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  1. TGraUk

    Roman Colosseum on a free day

    What dreadful things are happening in Rome... What a pleasure it will be to stand for hours in line just to be pulled through the Colosseum and not seeing anything much... Not sure I would choose such option. Maybe view from the outside is the best decision?!
  2. We are also planing to visit Lisbon as well as Portu. I've seen a great picture of A Cevicheria in Lisbon with ceiling Octopus. It looks terrific. Want to visit it so much! Many good reviews on TripAdvisor!
  3. TGraUk

    Roman Colosseum on a free day

    We studied the question when planned our visit to Russia, such day exists in Hermitage for sure... We've read that the line was infinite, but travel companies offer entrance on such days with skip the line option. Not sure about Rome and Colosseum, but maybe worth examining the question?
  4. Just checked, available are tickets till the 8th of June... Need to wait a bit more...
  5. TGraUk

    Rome, Italy - Roof Top Restaurants Recommendations

    This recommendation we've got when asked for help with restaurant in Rome for B-day celebration. Not been there yet, plan to book a table and have an amazing time there on the 21stt of April! slidergirl said: Well, if he want to truly pull out all the stops, I'd say La Pergula up on the highest hill of Rome at the Rome Cavalieri (a Waldorf-Astoria hotel). Michelin-rated. Romantic. Fantastic view overlooking Rome. 
  6. TGraUk

    DIY Transportation Rhodes Port to Lindos

    Why don't you want to take a ride on boat to Lindos from Rhodes port? We've seen some suggestions on such tours, maybe it's easier to get there by waterway? I guess it's in the same port where cruises dock.
  7. TGraUk

    Weather in October

    We've been to Naples in October - warm comfy weather, sometimes even hot! Used my straw hat every day! Carolyn
  8. We also met the situation with SOLD OUT! Not good memories.... It was in Florence I guess.. You don't need to buy tickets months ahead, but 2-3 weeks before will be fine. You can just check the availability of tickets and if the situation changes somehow, you can decide at the moment to buy or not to buy... Price is also decisive... It can became twice bigger... So decide...
  9. TGraUk

    Santorini/Oia/views from ship

    What an amazing view! 😍It's a real must-see!!! Hope the weather will be fine when we dock in Santorini! Want to make picture alike to print my own postcards and send them to my friends with words "We've been there")))))
  10. TGraUk

    Santorini Sunset and Restaurant near the cable car.

    Ok, I will share our experience if find some nice coffee-stop with good coffee! Not sure Greece is considered to be leader in coffee-making, but hope it is not bad))) Carolyn
  11. Hi everyone!😉 Happy to return here after keeping silence for a while! My DH and I bought a cruise at P&O Cruises on April 2019 -- we're going to Mediterranean cruise. So my DH decided to make a gift for me (funny I know about it) and we need some help! We'll dock at Rome on my Bday (I'm gonna celebrate 60) and we plan to visit a really good restaurant with charming atmosphere & delicious food! We've read a lot how to get to Rome from Civitavecchia but don't know which restaurant to choose.... Any ideas? Carolyn😘
  12. TGraUk

    Restaurant in Rome wanted!!!!

    Just took a look at first recommended restaurant - OMG, Waldorf-Astoria looks amazingly outstanding! Small menu, but all the positions sound so appetizing! We liked Gourmet menu - the best way to try main part of suggested dishes! We will look through Katie Parla website for more suggestions - so good we have enough time to choose and to book a table for us! Carolyn and Graham
  13. TGraUk

    Restaurant in Rome wanted!!!!

    Thanks for your recommendations, but it seems that they are very cozy, but for our small lunch we want something more exquisite, more special, festive. You suggested places for regular visit, at least it seemed to me so... But thanks anyway!
  14. TGraUk

    Souda bus to Chania

    Great I found this information, just wanted to find out what to do at Chania))) We want to make some local shopping and spend some time in pleasant cafe. I think we will even come to waterfront just to be sure we've seen all!
  15. TGraUk

    Santorini Sunset and Restaurant near the cable car.

    pfopma thanks for recommendations! We tried moussaka in Greek restaurants in UK, believe the one in Classico would be much better Do you have any favorite places for coffee stop near port?
  16. TGraUk

    Rome Bed & Breakfast

    We are planning to go to Rome before our cruise which starts at Malta - seen good reviews about Cosmos B&B. Situated near Termini railway station and close to major sightseeings - good for walkers))
  17. TGraUk

    First time in Corsica- suggestions please!!!

    What a great experience! Thanks for sharing! I adore flea markets, guess my hubby has a different opinion))) What a pity we will be there on Monday! But we'll try to use your tips while organizing our day!
  18. TGraUk

    Santorini Sunset and Restaurant near the cable car.

    pfopma, great picture! We will be on Santorini in April this year, gonna use your recommendation for restaurant Classico with such gorgeous view! Not sure we'll manage to see sunset, but the view itself is terrific! Worth visiting! By the way - what about food? Was it good?
  19. TGraUk

    Chania Crete

    Our family is fond of lighthouses. Is the one in Chania worth visiting?
  20. TGraUk

    Vespa tour in Florence

    Did you find any suggestions? Or you just wanted to feel like being Italian? Think it's a great idea)) Please tell us if you will realize your plan! Carolyn & Graham
  21. TGraUk

    First time in Corsica- suggestions please!!!

    Hi! could you please share your first time in Corsica experience? We are coming there on April this year, not sure what to do. Seems like the weather won't be warm enough so all we have to do is shopping and eating
  22. TGraUk

    Restaurant in Rome wanted!!!!

    Thanks for links, we would prefer some personal experience anyway. Maybe you have your best pizza or pasta or dolci ever that you can recommend us in Rome)
  23. Very useful thread! Many thanks to all posters for their advice.
  24. TGraUk

    Merry Christmas All!

    Merry Christmas to you.
  25. Glad to know you enjoyed your tour Tartanexile81. I have to say that TA ratings gave me a big surprise some weeks ago - SPB Tours, which used to be all-time No1 tour operatos in St.Petersburg, was rated No8 :rolleyes:. With all excellent reviews you see on this forum who would doubt that they are among the top best companies? but they were suddenly No8, and it happened just overnight. How could it be? I haven't seen anything but very positive reviews of their tours. How could it be? i find it strange.