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  1. We did get to go on the "land" trip to South America in Jan'20), but all six of our retirement cruises were cancelled. Without travel to keep us busy and with our California home both perfected AND too far from family, we found and bought a very nice house in Utah and moved over the months from October to February. The pandemic did not make moving any easier! Even though it is a very nice house, it has many projects to keep us busy until travel is feasible. I have us booked on Hawaii and South Pacific cruises (R/T San Diego) in both 2022 and 2023. Will probably cancel 2022 in Octob
  2. Hi!, Well, of course that cruise was cancelled (along with five others), so I can't testify as to performance, and subsequently we packed up lock/stock/barrel and moved 750 miles... with some half of it still in boxes in the garage. So just going on memory, they felt pretty much like sneakers, and I was planning to wear them for beach walking and maybe tidepool scrambling. Best luck!
  3. Before my fourth cruise, I bought a lifetime membership and never looked back! I consider CDP essential to planning and executing a perfect cruise.
  4. There are no sweet wines that are keto or even lower carb. (Sorry!) Look on line for a list and then try the ones that are within your carb-target and find the one(s) you dislike the least. Tomato juice has 10g carb (less almost 2g fiber if you are looking at Net Carbs) so you can make a Cheato-Keto bloody mary at home (one of the low-carb blogs just ran a recipe with horseradish & hot sauce). But all or most bar-tenders are going to use bloody mary mix that includes sugar (as much as 86 grams in 8 oz!!!). You might ask for a vodka and tomato juice with a shake of Tabasco?
  5. Back in the days before we evolved to carry-on only, we visited New Zealand (north island) independently and bought as a souvenir a wine bottle stopper made of one of the endangered woods they can only use if it is 'harvested' from bogs (maybe Rimu?). My husband is v.hard to find a souvenir or for that matter any gift. So rather than putting it in our checked suitcase(s), I put it in my carry-on. WELL, in lieu of a cork, this stopper had a 2-3" metal point, attached to a nicely palm-shaped wooden top. The fellow running the scanner called a supervisor who held it in his hand and sa
  6. Hi Jacqui! Booked the first two of these some time ago, but forgot to get us on the list! Just booked the third one last week as a back up for No.2. Koningsdam - 02-Feb-22 - 25 day Circle Hawaii & Mexican Riviera Collectors crystalspin, dr'spin (ret.), my mom/bro/SIL Zuiderdam - 27-Feb-22 - 35 day Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas (R/T San Diego) Just the two of us Zuiderdam - 03-Oct-22 - 45 day South Pacific Just the two of us -- if we have to cancel Zuidy 27-Feb. I don't think we would do both! Elizabeth and Richard, NOW
  7. My first cruise was Capetown to Buenos Aires on the Cruise & Maritime Voyages Marco Polo. Before you check your globes, there are no port-calls on that route. My fellow travellers were all sea-sick tea-totallers, and I had my lower back go out. There was just me and the albatross that followed the ship. I hoped never to cruise again. The next cruise, with the same compatriots, from San Diego RT Hawaii, was not much better. I'm pretty sure I will never understand people who are so desperately seasick -- and knowing they are -- wanting to cruise. I hoped never to crui
  8. This is sort of the opposite of OVERHEARD. In August 2018, we took 7 additional family members on a 2-week Alaska cruise. Two of whom were my step-mom and half-sister. My half-sister being the youngest and also a social butterfly, made lots of friends among passengers and crew alike. We were all free to spend "sea" days as we wanted to, but we had a 10-top every night for dinner. One night on the second half of the cruise, my half-sister -- sitting across from me on the 10-top, asked "What is the elevation here, anyway?" I took a bite of my appetizer before answering, "Sea-level."
  9. On a 2-week Alaska cruise on the Zaandam in 2018, sailing with a group of nine including my half-sister and step-mom, I thought I'd bumped into the latter -- same curling-iron hair, glasses, plaid oxford and neat jeans. Similar face. I started chatting only to meet a puzzled look and realize IT WAS NOT HER. Despite the smaller ship size, I never did bump into the doppelganger again.
  10. You are correct! I meant to cover that in my last sentence. "priced by the liquor". Which can be found in the individual bar's printed menu or by asking the bartender if your chosen poison comes under $11.
  11. Yes and the more "complex" fancy boat drinks too, as long as made with Well liquor (house brands) -- Gotta have my Mojitos and PainKillers! DH says Daiquiris and Pina Coladas! Any simple blend is priced by the liquor in it "free" mixer.
  12. Many would say Yes. I have not had a verandah to Alaska, although we did upgrade to a balcony for "Alaska of the South", a circumnavigation of South America. For Alaska the last two times, it was more fun to take more people in obscured OVs on the Promenade, than to have a verandah for ourselves. But, there are many many CC'ers that prefer aft balconies to any other stateroom, and especially Alaska, where views and wildlife can be either side. How long is your cruise? $90 is a pretty small percentage of most fares...
  13. 354 San Diego to Hawaii San Diego to Mexican Riviera San Diego to South Pacific
  14. This was an interesting topic! I learned several brands to look for. I previously have only travelled with a manual toothbrush.
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