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  1. 450 (27 Feb 2022). HAL was holding a bunch of our money anyway, now we have something to look forward to if the vaccines come through.
  2. Ian, I must have merged you with Jacqui or other CC'er, as I had a mental image of you living near Toronto or in the Maritimes. dr'spin retired on the last day of 2019; we had at that time 6 cruises booked in the next two years, and a rental camper trip in New England planned. With all but the last cruise cancelled (and that one unlikely as our travelling companions are high-risk), we are buying a new home and moving 750 miles to be near my family! That should keep us busy!
  3. The drawings or diagrams on cruisedeckplans are similar to what is available on the cruiselines' websites. The photos are whatever previous cruisers have submitted. Some are good, some are so-so. Usually they let you know things like which side of the room the bed will be on, etc. The photos are also of various ages. When the last drydock was (and when the next one will be) is often provided as well. My lifetime subscription to CDP was money WELL-spent!
  4. In fact, a flatter curve is a longer time the population is affected. The same number of people are apt to get COVID-19, just fewer at any one time overwhelmed the hospitals and health system.
  5. 🤣 (signed) Wife of recently retired family physician
  6. Seattle-ites threw open the gates and welcomed the invaders!
  7. I'm pretty sure any perks ("thrown in", OBC) will evaporate. The amount you paid to upgrade will be totaled with your base rate for FCC and any percentage thereof. I cancelled my 3/21 sailing, Monday, before the phones went useless. For once I am glad we outright bought our beverages and wifi; those amounts plus three SXs have been refunded to our credit card.
  8. Port fees and taxes will be refunded to the payment method used. At least that's always been the case, even for failure to show up at the dock. No port, no port fees.
  9. My Princess RT/LA cruise July 2021 calls in Prince Rupert and not Victoria. So we'll see how friendly it is!
  10. I booked and re-fared all those times with my Certified Vacation Planner. There was a little hiccup at the start because my original assigned CVP went on medical leave just when I needed her, so I think my FIRST booking was through a phone operator but it got switched in time for all the re-farings.
  11. Rolling all my payments from this year's June AK (RT/LA) to next year's in July! And booking the same private excursions... ETA: And one of these years I will finally get my first Princess cruise!
  12. Westerdam was never confirmed, and she is now approaching Hawaii with a full crew none of whom have COVID-19. Enroute they say for Juneau.
  13. Really, I am resigned. Lots of insight into items and details we should have been doing all along (Cloro-wipes, extra meds). Shifting gears if I need to made an urgent trip (two days driving) to help my mom and/or sister (age 81 and 60, and both with compromised lungs). Still chilly there so the same packing list will NOT do!
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