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  1. Precisely why “free” is in quotations.
  2. Is this true even if the dining package was “free”? My husband and I are traveling with our 5 and 9 year old boys. They can eat in the specialty restaurants with us with no additional charge as long as they order from the kids menu? Thanks!
  3. Sailing her tomorrow! Thanks for the review, I am even more excited now!
  4. chipperberg

    Boat ride

    Looking for recommendation for a boat ride, catamaran or similar, for a family of 4 with 2 boys ages 4 and 8. Just want to cruise around for a couple of hours. Thanks!
  5. Yep folds up flat and rolls up into a small bag. Thanks! Is there a lot of wind typically? Debating on bringing the stakes and mallet. We will be there the last week of August
  6. We have 3 days to explore...kids are 4 and 8 year old boys. I am thinking day 1 Horseshoe beach. Day 2 the zoo and aquarium and day 3 stick close by at the dockyard man made beach area. Thoughts?
  7. I have a small beach tent, sort of like a half moon/clamshell thing. Would this be OK at horseshoe bay? Hubby does not love the sun like I do!
  8. I know the shows are leaps and bounds better than Carnivals recent shows. My mom and I sailed Carnival in Feb. and she just returned from X on Sunday. Raved about the shows. I am excited to try X for the first time myself in August. My mom felt that the dress was similar on both during the day. The dress code for X is a bit more enforced I believe, no shorts, etc. But nice jeans, maybe a pair of khakis, and a polo or botton down shirt is what I plan on packing for my boys.
  9. My mom has sailed X many times. We have enjoyed sailing together on other lines and she raves about the Summit to Bermuda. She went again last week and just returned on Sunday. So I took advantage of the kids sail free (gasp!) and 3 free perks and we are sailing to Bermuda in August. cannot wait!
  10. If both my hubby and I have the drink package and he has my card and his card, can he grab a drink for me? TIA
  11. My mom is currently on the Summit and as of 9:03 am, they are NOT docked and have NOT gone under the bridge yet. They are being asked to vacate their cabins by 9:30.
  12. My mom is currently on and said they won't begin debarkation until 11.
  13. There is a zoo and an aquarium that might be enjoyable for all.
  14. All you can do is call and ask. and if they don't say yes, call another day. you never know...good luck
  15. Would you mind sharing the amazon link for the magnets? TIA! What a great idea! I have heard of this and considered it, but have never actually seen it....
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