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  1. The Carnival site is now working and I completed the form. The strange part is that after you have completed the form and you go back to the Carnival site and view the Cruise Manager, you will see the following: VIEW VACCINATION SURVEY FOR BOOKING. It is all lined out and gives the impression it should not have been requested at this time or else it is completed and done with. Take your pick.
  2. I used the same Travel Agent for years and was very satisfied. Then when the pandemic occurred, ran into problems. When I called, I would get a message that it might take them up to 5 days to reply. Then they said the other option was to go to the web site and book that way. I came up with another option. I just booked directly with Carnival.
  3. That is a disappointment. I wear a baseball hat on the cruise with 23 pins attached with most showing the ship names. Oh well, I was starting to run out of room anyway.
  4. If I remember right, there were always separate coffee machines on the ship and I could get coffee 24 hours a day. There was also hot chocolate.
  5. My son is a nurse here in Florida. He says that the vast majority of patients in his hospital with COVID did not receive any vaccines. If the cruise lines take the right precautions (Like no one can cruise without both shots and the possible 3rd), then your chances are probably the same (On or ashore). The Media will post any thing they can to cause panic since it sure sells the news. SIX PEOPLE WITH COVID ON CRUISE SHIP. Sixty people on shore are waiting to greet them. I know. That is not fair. Just like the CDC.
  6. OK! The CDC has convinced me not to cruise. So instead, I will go to a restaurant for breakfast. Then fly on a plane to another city. Then go to a Super Market for some soda. Then lunch in a restaurant. Proceed to a ball game. Then super in a restaurant. Finally see a movie and end the day staying in a hotel where someone with the virus could have slept yesterday. They are absolutely right. Cruising is more dangerous.
  7. OK, so nobody go on a cruise. Instead, you could fly to another state and book a hotel where someone may have slept who had had the virus. Then you take a cab for a breakfast. After that you go shopping. Then it's off to a ball game. Then supper in a restaurant. Maybe see a movie and finally end the evening in a bar. Now you don't have to worry about the virus. If only people could understand.
  8. Your alternative is to go to the Casino where your total amount spent on Bingo would be gone in 10 minutes. ........................... If you are lucky.
  9. This is going to get interesting. My first vaccine shot was administered in a large open field near the Ft Myers air port. They then closed it down and move to a closed Sears store located in a mall where I got the second shot. Now that facility has been closed. I guess that only way out is to call a current site and get their phone number and E-mail. They do have our data on a central file. Then that begs the question so why do they need their phone numbers and E-mail if the data is already on file. They can't find it by my name? That's what they used when I got the two shots.
  10. Oh well, you can avoid all this by just cancelling your cruise. Then with all the money you save, you could fly to another city. Have breakfast at a restaurant. Buy gifts at stores. Go to restaurant for lunch. Enjoy a ball game. Go to a restaurant for supper. Celebrate at a bar and then spend the night at a hotel. That way you don't have to worry about the virus like you do on a cruise. Where the heck is my mask? The mail man should be coming soon.
  11. I was in the Navy for a couple of years so I know all about ship rust. To make it go away, you just paint over it and then you get the color Taupe. It's kinda like gray but has pink, mauve and a bit of the color stardust. Then that fades away and you paint again and again and again. Good luck Carnival!
  12. Got me curious so I did a mock booking so I could compare my January 8, 2022 cruise pricing on the Horizon in a window cabin with a February 8, 2023 Horizon cruise (Same basic details). My 2022 price is $1,769.64 and the 2023 price would be $2,003.74 (Includes taxes in both quotes). Both were for a single person booking. That's not bad so I am tempted to also book the 2023 cruise. You can see, I am an optimist.
  13. In my case, it is Bad News/ Good News. The Bad News is that I have $1,300 in Carnival Gift Cards purchased a considerable time ago when you could get discounts on the gift card purchases. If Carnival goes under, I figure they are saw dust any way. I had 2 cruises cancelled but still have one booked for January, 2022 with an obc of $650. When my final payment of $971.64 comes due in September, I might as well use the gift cards to pay for it. Nothing to lose at this point but even now, I have my doubts about that cruise actually taking place. Have completed 23 Carnival cruises and have seen nothing close to what is happening now. Makes for exciting times.
  14. If I cannot leave the ship without taking a ship tour then I expect that Carnival should provide many activities on the ship while in port. I cruise not to rest but actively participate. So there should be Bingo, shows, comic sessions, etc. If not, I can sit him on my lanai and get all the rest I want for a lot less.
  15. Does anyone know if the VA offers this in all states or just Texas? I never received an Email like that. I did enroll on a Florida State Email site and was enrolled to receive the vaccine. That was weeks and I never heard from them again and now we have the weather delay.
  16. There is another way to look at this. If there are 500 crew members and 3 with the virus then that equals .006 percent. That's a much lower percentage than if they lived on shore. You might be better off sailing. I know I am exaggerating but it is food for thought. Now if I could only get the vaccine.
  17. My insurance was with Travel Insured International. I cancelled a January 2021 cruise and booked the May cruise which I have also cancelled. The final result was that for the first cruise the insurance was applied to a January 2022 cruise. For the second cancelled cruise, the deposit was credited to my charge account. Was very satisfied with the handling.
  18. The problem is that if I wait for that, I have to make the final payment of a nearly $2,000 within the next couple of weeks with the possibility of losing that.
  19. Had a cruise booked for this month which was cancelled and so I booked another for for May. Doubt May will take place so I cancelled it (I think) because my final payment was due. Because of the cruising problems, my Cruise Agency is on the verge of bankruptcy and it is almost impossible to deal with. They said the cruise would be cancelled and I would get an Email as confirmation. Never got it. They also said I would lose the deposit. Be strange if the May cruise is actually cancelled and I lose my deposit for a cruise that never takes place. You know Carnival will get a letter on that one. Then if Carnival goes under, I have $1,300 in AARP gift cards that will turn to dust. I am a Carnival VIP cruiser with 23 completed cruises which I enjoyed very much. Am getting close to the 25th cruise and would be getting the VIP discount for the 25th cruise. Will probably lose that also. You are probably in tears after reading this. I know I am. Oh well, I will just put on my mask and settle by the computer and watch the Miami web site to see the Carnival ships parked nicely at the pier that I will not be sailing. More tears.
  20. Cruised on the Tropicale in 2000 and we went through the Panama Canal. Even though a rather small ship there was only a foot or two of space on either side of the ship when going through the locks. They really had to be careful. We went through the locks and then entered Gatum Lake where we stayed an hour or so and then went back through the locks. When we would be in port and docked next to the larger cruise ships, we would be on the top deck and would be looking directly at deck 5 of the ship next to us. Then I would wonder. What would it be like to be on such a large ship? On after 23 cruises, I have found out. One other thing I remember is that when you looked up at the ceiling (Overhead to true sailors), there was wiring everywhere. Giant 2 to 3 inch cables that went from one end of the ship to the other. Now you would think there is no wiring on the new ships.
  21. Well, based on the opinions provided so far, prices will definitely, without any doubt, go up or down. Glad we got that settled. All kidding aside, it's a heads or tails determination.
  22. I am surprised that no one has mentioned that some one or some entity bought the $102,909,930.47 of stock so they must have thought this was a great deal and were going to make money out of it. They certainly thought that Carnival would not be going out of business. I hope they are right although I, myself, am dubious. You would have to be a billionaire to play games like this.
  23. The unknown factor here is the vaccines and how fast they can be distributed. I have a cruise booked for May 1 and I am a bit skeptical. Like testing now, I see long lines and maybe several attempts. You can be sure you won't cruise until you get one. The trouble is I have to make final payment in late January.
  24. The first tought I had on reading the title was this should not be allowed on Cruise Critic. Then I read the actual post. It's just me. Then I got a big smile on my face. You are absolutely right. I enjoy hearing those ship horns along with a couple of hundred other passengers. I guess we all get horny when we cruise.
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