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  1. Can someone tell me my bed location from a snippet of Harmony’s deck 6 plan? I’m in room 6280
  2. I think the whole point in this policy is the extra 10% you'll receive. I found a q&a from cruise critic when this policy was implemented. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=3880 "Q: What if I book far in advance, take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee to get 110% onboard credit, and the price drops again before my final payment is due? Can I still get a price reduction?A: Yes! There's no limit to the number of times the cruise line will adjust your cruise fare prior to final payment. Plus, you'll get to keep your 110 percent credit, even if your fare is lowered late" Yes its 8 years old but it appears to be the same policy
  3. Does anyone have an idea to what happened to budgets F07 location at Quay 1515 17th st? It’s now at a Hotel. I noticed the EV3 port Everglades shuttle has moved to Miami st. Any idea?
  4. Back in early spring of ‘16 we saw it on the allure while they were rehearsing. I thought it was weird then but I thought it would be better if I saw the whole show with lighting and full costumes. I later saw it on the Harmony last year and it was still Weird. Almost like they couldn’t come up with anything to fill the time so they threw some twirling dude in.
  5. We didn’t have passports and On our 6th cruise and 1st with our son the customs officer gave us a lecture on why we need passports. His whole point was about our son and the what ifs. Our son didn’t deserve to be put through the hardships of trying to get back home because none of us had passports. He really drove the point home, wasn’t mean about it but he was stern. We made sure to receive passports for the next cruise.
  6. You can turn off automatic time sync on your mobile devices and set it manually.
  7. Recently I linked my reservation with another couples reservation. I could request the link but they had to approve it. Same thing happened with my brothers reservation - I requested it and he had to approve it.. except it wasn’t him it was just me saying I was him lol. I was given the opportunity to receive an updated invoice or not.
  8. It would take some know how but I bet you could setup a bridge. Even if it's a laptop with both ethernet and wifi. Connect to wifi and create a bridge between your wifi adapter and your ethernet adapter.
  9. I’ve searched the board and my e-mail and I can’t find the e-mail to submit seating request to MDR for Harmony. Does anyone have it handy and willing to share?
  10. Last time I was on HOTS I went with 12 other people. The waiter at johnny rockets took the JR slip/coupon and disappeared. 13 people ate on 1 cabins JR slip/coupon.
  11. So I booked... and then I called back and switched to HOTS. Leaving on a Saturday works better than a Sunday for me. Thanks for everyone’s advice.
  12. So I just booked Harmony of the Seas for this October and I noticed that the RCI website is dramatically over pricing. I priced HOTS for Oct 6th for a boardwalk balcony -- On the website it was $2850 and over the phone it was $2165. I also noticed that not all of the rooms are showing up as available online. Just a heads up.. or a reminder that their website is garbage.
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