major corporations or the problem just magnifies. Sounds horrible because it is. It sounds like the vaccine is the only solution but prompt distribution to all is not likely in 2021 so I see this as a very long term issue.
  14. I am booked to cruise in January, 2021 and I am almost certain it will not happen. I am also booked for January, 2022 and I have serious doubts about it. After that, you will not have to worry. There will be no Carnival.
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