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  1. 24 minutes ago, Mibele said:

    One time my mother and I were on a 10 day cruise to Mexico in a Balcony cabin and got surprised by the upgrade fairy three days before the cruise with a Mini-Suite.  When we got on board, we found out it was a handicap accessible mini.  HUGE.  It was nice for my mom as she sometimes has mobility issues, but generally, she does not need that.  

    I hope that the upgrade fairy sprinkles some pixie dust on us!

  2. On 9/29/2019 at 2:29 PM, bup1224 said:

    There are tours right as you cross over the Queen Emma floating bridge that are much cheaper than those at the port. 

    Casper Tours stands at/near the info booth and does a short city tour/stop at the original distillery,  bus tour of Jan Thiel area and a (1 or 2 hour stop) at Mambo beach. 

    Currently it's $15 per person

    Thanks for the heads up.  this is our 1st time in Curacao so I am not familiar *yet* with the layout at the port.  Are you saying that casper tours is after you cross over the floating bridge?  Or is it at the port?

  3. 5 hours ago, Noxequifans said:

    The Port of Miami is the safest and most convenient place to park your vehicle. Why park elsewhere and worry about your vehicle during your cruise. 

    Will we need to arrive there by a certain time to have the best chance of available parking at the port itself?  We are driving in from Sarasota which is a 3.5-4hr drive. We sail on the Explorer of the Seas and these other ships are in port that day, 3 of which also leave at about 4-5pm:

    MSC Divina 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
    Norwegian Sky 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Navigator Of The Seas 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Dock)
    Carnival Victory 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  4. On 11/8/2019 at 6:53 PM, LHT28 said:

    Thank you very much for that information. A had Googled Miami cruise port parking and that's where my location that I had posted came from. I've never driven into Miami I did not realize that they had parking right there. Will be driving in from Sarasota so I will need to get the exact cruise port parking.

  5. 5 hours ago, GUT2407 said:

    I have no gripe with someone booking a guarantee and being assigned an accessible cabin. What I do have a gripe with is that some lines a guarantee costs less than any of the accessible cabins of that type, so to get an accessible cabin you have to pay more, and no chance of an upgrade free or paid.

    Oh I see your point I never thought of that.

  6. 21 hours ago, Essiesmom said:

    I booked an inside gty on a B2B on Princess to Alaska.  When I got my cabin assignment, it was an accessible cabin.  A HUGE accessible cabin.  I emailed my TA about it, and she said Princess knew I didn't need it, but it was probably the only inside available for both legs of my cruise.  I felt guilty, but noone said a word.  EM

    Thank you. Sounds strange but I'm kind of glad it happened to somebody else so that I won't feel strange if it happens to me. I have a disabled paralyzed nice and I would not want to ever purposely take away and accessible cabin for somebody.

  7. I just looked this up:


    For Sunday Masses, the nearest church is the Gesu Church. It is the oldest church in South Florida.

    Address: 118 NE 2nd Street, Miami, Florida. GPS coordinates: 25° 46′ 33.4488” N, 80° 11′ 29.9328” W

    Click here for the official website of the Gesu Church in Miami.


    •  8:30 AM English  

    • 10:00 AM  Español   

    • 11:30 AM    English 

    • 1:00 PM Español


  8. On 9/15/2019 at 3:42 PM, CruiszBug said:

    Yes, I saw that! But dang we will be not be in port until Sunday. This would all be moot if they would do services on board ship. I wonder what the crew does? If there are services on board Saturday afternoon/evening that would be perfect!

    I just found out that there is a Sunday Mass .2 miles from Cruise Port parking.



    For Sunday Masses, the nearest church is the Gesu Church. It is the oldest church in South Florida.

    Address: 118 NE 2nd Street, Miami, Florida. GPS coordinates: 25° 46′ 33.4488” N, 80° 11′ 29.9328” W

    Click here for the official website of the Gesu Church in Miami.


    •  8:30 AM English  

    • 10:00 AM  Español   

    • 11:30 AM    English 

    • 1:00 PM Español


  9. Hello,

    As subject mentions, when I was comparing pricing on RCCL's deck plan availability with a travel website there was only an accessible inside Cabin showing for availability to *select* OR *guaranteed cabin* to select.

    I (for the 1st time) chose the *guaranteed* inside cabin since it was cheaper.  We have always chosen our cabin in the past. Now that I booked that *guaranteed* inside, the inside's are sold out for this cruise.

    So, it would appear that I *may* be placed in that last inside cabin - which happens to be W/C Accessible.  It could be awkward if we ARE assigned that cabin 😨 since we do not have any ADA disabilities. But, it's not our fault if we are.  My question is... does this assignment routinely happen? And, do you think there will be comments made by cabin steward or maybe even other passengers? (thinking that we purposely booked an accessible cabin)

  10. 58 minutes ago, orville99 said:

    We've sailed out of Tampa 9 times, and got fogged out in the gulf once, and fogged in on the bay side once (and we wouldn't have been fogged in on that one if we didn't have to delay our departure by more than an hour waiting for President Carter and his extended family to get on board. We actually were on the sun deck watching the bridge approach when it suddenly disappeared in the fog).

    Interesting. Goes to show you never know what's going to happen on a cruise!

  11. In 2013 we decided to splurge on a over the water Cabana because I could not being the son and my husband had some mobility issues.

    In all my research on Cruisecritic, I see that Nellies Over the Water
    Cabana # 9 seems to have the most consistent shade over the day at Labadee.
    The ramp for #9 was perfect.

     maybe check it this email address to see if they can accommodate you and rent a cabana for the family for the day it really was worth it even for the expense because we were able to nap inside there was water and we didn't have to walk far to get things because it came with an attendant. The loungers inside are cushioned and there's outside Loungers and it was very well shaded which is what I needed in particular. Cabana next to it seem shaded as well. If you order one through the cruise line you will be told that your cabin will be assigned when you arrive but if you have special needs through ADA you will be able to contact this email address and they can help you out  y assigning one of these this particular cabins like we did.


    Here is the thread I used to research the cabanas. 



  12. 26 minutes ago, Host Clarea said:


    I don't recall any Royal cruises that interport in Edinburgh.  However, there are several itineraries Royal does out of Southampton, so you could easily visit Edinburgh before or after a cruise out of Southampton.

    Thank you that is a thought to do pre and or post-cruise Edinburgh  Southampton.

    What would be the most efficient way to investigate which itineraries utilize the interport system? Thank you

  13. What is an easy way to find out which itineraries around the globe have interport itineraries? I've never heard of them before reading this post.


    For example we are Outlander fans and I am very interested in somehow getting over to Scotland either by a land trip or possibly by Cruise. Not much time is spent in Edinburgh on a cruise. If I could join a cruise Edinburgh to Edinburgh instead of whatever the real in the ebarkation/ Debarkaton Port is that would be ideal.

  14. I think the library is a great suggestion. If you enter through the cabin hallway, the white double doors leading to the library is not readily marked as such so you have to be on the lookout for it. There's also an elevator from the first level of 270 up to the library level that might be useful for him as well.

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