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  1. Well, we are narrowing it down. There is no new industrial port in Yokohama, but it might be the old Yamashita industrial port. Now we just need to know which of the 200 or so stations in Yokohama we want to go to.
  2. Coolclimate, I'm with you. Let's get into the 21st century. Ketchup - invented in America in 1812 - throw it out Mayonnaise - invented in Spain in 1756 - garbage Aioli - invented in Rome in 79 AD - trash Béarnaise - invented in France 19th century - no good Béchamel - invented in 14th century Italy - don't need it Hollandaise - invented 17th century France - very unhealthy Crème Anglaise - invented in France 17th century - who needs melted ice cream? Give me fatty bacon, greasy chicken wings, and lots of hot sauce - I'm good
  3. At HAL, how can you tell when they are dead?
  4. You are correct. I do. But the 17 year membership doesn't make any more sense than the USPH regulations.
  5. The United States Public Health Service (USPH) recently decided that having an outdoor BBQ on a cruise ship is potentially hazardous to your health. They now require some sort of cover over you and the food to prevent insects, birds and their waste products from hurtling out of the sky into your food. They also require a handwashing station, with soap, hot water, refuse receptacle, and approved handwashing signage to be located within 24 feet of anybody preparing your food. Furthermore, the required handwashing station cannot be located in a space where a door must be opened or closed to get to and from the handwashing. This creates several challenges for cruise ships; moving the BBQ essentially indoors and installing handwashing stations in open public areas. Until this is done, the ship cannot legally offer a BBQ - regardless of where in the world it might be sailing. I'm sure that those reading about this will be rushing down to their local Home Depot to purchase all the building materials required to make their next home BBQ safe and legally compliant. Your tax dollars at work...............................................
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